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  1. just came out of a hot shower and jotted these up
  2. why did you buy this album. i don't know why you did you're stupid,

  3. so i'm looking through old threads and wowwww i think i can conjure up a pretty decent image of the person who originally made this list and i'm bored so why not see what i can come up with four years later 1. What are you listening to right now? uh... currently going through an essential mix (dj touche, 2004). rn it's the zongamin remix of "manila" by seelenluft. that's a lit track 2. What songs make you sad? music doesn't really make me sad? like i guess there's some moody stuff i play to soundtrack moments of sadness but not anything to specifically incite tonal shifts in my
  4. It doesn't even open it up- Norton apparently says something about automatically closing it down tho
  5. Everything on my computer says it has viruses
  6. try to install viruses on my computer how dare you
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