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  1. While it's the newest weekly poll, it's also a permanent discussion! With the amount of ways to listen to music today, it's kind of a complicated question. How do you listen to your music? Personally, I switched to Apple Music and haven't looked back from Spotify. In addition, I have some records and CDs I play when I really want to enjoy an album or a song.
  2. A weekly poll that begins at the beginning of the week? We thought it was impossible. View the poll to answer this week's question—on average, what range best describes the level(s) you set your volume to?
  3. You are on SBC, which is a website...hosted on the internet! How do we access websites? Web browsers! A simple question for SBC's next Weekly Poll—which web browser(s) do you use?
  4. We need you. Now.

  6. No, I'm not yelling at you @WinterArcanine. It's a good season! Even though we just got around 40 centimetres of snow here in Toronto, I still can't get enough of the white stuff. What's the best part of winter? Reply to the topic to discuss your choice further!
  7. HAPPY JANUARY! Late by one day, but who's counting at this point? Reinstalled so this isn't my *final* desktop for the month. also the Windows 11 taskbar really just sticks out like a sore thumb LMAO
  8. meta

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      hello mr zuckerberg

  9. HAPPY DECEMBER!!! New lateness record!
  10. Thumpity thump thump thumpity thump

  11. sbl


    Halloween is on Sunday! A really fun day full of dressing up, treats, pumpkins, and mischief (for some :o). So, the weekly poll question this week is simple: what's your favourite part of Halloween? Doot doot! (Translation: Discuss below as well!)
  12. It's almost 10 days past that time of the month! And the streak of me being the only person posting in this thread CONTINUES!
  13. Next month is September: and that means summer is coming to a close! Some may be going back to school (or are already enrolled in school), some may be starting a job, or some may be doing absolutely nothing! I hope you had a good summer. So, the question is: how are you feeling going into the fall? If the options don't suffice, tell your feelings by adding to the topic.
  14. I AM LATE!!! AGAIN!!! And, I'm not on my PC. So, here's a screenshot of me using the future −Windows 11.
  15. hi, Spotify says 30 minutes but it may be a few seconds over (also it's not updated on the embed for some reason, it should start with Björk now)
  16. I AM LATE!!! but happy July
  17. This was sent from the Nintendo 3DS XL via its web browser. I like SpongeBob.

  18. I know it is against the rules of La Unpopular Opinion, this Club on The SpongeBob Community Forums, but it is still an unpopular opinion. Let's discuss.
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