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    Hello, I'm Mr. Krabs and I like money.

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    Ararar! Wouldn't you like to know you little-
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  1. What a tragedy...I was preparing the whole night for someone to steal me Candy Patties, but in the end, someone *coughPlanktoncough* decided to use the chance to steal me formula right from underneath me nose! I think the answer is clear here detectives, it's obviously Plankton, but the question is where did he hide it?
  2. There be no such thing as ghosts, Mr. Squidward!

  3. 8/10 In "Clams", there was originally going to be a scene showing me body getting mauled by the mighty clam, but was cut because Nick are sissies!
  4. You're welcome Gene!
  5. Ahoy lads! I just got arrested for tax evasion!

    1. Jjs Skellington

      Jjs Skellington

      someone post his bail tonight

  6. Mrs. Katniss, WHAT be the meaning of this insulting imagery!? Get that out of my sight at once!
  7. We need to settle this debate once and for all, lads. Which be the best dollar?
  8. Sea Bears and fairy tales are NOT real!

  9. Krew, you've let me down, but I trust ye'll do better next time. Let's have a loser lunch if it makes you lads feel better, on me!
  10. This would go great with some milk!

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