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  1. toss up of maddy, cassie, and jules (fuck jules tho) do u suffer from alzheimer’s you and what army
  2. the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actress did that!
  3. that pdf file’s career should’ve been over the moment he hit on eminem’s kid forget me too is cute tho
  4. The seventh studio album by Lana Del Rey. Although I'm not much of a Lana Del Rey stan, "White Dress" has been in my rotation since release. Her vocals are exquisite yet different than what we've previously heard from her before, along with the classic-like piano instrumental to match. Are you a COCC lover? What are your favorite tracks from this album? Discuss.
  5. all criticisms pertaining to Korra are valid!
  6. not surprised coming from a Gravity Falls stan of all people ...
  7. can't do romance well when majority of your characters are insufferable ...
  8. Despite many SBC users claiming it to be one of the best animated shows on Nickelodeon in the 2010s, it is still subjected to massive criticism while also being under the shadows of its largely popular and more successful predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Now with praise of Book 3 & half of Book 1 accounted for towards the menacing portrayal of Red Lotus and Amon, the other seasons fall short due to their overall story. The final season, for example, is centered around Dua Lipa-lookalike Kuvira. With the quality of Book 4 being unable to match Book 3, are you surprised that Nickelodeon bailed on the series so quickly and removed it from airing new episodes on the main channel? Shook? In discomfort?
  9. kev

    Ask thecrad15

    hi! hope you’re doing well for the past 2 years. we have a discord server active for awhile now if ur interested !
  10. she said fuck short songs accustomed for the streaming era
  11. one of them actually made over $100 million at the box office so who really won?
  12. brown bc it’s the closest to seeing an m&’m naked
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