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  1. I want some crusha. A little crusha. Helps keep me fit. It tastes so great. I want some crusha. A glass of crusha. It's tough enough to make milkshake. Add milk or we'll crusha.

  2. I be a glasses person, though I probably will switch to both that and contacts in the future.
  3. iFish is back, though this time in a completely new flavor. Due to the discontinuation of our old system, iFish will be using a manually-made system in which you’ll have to specify how you want your iFIsh to look, in either this thread or on the Discord server. Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom, as we’re pleased to announce a couple of new additions to the iFish to help make creating one just as fun as it was before. New Item Categories Two new item categories have been introduced, including Pins and Backgrounds. Pins, to put it simply, are a new version of collectables. In the pas
  4. Following the success (we think) of last year's iFish character months, we're bringing a new flavour this year, in which each month will be themed around a location, with the return of previous items, as well as new items themed around that month's location. So where'll be going first? Well let's head on down to... The Krusty Krab! From now until January 31st, you can buy Krusty Krab-themed iFish items to help advertise the moutherwatering grub of Bikini Bottom's best restaurant, and score Mr. Krabs a bit more dosh. In addition, there's a new Krusty Krab Hat courtesy of Cha! In
  5. Instructions on how to install! 1. (If you use Windows): Press Win+R and type "%appdata%\.minecraft" and press okay. (If you use a Mac): Go to the Go menu and go on Finder, select "Go to Folder", then type in "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft" and click Go. 2. Go to the folder named "saves". 3. Copy which ever map folder you want (SpongeCraft Creative, SpongeCraft Nether, or SpongeCraft End) inside the "saves" folder. (When asked for a password, use the one in sbl's post above. All three maps together are around 4.6 GB, so in regards to space, you must make sure you
  6. The first game of Pictionary begins in 3 minutes! Room Link: https://skribbl.io/?ibYa0Qx8qn
  7. With Jeopardy having now been put out of jeopardy, we’re pleased to announce it’s replacement. (Huge thanks to @TheOpenWindowManiac for suggesting this) For those who have been around for a long time, SpongeBob Pictionary was a failed weekly game from 2013. Due to the lack of interest at the time, it only lasted 4 games before it was permanently discontinued. Until now… We tested a possible return of Pictionary during SpongeBash and SBC’s 10th Anniversary, and the positive reaction we received confirmed a grand return! What is SpongeBob Pictionary? SpongeBob Pictiona
  8. I see Nickelodeon are continuing their trend of turning every cgi film they made that wasn't Rango into a tv show.
  9. If SpongeBob will never end, does that mean SBC will never end?... right?.... ....right?....
  10. Look on the bright idea. At least the spin-offs would give reason for SBC to continue existing, even after the original series finally ends.
  11. I built a giant Wicker Sponge and burnt it down to celebrate March Madness. Here are some screenshots. And a model of the original Wicker Sponge before this one was built.
  12. Greetings my fellow member, and welcome to a top 10 list you've never seen before (probably) This is the Top 10 SB Episodes Patteh dislikes but everyone else likes. Now since the dawn of existance, there's been SpongeBob episodes that I think everyone can agree on with the same opinion. But there can be episodes where only one person doesn't like them. And that would be me. So to prove this, I have taken 10 episodes of SpongeBob that seems to have plenty of praise throughout the SB fandom but I don't really see what's so great about them. But before we can begin, here is a couple of rules.
  13. Patty Sponge Vs. Clapples! DO ET NEOW!
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