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  1. The retired will rise, and the staff shall perish!

  2. Hello everyone. It’s uh… certainly been a while since I’ve last properly interacted with the community. Had things get in the way, new interests and places have taken my attention, all that gubbins. But today I bring forth a (probably not so) shocking announcement. Tomorrow (which will technically be today for me in me time zone when this is posted) will consist of 3 personal milestones for me. It will be my 23rd birthday, my 10th anniversary on SBC, and finally, I will be retiring from my position as both an administrator, a member of the graphics team, and any other staff positions of the SpongeBob Community. I imagine for most of you who actually knew I was an admin, let alone existed, and especially due to my massive lack of activity for the past few years, this is almost certainly you saw coming, and clearly took way too long to actually do, and indeed this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for the past year, but never been able to get around to planning it. Until now. The main reasons I’m stepping down include not just you know, not actually being involved much with SBC for years, but also because I’ve moved on to other communities and other interests, as well as a mix of fatigue, similar to how I felt back in 2016 when I stepped down as moderator, and being in a depressive mental state which has only since gotten worse. While I have still been producing graphics and helping out with skins and events, in comparison to what I’ve done back in 2018 and 2019, I really have not been doing much, and I’ve always been feeling guilty about taking up both an admin position, in addition to a graphics team position. Since I haven’t been particularly active in long time, my activity levels will not exactly be changing, however I will still be on SBCord and will still be available to be randomly pinged for stupid reasons. Before I end this chapter, I’d say to like one big final thanks to me fellow admin-buddies jjs and JCM, me graphic team-buddies Cha, Local, sbl and Katie, (oh yeah and the mod somebodies), all former staff who I’ve worked with over the years, a very special mention to SOF, and everyone in The SpongeBob Community. The past 10 years have been an absolute blast here, whether that be making friends, or planning an exciting event, and I think the time is more than right then ever to finally rest. I hope SBC and every single one of you continue to be awesome! Adios. Patty Sponge. (See you all again in 2 years when my fatigue suddenly ends and I become extensively active again)
  3. oi was yer fav'rit contre in uk
  4. Reviving this thread after nearly 2 years to post the one very piece of recent art that I've actually somewhat been quite proud of, and this time courtesy of me new hyperfixation, that jellystone cartoon. A lil' bit of festive squobbie for the hols.
  5. I want some crusha. A little crusha. Helps keep me fit. It tastes so great. I want some crusha. A glass of crusha. It's tough enough to make milkshake. Add milk or we'll crusha.

  6. iFish is back, though this time in a completely new flavor. Due to the discontinuation of our old system, iFish will be using a manually-made system in which you’ll have to specify how you want your iFIsh to look, in either this thread or on the Discord server. Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom, as we’re pleased to announce a couple of new additions to the iFish to help make creating one just as fun as it was before. New Item Categories Two new item categories have been introduced, including Pins and Backgrounds. Pins, to put it simply, are a new version of collectables. In the past, collectables could be only shown on user’s profiles, but with the new pin system, you now have the option to equip any collectable on your iFish, similar to pins in Club Penguin. Backgrounds are, as the name suggests, backgrounds that you can equip as a background for your iFish. However, unlike the other iFish items which can only be obtained as pre-made items, backgrounds use whatever image you’d like to be used, ranging from your own custom-made backgrounds, or something gotten off google images, all completely free. Submission Guidelines To submit for an iFish, simply list the iFish body color, any items you want equipped on it, and either post it in this thread or in the Discord server. One of our hard-working Fry Cooks or Managers will soon produce it, and have it delivered to you as soon as possible. Please use the template below when posting a submission. Body Color: (required) Headwear: Face/Mask: Neck: Body/Top: Bottom/Pants: Feet/Shoes: Hand/Pet: Pin: Background: You can show off your iFish in your avatar, signature, profile, on Discord or in future events. Until one of us gets good enough at coding in the future, this will be the best possible solution to work with for the time being. Discontinued items To make room for the future, we’ve had to discontinue a selection of iFish items. These include: Gogeta Hair, Fisherman Coat 2015, Fisherman Hat 2016, Chocolate Clarinet, Chocolate Starfish, Chocolate Fruitcake, Chocolate Donkey, Chocolate Flower, Chocolate Karate Glove, Chocolate Snail, K^aa Hair, K^aa Shirt, K^aa Shorts, K^aa Tentacles, Drastical Vuvuzela, Band Geeks Vuvuzela, Band Geek Track Jersey, Band Geek Track Pants, Drastical Track Jersey, Drastical Track Pants, Grand Maul Granny’s Glasses 2016, Drastical Foam Finger, Band Geek Foam Finger, Johnny Krill Shirt 2016, Johnny Krill Pants 2016, Not Dead Ted’s Shirt 2016, Pumpkin Basket 2012, Frankenstein Costume 2012, Scientist Costume 2012 and Goofy Sombrero 2015. View your Archived Inventory For all our longtime members who had an entire library of iFish items but can’t recall what they had, don’t worry! Below is an archive link of active users’ inventories that were screencapped before the old system closed down. Please note that we’ve only archived the inventories of active users, so if your inventory is not provided, please let us know. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mHf3fIPhv3F3v1kG10WLh23Jh3r_jCAE?usp=sharing Have fun!
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