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  1. kev

    Ask me anything

    i’m sorry u feel that way<333 ?
  2. kev

    Ask me anything

    the WW1984 movie was accused of promoting sexual assault, r*ping & racism. Why?
  3. kev

    Clappy Was Here

    kev wasn't here
  4. an organic HIT. the former Nickelodeon flagship show found new life on netflix and became a force to be reckoned with in the streaming era. did that with NO BUNDLES, REMIXES, PLAYLISTING, THEATRICAL MOVIES etc. that's what happens when you put out quality
  5. sb was shunned from being a gay icon while releasing 3 theatrical movies with divisive results after each one; third one serving artpop flashbacks BOTH critically & commercially. A:TLA franchise curated TWO critically acclaimed animated shows, knew when to stop at ONE movie, and spawned an lgbtq+ icon in korra, Babadook teas
  6. SB been transitioned from being HIS creation and more like THEIR creation since 2004/season 4 what now?
  7. it’s not violating the IP if Nickelodeon has been owning it for it’s entire lifetime. SpongeBob has won the KCAs Favorite Cartoon for the past 20 years, when will Gravity Falls?
  8. With the resurgence of children versions of animated shows one would think that this would be the perfect time for KK to see some success. All the other new shows (Teen Titans Go!, We Bare/Baby Bears) have flourished in one way or another. Booking time slots, feature length movies, nominations and awards, and so on. All have had successful viewership and Nielsen records while Kamp Koral still can't even get critical recognition. Big Mouth as well. Why is it that Kamp Koral is the only one the SBC is consistent with saying NO to no matter how many times it's been promoted? What is it about Kamp Koral that the forums just does not care? And do we think they ever will? It's very interesting. Let's discuss.
  9. kev

    Ask the Kat

    who's the chad in ur pic
  10. kev

    Ask the Kat

    he could possibly get it
  11. kev

    Ask the Kat

    Shawn Mendes has no sex appeal First off, I like Shawn as a person so please don’t interpret this as me being out to get him. I've been indifferent toward his music. I've never listened to a whole album by him before. I’ve just heard a few of his singles on the radio and they were good enough. Yesterday, I listened to Shawn Mendes’ album, Wonder. I listened to the first couple of songs and quickly realized something was off. Everything seemed forced. It hit me when I got to the song ”Teach Me How to Love You”. The song was clearly meant to be a sexy fun song. I physically cringed during the whole song. For those who haven’t heard the song the premise is pretty much Shawn asking his lover to teach him how to sexually please her. There is zero passion behind the lyrics in the song. I didn't believe in what he was singing and I don't think he does either. It's like this was the 100th take and he was tired of singing and just wanted it to be done with. There was something that just wasn’t clicking in his songs about ”making love” and being in love. It's not that I think he’s gay (because I don't think he is); I just can’t envision having sex with anyone, really. Man or woman. It's sad because he is clearly a handsome man but he has the sexual energy of a wet plank. I hope he finds a niche in music in which he’s not excepted to be “sexy”. He seems to be a caring human being so maybe he’ll find more passion in singing about saving the world and social justice or songs about nature and connecting to one’s spirituality. I hate to say it, but I think Ed Sheeran has more sexappealthan Shawn. Is anyone else getting this vibe or am I just being weird?
  12. kev

    Ask the Kat

    Rina by Rina Sawayama & SAWAYAMA by Rina Sawayama
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