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    Hello, I'm Mr. Krabs and I like money.

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    Ararar! Wouldn't you like to know you little-
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    SpongeBoy Me Bob!

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  1. That smelly smell...

  2. A new year means more opportunities for new money, that's what I say!

  3. In the spirit of the holiday, I'll let ye have this, Plankton. But we're gonna crush you shrimps again in March, ar ar ar!
  4. Mr. Eugene Krabs


    ye still want that job offer?
  5. would ye like to purchase anything from the krusty krab, lass?
  6. "The Cent of Money" is now called "The Smelly Smelly That Smells Kind of Smelly...Money!"
  7. Oh no ye don’t, ya little menace! Me and my Loyal Krew have the true hearts to win this season!
  8. Squidward's father.....never hugged him.......isn't that sad?

    1. Mr. Eugene Krabs

      Mr. Eugene Krabs

      Yes, I suppose that is rather sad, but Mr. Squidward can get back to work over it!

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