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  1. kev

    Ask Miss Smiles!

    the new album is out next friday, we’re only getting the single this week?
  2. i liked kristen stewart more when she was a dude

  3. slippery smooth is literally still one of the best things i’ve ever read. i forgot about it but re-reading this really took me back to being a kid again.
  4. kev

    Ask the Kat

    can u name an album that has more skips than bops?
  5. kev

    Ask the Kat

    what’s not to trust?
  6. kev

    Ask the Kat

    would u ever let jeremy renner do ur makeup?
  7. ion know what u smokin rn but i believe in Pirate Supremacy .
  8. the sign says kitchen, but my heart says boner -music starts-

    1. The Patient

      The Patient

      a schlong is a schlong no matter how long (i'm sorry)

  9. wow it’s like u have ESPN or smthn
  10. It: Chapter Two

  11. used to have amblyopia (lazy eye on the left) that caused it to be blurry compared to my right. got correction surgery on the nerves to align it so many years back. still got a blurry eye & ive kinda lost the habit to wear my glasses. i severely regret not patching my right eye often when i was little because it was a tough habit to get into when you couldn’t even see right.
  12. kev


  13. kev

    Ask the Kat

    if u like charlie puth so much then why don't u marry him
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