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  1. PLOT: When Spongebob and Patrick start arguing over their sandcastles, it turns into an all-out sandcastle war! What do you think of this episode? I personally think it's the best episode of Season 6. Discuss it here
  2. PLOT: Spongebob and Patrick become door to door chocolate salesman so they can be fancy, but they end up with disastorous and hilarious results. D-I-S-C-U-S-S!
  3. aah, the start of Spongebob! :cheers: I personally liked the episode, but it was the beginning so it needed some help finding it's place. I prefer Tea at the Treedome, but I still like this one :face:
  4. PLOT: Spongebob and the gang head off to Atlantis after finding both pieces of an Atlantic coin. Join the gang in a fun-filled musical around Atlantis with the magic bus. When Plankton sneaks abord, can SpongeBob stop him? And what happens with SpongeBob and Patrick pop the world's oldest bubble? This episode is very underrated, IMO. Sure, the singing could get annoying, but this episode was still funny, and who doesn't love David Bowie? :idea:
  5. Post your reviews for spin-offs here!
  6. What is your opinion on All That Glitters :?: Personally, I think it's underrated, and should have better reviews. It was funny, and other events happened other than SpongeBob crying (unlike some others think -.-) So what do you think? #1:
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