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  1. the spongebob property as a whole isn't attracting newer generations i fear sponge on the run bombed, the new seasons are bombing, the spinoffs are bombing meanwhile icarly remains as trendy, fresh, and current as it was in 2007 even without d*n, a testament to miranda's talent and beauty
  2. wow truth or square kinda BOMBED considering all the hype the 10th anniversary had in 09 something shifted when isaved your life dropped
  3. i missed u too! i've just been dealing with college and stuff super stressful but i hope you have been well
  4. Drinks why did you quit being a mod
  5. rank all 4 seasons of zoey 101
  6. thanks tv.com for the destruction of my childhood

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    2. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Eh, I always preferred Chip Skylark to that diva.

    3. SpongeOddFan


      holy shit, thesuitelife44?!

      is that you?

    4. Cha


      from what? her bleached extensions?:awkward:

  8. Chasing Zoey 

  9. troye sivan is like really ugly but i guess i respect what he's done in terms of being a gay popstar
  10. - miley once again proved why she's the most versatile, interesting and honest pop star we have right now - anyone thinking nicki 'dragged!!!' miley needs to get a reality check. miley rolled her eyes, laughed, and moved on. if anything, miley dragged nicki with her comments in the new york times the other day - demi's performance was trying so hard to be bangerz-era miley it was embarrassing
  11. oh wait i thought this was a list of the worst #1s OMG i meant tik tok should've been one of the best
  12. i think honey was #1 on the day i was born
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