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    Pounders, the gnarliest stuff in the ocean.

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    Catching gnarly pounders
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  1. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

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    2. OWM


      catch me some gnarly pounders ????????

    3. Goobz


      Everybody wants a water buffalo

    4. That Excited SpongeKid
  2. been meaning to change my theme for a while actually. Good job!
  3. As if you and I didn't have enough already bizarrely in common but honestly, congrats man! You definitely deserved it and I think you'll do a great job as a mod
  4. I spent the last few years getting all of the SpongeBob Lego sets and I finally got them all. I was gonna do the same with the megabloks and started getting a few but I stopped doing that pretty soon after
  5. Recently I found out that I can still recite the entire album start to finish... This was always one of my favorite SB albums right behind the movie album but ironically one of the only two or three I don't have.
  6. This is the topic for all things about the SpongeBob Comic series. Talk about your favorite issues, advertise the newest or show off your own collection. Currently I have the whole collection up to date but I've been looking for some rare back orders recently.
  7. liking the new layout a lot more than I thought I would:plankton2:

  8. dunno if anyone has posted this anywhere yet but there will be another Flying Dutchman ep soon
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