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  1. Yes! Yep, we talked about work and how cheap his party was.
  2. Me best fry cook... GONE!!! When the culprit who did this is brought to justice, they're gonna get some of me Big Meaty Claws! My Krabby senses tell me that Plankton did it, but how is the question...
  3. Because he's the villain! That shrimp's size makes it even easier for him to pull it off!
  4. Ahoy lads...what a tragedy! I never talked to that employee guy, so it could not have been me, mateys! I suspect it was Plankton or Bubble Buddy.
  5. Aye, here here, Sheldon. But ya yellow belly Krew members better be more active in the next event, or so help me, I'm mounting yer butts over me fire place!!!
  6. Foxy Grandpa is a hat owned by Mr. Krabs that appears in the episodes "One Krabs Trash" and "Goons on the Moon."
  7. That says west, Patrick.

  8. Discuss this handsome feller!
  9. Mr. Krabs' computer is a computer owned by Mr. Krabs. It appears in the episode "Wet Painters" and the book Friends Forever.
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