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  1. why did you buy this album. i don't know why you did you're stupid,

  2. so i'm looking through old threads and wowwww i think i can conjure up a pretty decent image of the person who originally made this list and i'm bored so why not see what i can come up with four years later 1. What are you listening to right now? uh... currently going through an essential mix (dj touche, 2004). rn it's the zongamin remix of "manila" by seelenluft. that's a lit track 2. What songs make you sad? music doesn't really make me sad? like i guess there's some moody stuff i play to soundtrack moments of sadness but not anything to specifically incite tonal shifts in my brain 3. What is the most annoying song in the world? idk, uh, that damn "this is gonna be the best day of my liiiife" shit. honestly you really have to try hard to genuinely annoy me but that track really does it for me 4. What is your favorite band in the world? man i guess that i can't even come up with an answer to this should show how much i listen to rock these days 5. Your newly discovered band is? uhh... if we extend this to artists, i've wanted to get into bt for a while now and only really started to listen to his stuff a month ago. pretty great stuff that guy does 6. Best female voice? bjork's still definitely up there, uh... would also like to shoutout kate bush, carly rae, joni mitchell, hayley williams, and a lot more i can't think of right now 7. Best male voice? frank ocean, and young thug. idk usually when it comes to voices i don't mind as long as they hit on great harmonies 8. Music type you find yourself listen to the most? hip hop and electronic stuff 9. What do you listen to hype you up? ^is that not supposed to be hype 10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down? ummm.... i guess those atmo-dnb mixes i put on a playlist when i sleep work for this 11. Last gig/concert you went to? pre-quarantine? uh, might've been a college show of school acts our club put on. it was going to be a noisia show until you know what happened 12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now? pendulum count kinda!!!!!!! hold your colour was always a favorite in my early high school years, but i only started to delve further into their work recently and i'm glad i did, incredibly addictive and aged much better than i thought they would 13. Most hated band? hate is a strong word and most artists i find it silly to have genuine hate for... but fuckin theory of a deadman i think is the best representation of everything i don't like in music 14. Song that makes you think? am i not supposed to think when i listen to music?????? is this some backpacker shit this person is on 15. Band(/artist, fuck it) you think the world should love as much as you do? uh... not quite sure if "underrated" is the right word to use for matthew herbert as he's much loved in dance music circles but i'm not sure if the general music-seeking audience knows much about him and he just makes the greatest house music ever, i mean damn 16. Coolest music video? idk put any video with shitton of flashing lights here. i like strobes 17. Music video with the most babe watch? bruh 18. What would you play in the bedroom to spice things up? honey, "making orange things" by venetian snares and speedranch stays on during sex 19. Can you play a musical instrument? uhhhh i can work turntables to some extent 20. Ever been in a mosh pit? many times. it's fun for a bit!!! you do tire though 21. Are you in a band? no 22. Ever dated a musician? haven't ever dated period 23. Do you wish that you were a musician? i mean... nothing's stopping me, i just don't have the motivation to learn the ins and outs of music creation software 24. Best chick band you know of? might go back to settling on sleater-kinney... mostly because i'm kinda stuck atm on exclusively female bands i'm into that aren't the given riot grrrl stuff. i swear i'm not doing this intentionally!!!! i'm positive there's a lot of great ones out there edit: actually nah it's black dresses. defo gotta be black dresses 25. Last song that you heard on the radio? fck can't remember... i know it was on a siriusxm radio station, but i don't remember what station it was. 26. What do you think of classical music? shit's for nerds 27. What do you think of country music? there's some good stuff i guess. can't really say i'm much into it overall though 28. What do you think of death metal? honestly one of the few forms of metal music i can appreciate on more than a "that seems to be metal" level. i guess music for the sake of music strikes a chord with me 29. Last big [artist] you saw live? i think dababy when he came to our school campus? not sure 30. Are you a groupie? i like to imagine my adoration of my favorite artists is healthy and doesn't go to creepy territories 31. Do you listen to music in foreign languages? uhhhh i don't mean to not listen to that stuff, foreign pop certainly has lotta bangers... i just don't feel compelled to listen to that stuff often 32. What famous musician would you like to "spend the night with"? yamataka eye and i would probably have the most fun goofing the fuck out. unless this question means what i think it's really about in which case [chance "DOOD" sound clip] 33. Worst concert moment? i've heard that ministry antifa song live (at their double header with death grips, who tbf are probably the best act i've ever seen live... but that was cringe my dude) 34. Funny concert moment? besides stuff that's happened at college shows, can't think of much 35. Sad concert moment? yeah i can't remember any specific moment at a concert that made me sad... poo 36. Best local act you can think of? weirdly enough even though i've had a lot of fun at those college shows, i can't really think of any act that's really stuck with me. oop 37. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? synthesizer. would make the raddest bleepedy bloops 38. Do you listen to the radio? used to. not really much these days unless i'm in a car 39. Do you watch music TV? does this question mean like, mtv itself? or like, just music-related tv shows. i've been meaning to watch that netflix hip hop series but i'm really bad with tv in general so uh 40. Do you follow the music charts like the top 40? i barely even know what the hell pop music even looks like right now. like this dance monkey track everyone's pissed over, i'm pretty sure i've never heard a single second of it. i guess i can use that to my advantage, judging music fairer now that it's not everywhere i go 41. Have you met any famous musicians? uh... i once talked to kid koala after a show of his. he seemed very nice and his show was really fun. i think that's stretching "famous" though 42. Are any of your friends/family musicians? not that i know of family wise. haven't talked to that guitarist friend in years 43. Song that best describes your feelings right now? "washing up" by tomas andersson. if only because i feel swagged out right now and that song is total swag 44. Song that describes you life? "year of the bad dragon" by the quick brown fox idk i can't come up with a serious answer 45. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to? no because i have a life beyond useless trivia 46. Does a musician’s physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to? bruh 47. What famous musician do you want to marry? i'm honestly still not sure about marriage in general 48. Favorite movie soundtrack? not sure, but probably like some ultra-dated 90's electro industrial techno aesthetic shizz. stuff like mortal kombat, hackers, that kind of stuff 49. Any musician pet peeves? ehhhh i think generally any approach to music can be successful in some way. although that said performance capability isn't the same as entertainment value 50. What do your parents listen to? idk, they're like typical top 40 listening people. i know both of them were country music fans at one point but not sure they really explore much beyond that 51. What are you listening to right NOW? uhhh rn in that mix it's this switch remix of this obie trice song wtf does he even mean by this?????? (great mix though. that "the whole world" bit mmmmmmm) 52. Do you wear band t-shirts? have some shirts of labels, a boc one, one afx, a couple others i can't remember 53. Do you cook to music? i would if i actually cooked. sorry lil b 54. Do you sing in the toiler? for years now, "toiler" has been in my vocabulary because of this. bro what compells you to do that in the first place
  3. Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix) - Omni Trio
  4. i would die for peanut butter

    1. Patty Rose

      Patty Rose

      I would rather die than eat peanut butter honestly. :funny:

  5. dan green. yugi moto himself. captain knuckles the goddamn hothead. the guy who sold dozens of monsters to king deeds, the guy who made polaris enough money to retire in the antarctic. pussy. destroyer.
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