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    Survivor(both American and Australian, but I'm real behind on the latter, also Bulgarian ironically), Pokemon, Dubs(Persian especially), MLP(kinda, haven't watched in a long ass time), Historical stuff, Niche Game, Whodunnit the TV Show, Wrestling(somewhat i mainly watch NXT and AEW now but my dumb brain is so bad at focusing on the matches. i have watched some documentaries tho and theyre good), Wie is de Mol(s11 especially I WANT THOSE SUBTITLES) and De Mol, The Sims(mainly 3), Romeo et Juliette, Russian Scatman
    Also I know a Metric Crapton about cat genetics so if u need something like that Call us
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    Persian Grandpa and Smith

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  1. WELL IN idk the theme something about bball
  2. idfk why the covid-19 post is persian sandy now or if it was always like that and i posted the wrong vid and never checked but here's the vid EDIT: AND APPARENTLY THE MOVIES GOT TAKEN DOWN welp
  3. HOLY FUCK Y'ALL 3 NEW PERSIAN MOVIES COMING RIGHT AT YA SpongeBob In Iran/Bobby and Bobo in Iran: Save the Sibyl Gold Remember that trailer I showed y'all back last year? Turns out the movie DID get made, it's just even more bootleg for some reason. Instead of SpongeBob and Patrick, we now have... Bobby and Bobo. But other than that, it's basically the same. I did have a theory that this was an early version of SpongeBob in Tehran before Persian Toon(the other illegal Persian SpongeBob dubber) was shut down, so I guess it might have been remade to have legall
  5. Yooooooooooo, congrats Patty! #2:
  6. Got a thing you're really into but nobody in the forums is into it? Now's the time to share it! Let's start with mine! Wie is de Mol and De Mol are the Dutch and Belgian versions of The Mole respectively. They're both enticing and fun to watch while fucking you up at same time. The premise of both shows is that 10 participants try to win money from assignments, and the winner gets the money from the pot. In WIDM, they are Dutch celebrities(Though Belgian ones aren't unheard of), but in De Mol, they are Belgian civilians. The plot twist is that one of the participants, the Mole, is ac
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