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  1. That's right folks, the longest season in SpongeBob history, lasting over three years and counting, is now wrapping up on production and the crew will be starting season 10! Beginning this Monday, giving each episode six months or so to be completed, these episodes will most likely be popping up in spring or summer of 2016.
  2. I'm not really happy about this. Yeah I'd love a new SpongeBob movie, but maybe in years from now as a finale or something, or when the time was right and the writers thought of another great story. It took ten years for SOOW to surface (ha) and it was good, but even in that movie you could tell how much Nickelodeon controlled it (i.e. fart jokes, butt jokes, etc.) I wonder if Steve and Paul even wanted to hand the writing over to Glenn and Jonathan, or if the network made them since they wrote recent popular kids movies. I am disgusted that Nickelodeon is using SpongeBob to get rich like they
  3. I'm gonna start reading this soon. Based on what you've posted on SBM, I really like what you can write. I'll let you know what I think when I get through it.
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