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  1. @HawkbitAlphais our new mod. Congratulations!! But we also have another new surprise promotion to announce: @Nosferatu!is returning to staff as our third Fry Cook! Thanks to all who applied, and good luck to our two new staff members!
  2. It's happening! For the first time in almost four years, SBC is opening up a new moderator position. @spongebobhater, the longest serving mod in site history, has decided to hang up his hat after six years of service. He'll retire on November 11th, the same day on which he was promoted. We debated on whether to fill his position or not, but given how rarely SBC staff changes anymore, we figured we’d offer this rare opportunity to join the ranks. It's clear to see that site culture and activity have changed a lot in recent years. We've become more tight-knit and less focused on the rigid responsibilities that once defined the mod position. Due to this, we'll be judging through a different set of standards when choosing a new moderator compared to before. If you're interested, simply message a staff member and we’ll give you a Google Form to fill out. The deadline to apply is November 10th at 11:59 pm EST. We aim to give everyone as much time as possible, and for us staff to make the right choice. We'll be announcing the new moderator the next day. Good luck!
  3. EPISODE XLIX: LEGENDS Are these canon? Ah, who cares, let’s have some fun before the end of our tale. We like to believe there’s always truth in some legends. We have but one character left to cover, the most obscure of them all. Stay tuned.
  4. EPISODE XLVII: THE BITH BAND From one form of art to another, let’s see how the Bith Band’s legacy fared in the ever changing music industry. We’ve told you about their horrible death—and their sole survivor, Figrin D’an, but what about the others? they all look the same i'm not posting a picture of each one ok Tough times in the galactic music industry, hm? Next week we'll be diving into the hive of scum and villainy one last time.
  5. Well, it isn't fall yet. But it's sneaking up pretty fast!
  6. EPISODE XLV: POLITICIANS STRIKE BACK See you for the last season soon-ish.
  7. EPISODE XLIII: POLICE You know, these guys! Does anyone remember? No? Moving on.
  8. EPISODE XLI: FALLEN ORDER (and Squadrons!) Thank you EA, for granting us the ideas for our season premiere. That's the only time any of us will be thanking EA, mind you. Tomorrow we'll be examining people more in our corner---the type to write and record the passage of history.
  9. EPISODE XXXIX: MANDALORIANS By now I'm sure you know the story of at least one Mandalorian. Here's five! As you can see, the warriors live a lot more glamorous lives. The finale will focus on distant stories, far removed from any kind of canon, as if they were visions...
  10. EPISODE XXXVII: FARMERS City slickers will have to stray away from this episode. This will focus on the humblest people in the galaxy: the farmer, making his living through the seed and sickle. Well, metaphorically. Tomorrow, this series returns to the stories of the Rebels and Resistance. I mean, come on, they fought for the whole galaxy after all!
  11. EPISODE XXXV: THE LAW Not even the most foolhardy of one-timers can escape the wrath of the law. These five professionals have learned to navigate the system and supply some interesting tales throughout their careers. Well, you know what Shakespeare said about lawyers. Tomorrow we'll be returning to the world of podracing, to examine those racers who just couldn't make it.
  12. EPISODE XXXIII: DROID... WARS? DROIDS 4 One, two, one, two, I declare a droid war. Well, five of them, anyway. Here they are! OK, enough talk about metal and gears. Tomorrow's episode should get you in the mood for something more tasty.
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