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  1. The pineapple seed—like all fruits-to-be—was a living being, yet I don't think it ever found true happiness. I imagine it was left to chase the high of being cummed on with icky sponge boogers for the rest of its lifespan, waiting patiently for episodes that could give it prominence again. And so it received another one years later, but this where I mark the start of the pineapple seed's crashing decline. The abuse it suffered under these three strange gay men would only worsen its painful identity crisis. Why are they mistreating me so? Are canned fruit homes the new norm? Do I need to spend the rest of its life competing with synthetically grown Ananas comosus? Never again would it feel the caress of living, rushing life through its roots—and it knew. It was just too much. It accepted its fate and chose to burn out rather than fade away, defying the future of false fruits wrapped in tin containers. But was it even worth it?
  2. damn all the images died
  3. you guys want another rinse cycle, i'm buyin

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  4. 4. "It is a high honor to be chosen for the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus, and you are not going to keep me from performing my Grand Solo!" Choir Boys, 489 points 31 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @El Jacko) (+8) OWM: Everything and everyone in this episode is pretty damn bad. My main problem with it is how badly paced it is. The opening is three straight minutes of pure filler that adds nothing to the episode and can easily be cut out. Do we need to focus on Squidward’s awful singing in the shower? Do we need to see Squidward painstakingly get dressed? Does Squidward have to restate himself to SpongeBob again? I actually had to rewatch this episode in double speed so I wouldn't get instantly bored. And this continues later in the episode too. They devote several seconds to unfunny, drawn-out scenes of both SpongeBob and Squidward clearing their throats. The designs are awful too. The grotesque faces and expressions from SpongeBob like his droopy nose, and overall general appearance don't help this episode's standing at all. The way he’s written here also implies this extremely sad and abusive relationship with Squidward as well. The pothole scene is actually intended to be malicious harm from SpongeBob, hence the line “Now I have a captive audience.” Him calling Squidward an “inspiration and great friend” comes across as a big insult because of that. I certainly didn't expect this episode to rise as high as it did, but thinking about it now I'm not so shocked. 3. "I've lost it. I can't tell what's real anymore!" Ink Lemonade, 494 points 27 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @SICKO MORE @4EverGreen @Sweat) (+1) 4EverGreen: One of my biggest regrets the last time we did a "Worst of" List, is that I didn't change my list in time, to include this episode. But the episode was released on the day of the deadline, I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my list, and I thought, there was no WAY that episode would even SCRATCH the surface! Needless to say, I learned my lesson about underestimating how much one single episode could be HATED! Personally, I have nothing but absolute fury and contempt for this episode! How this episode ever got the green light, let alone, fully animated and made, is beyond me! It's like, Kaz was HONESTLY sitting around and thinking: "If I'm going to do something WORSE than Boating Buddies, I'm REALLY going to have to apply myself!" And this is the end result! All you need to know about the episode, is that it is filled with NOTHING but Patrick finding ways to SCARE Squidward, in order to get his ink, for his lemonade! And nearly all of the ways in which Patrick does this, are gross, sick, cruel, sadistic, and flat-out uncharacteristic Patrick behavior at its absolute WORST! And the worst part of it is, the Bikini Bottom citizens actually LIKE the lemonade, until they find out it comes from Squidward, the hypocrites! And Squidward doesn't even get any consolation in this episode, because he eats a cookie filled with spider eggs! In my personal opinion, this is by FAR, Kaz's WORST episode EVER! Enough said, true believers! The end is coming fast. Stay tuned for Dishonorable Mentions tomorrow, and our grand finale on Wednesday!
  5. This is really cool, but I’m worried that these very likely might not work anymore after Flash gets discontinued next year. Are any of these getting converted to HTML5 or something?
  6. I lost it when Purple PurplePoserSocksDude came in.
  7. That match was friggin' awesome.
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