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  1. this isn't really a playlist of "guilty pleasures" i have (to be completely honest i refuse to even use that term these days because i just associate it with people who aren't really confident with themselves / their music taste in terms of emotional honesty and feel like they need to have a shield of sorts to protect them from the weird people on their computer screens that might potentially give them shit for the heinous accusation of liking a piece of music enjoyed by who knows how many thousands of people every day. if you feel like a song's good you feel like a song's good stop hurting yourself over this please - tho at least this theme wasn't flat out "music you like, but ironically" lmfao) insomuch as it's a "shit that'll get my ass banned from the aux cord" playlist. really just really silly shit that i dig lol (none of which i feel even remotely embarrassed for liking)
  2. there's some incredibly white peeps in this thread lol (was gonna just throw this into discord when this topic was first made but then this got way too long) the Fat and Sassy response i have is to kind of just bluntly admit that even in genres where lyricism plays a huge role i don't get the idea that say, a waka flocka track is inherently worse than something nas made because one track doesn't take itself nearly as seriously or talking about the same topics as the other. you have the right to your opinion and whatnot but i kind of feel general assumptions of most of modern rap just being about drugs fucking and violence kind of amount to really basic accusations based on image. i'm not even really gonna go into how much mileage you can get out of these supposedly worn out topics, through like, different angles on how to approach them, points of specific interest, and so on, i just feel like boiling the genre down to that kind of indicates a lack of awareness in regards to what makes up someone's entire musical consumption. like idk man, should i just immediately discredit the entire genre of hard rock because as someone that doesn't listen to rock music much of the time i just hear most of the 70's classic rock canon being about drugs fucking and violence? idk i kind of feel like if you can't tell the differences between two artists based on how they sound on record (or honestly even lyricism itself in a lot of cases), that's probably a sign you don't really have much interest in the genre to begin with so of course you're gonna end up making reductive comments in regards to the whole genre lol ok maybe i can compare and contrast the deal you have with my own general conundrum going on at the moment for the sake of clarity, because i can relate in a sense; because i've been sick with covid (i'm thankfully in the recovery period) i've been trying to knock some shit off my media bucket list in quarantine and that entails finally getting into anime (ik this will probably make me a stinky discord mod in the end and i'm sorry) (also by the chance you think this is just me stalling for length, i should remind you that there is literally a whole (not exactly lengthy but still) wikipedia article on hip hop's fascination with anime and vice versa). i only have access to what's on netflix and therefore a bunch of stuff i wanted to check out in the genre wasn't on there but even with my limited catalog there's really popular stuff on there... that i just immediately didn't consider. why i haven't gotten too deep into anime as a medium for so long mostly is because of how i've tended to immediately write off stuff like naruto or jojo or bleach or whatnot for years because of a couple factors: they tend to be based in concepts that don't initially interest me personally (mostly the medieval fantasy stuff, for kind of the same reasons that skyrim and dark souls and whatever else just lose me in comparison to the rest of the world), how samey the shows seemed at first glance (though keep in mind like i said before i haven't even watched them before lol) and i had the same impression as most of the internet seems to that the people that do watch anime like those are the scum of the earth (because fans are indeed the thing that makes the product bad, not the product itself. yes i am still living in 2016 how did you guess). (granted those shows are also ass long and i know there's guides online to help me sort out what episodes i can skip when watching a show but my autistic ass kind of demands that when i say i've seen a show in full, i've seen a show in full. but then again the show responsible for this site's creation is currently at 270 episodes as i'm writing this so there's probably a bunch of backwards examples of this i haven't realized yet) as someone who was always interested in the mythos surrounding stuff like toonami and anime cons it slowly dawned on me over the months that for the longest time my immediate shutoff of these shows basically just ended up building fences around my mind preventing me from enjoying a potential hobby but here's the twist; one of the series i immediately shot down when i first went over the list of what they had was hunter x hunter. one day after starting my binge i randomly remembered that when i first went to college and plugged in my tv, one of the internet channels i was able to access was an all-anime channel that was playing a wide variety of shit (tho last i checked it's apparently now a rerun farm of yugioh and bakugan lmao) and it was among the shows in rotation, and i actually quite liked the show when i paid attention to it. and i would say it holds up on a rewatch session of a couple episodes! the other show of the ass-long variety i mentioned that i sat down and gave a chance in the meantime was one piece and i fell asleep midway through the second episode... but that wasn't really the show's fault as much as that's something that happens whenever i try to binge stuff. i could still tell it was a pretty good series probably worth my time if i can shift through... over a thousand episodes.... which is most definitely not happening but who knows. and to be honest, while i certainly love what i've seen of bebop, evangelion, death note... a part of me kind of views those shows as anime for those afraid of admitting to liking anime (moreso the first two i mentioned). like, in a similar way to Those People who say "i don't like rap, but that eminem boy... he's onto something". you obviously know there's more to anime than those three shows i mentioned, in the same way there's obviously much more to rap than the Fast Rappy White Guy, but because all you do is pay attention to the very surface level of what's popular, the whole medium gets judged by it's goofier elements, giving somewhat of an awkward start for those who may otherwise be into this kind of thing (although arguably the people overly devoted to the medium on my side don't help) and seeing whatever reaches a certain threshold of popularity that breaks free from that behavior makes those shows stand out all the more. again not to knock those three shows, they kick ass and are respected as they are for a reason, but it's kind of a feeling in my gut i can't help but wonder how much of their success owes to the fact that they break free of typical genre conventions so people feel more comfortable about enjoying something in a medium they consider nerdy or whatever. not gonna dwell too hard on this because you don't need another person telling you that animation isn't all for a specific group of people but even when watching them i couldn't quite shake this feeling off ok i'm getting off track. but you see the point i'm trying to make where having biases that boil down to not liking things because of how you perceive them to be based off not adhering to specific artistic standards is not only really reductive but also counter-intuitive to general media enjoyment? like, ok, we all have limited brain space, i understand that we all have different ideas of what makes a piece of art good or bad, but at the same time i kind of feel like if you don't get the appeal of a certain type of art and describe it in the grain-like manner you describe (this basically goes for any equivalent of calling a piece of art "nothing", btw), i don't know why it's the art itself to blame and not personal admission that some things your specific mindset doesn't allow you to see. because i hate to break it to you, but all music is just soundwaves. it's all just soundwaves in same way that all film/tv shows are just moving pictures along with soundwaves and all paintings are just marks on a canvas and so on and so on. just cause you hold up certain values when you make judgements doesn't mean that there isn't anything to the art in question (really this is a general thing that's been on my mind that annoys me about the greater world of people critiquing shit, and i'm not even trying to really call out anyone in particular about this because i'm guilty of this myself sometimes lol). this sounds like a put down of sorts, but what i earnestly mean by that is that i do believe every piece of art has some kind of meaning, even if not universal. i guess if you take anything from this, it's that breaking away from pre-established critical conventions used to judge a certain subsection of a medium to instead create new ways of judging something based on vibe or energy or whatever else opens up surprisingly fulfilling opportunities of enjoyment out of what you come across in life. as someone who's gone to a lot of college parties where a dj's playing, to see how happy people are to hear the exact kind of music that cynical types on the internet have had me to believe is apparently indefensible is a contrast that kind of disillusioned me from said vitriolic reactions. to be upfront sometimes i really don't know why people just choose to focus in on their negative emotions when they could be digging the very tiniest bit under the mainstream to find music that they do end up liking. and personally i prefer to listen to music as escapism to begin with, so maybe focusing on different aspects of songs than i'm supposed to pay attention to according to those kinds of people isn't inherently as much of a crime as they make it out to be sometimes then again i really don't like the idea some people have that all music needs to be judged on a literal-minded academic ass "lyrics first and foremost" scale to begin with at the expense of literally everything else the music has to offer i.e melodies, harmonics, flow, the production, etc etc (though granted not like lyrics don't matter at least a bit) to begin with but ANYWAY this is way the fuck too long. why am i still writing long after my fingers have worn out
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