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  1. omg macOS Mojave in shambles
  2. kev

    Ask the Kat

    Taylor Swift
  3. kev

    Ask the Kat

    omg shin's sig is broken?
  4. kev

    Ask Miss Smiles!

    did u hear about matt bennett's cover album of thank u, next?
  5. hate Men more idk why but the middle finger + the “MEN” in the background got me crackin, that’s gotta be a coincidence
  6. 3a. “Mermaid Man & Barnacleboy VII: The Motion Picture II” While waiting in line for the newest Mermaid Man & Barnacleboy movie, SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves in a pickle with Bikini Bottom’s newest arrival: Al-Qaeda. #5:
  7. omf delete that pic pls xDD (no seriously :c)
  8. The best fucking deathmatch ever and don't fucking argue with me. >: D
  9. I better get my face out of my ass if I want to finish Community Deathmatch The "Comic" because of "school" xD Anyway, great season finale Jenkins
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