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  1. 70s

    Joker (2019)

    This has been getting lots of raves but honestly I could not care less about this movie and am already tired of all the ~discourse surrounding it. Maybe I'll see it and it'll prove me wrong but... ugh.
  2. 70s

    Whatcha Eatin'?

    How did we not have this before? Tell people what you're eating, discuss what others are eating, etc. I'm eating crackers with hummus.
  3. Just watched it recently. Used to think it was okay, now I hate it.
  4. Why not, huh? Okay, what show are you watching? Post the episode too, if you want. Family Guy- "E. Peterbus Unum"
  5. Post news and announcements for your spin-offs here. :rendeer:
  6. Not the best episode, but not the worst. I'm not sure where I stand with it. Some parts were funny, while some unnecessary altogether.
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