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  1. I've never watched WWE in my life I just saw this in recent topics and wanted to say Bad Bunny hot Thank you
  2. 70s

    dacademy dawards

    NEVER been so happy to be wrong.
  3. 70s

    dacademy dawards

    Was gonna give my personal ranking but it seems like no one in this thread particularly cares about the actual Oscars. ? So, hope Parasite wins but expect 1917 will. If Joker wins I'm starting a riot.
  4. I have 8 more movies to watch first but I MIGHT do 50 movies of 2019 ranked worst to best, not sure yet!
  5. Oh one more thing No JJ Abrams having two extras kiss in the background does not make up for what I'm complaining about go away
  6. As someone who loved both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and didn't pay attention to any of the leaks, even after the negative reception I was expecting to like this movie. I... was wrong. jjs said it better than I could and I agree with most of what he said so I'll save my long rant. I did like it better than all the prequels, but it inspired even less feeling than they did. Obviously the Star Wars movies have always been made to make (lots of) money, but this is the most it's ever felt like a product off an assembly line. And not a good one. But I do have one thing I want to touch on
  7. I'm not 100% sure if I'll do a list this year but one thing I have to say: holy shit this has been a great year for movies.
  8. Post news and announcements for your spin-offs here. :rendeer:
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