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  1. on their hands and knees begging everyone they've ever put down for financial reasons
  2. Spoiler

    spongeboy bobius


  3. now this is a great scenario. I could see all 5 of them being crunched in the same hotel room because Yaemon claims he cannot pay them to stay in separate rooms. He'd the probably tote them around as "The Greatest 5 Workers Ever Assembled" to each and every investor. For sure, the 5 will escape and just hang out in some backroom somewhere chatting it up and taking hits of nicotine.
  4. completely and utterly haram
  5. he'd be proud of us, I truly believe
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good ship though, I'm not gonna front
  7. Fancy Fancy rules, I was convinced after the Fishsticks episode
  8. I love how opposite they are in their friendgroup. The cool and independent Nobume with the bubbly Prince
  9. the TC gang rules, I love all the changes that were made. Makes the entire cast more diverse
  10. It's probably because she's the only thing he can cling onto as a blood relative, since he has none left
  11. 3 episodes in, started when it dropped. Masterpiece. I need to finish it soon
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