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  1. Ar ar ar, how ya doin' lad?
  2. 20b. The Big Heist: Mr. Krabs tries to pull off a heist of a valuable diamond.
  3. I'm always gonna feel it, you can't stop me Nickelodeon!

  4. By decree of the New World Order, here is a brand new game for the PFC, lads, hosted by me! Whoever comes up with the most reasons gets 420 SBC Gold, ar ar ar! I'll start 'er off: 1. He's blue.
  5. Ar ar ar, the Loyal Krew comes through again! I don't want to pettily brag, but...IN YOUR FACE, PLANKTON! WOO!
  6. GRRR, ME DIME!!! You're gonna pay for this! *attacks Squilliam with big meaty claws*
  7. I swear, this isn't a stunt! It's possible the thief broke apart the dime if they were clever, and it'd explain why no trace of it has been left behind...
  8. discuss the monkees: Dr. Marmalade, Professor Percy and Lord Reginald
  9. Since when was I a camp counselor!?

    1. Plankton


      Better question, what the barnacles is Kamp Koral?

    2. Wumbo


      Wait a minute, I hate golf!

  10. Not that I noticed, the culprit must have snuck in while I was busy taking care of Plankton...which makes it a lot harder for it to be him now, actually.
  11. Dear Neptune, me #1 dime...STOLEN!!!! I'm accusing EVERYONE of being a potential culprit, even my own employees! It's like they said in the navy, betrayal could come from anywhere and anyone! But if I have to choose the most likely, it likely be either Plankton, Squidward, or that Bubblebath guy, whatever his name is. Ask me whatever questions ye need to sonnies, and I'll try to answer best I can, but it may be difficult given this tragedy... *sniffs*
  12. The kitchen is no place for a live horse!

  13. Mr. Doodles was a loyal lad. I miss him.
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