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  1. Christmas Who was my #2 for so long and yet my #1 kept changing. I realize now what my heart really says
  2. Next week: sexiest M&M color
  3. I love every single joke and individual scene in Idiot Box and I can watch them a thousand times and still laugh
  4. Message to all fellow Carly mains: any tips on matchups for some of the heavyweights? (Gibby, Dr. Pig, Big Sister Sam, etc.) Since much of her frame data is so bad I find it hard to approach these fighters before they can KO me easily with some of their more powerful moves. I've talked to Squidward and Fanboy mains who are having similar problems but I just wanted to get your input too.
  5. FUN is a great follow-up to Plankton’s first episode in how it developed his role of just “villain guy” and allowed him to get bigger and badder. Glad to see it placed. Artist Unknown is one of the show’s funniest episodes. Feels like something from Season 3 in just how blindingly cynical it manages to be.
  6. Worm is just an amazing ride from front to back, and I’m glad to see it placed. It made my list mainly for being funny—the visual gags especially—but I also really dig Sandy and SpongeBob’s tense banter that somehow becomes a lot more relaxed once the worm is actually chasing them. I never thought Club SpongeBob could ever fall into the dreaded “Squid abuse” category since everything that goes wrong for Squidward in this episode is because of his own arrogance or incompetence. And that’s how it’s supposed to be—it’s funny as hell and managed to create one of the series’ most famous one-t
  7. 2. "Hey! Don't you go crying on me! Crying never solves anything." Stuck in the Wringer – 317 points 20 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Steel Sponge) (-1) Many episodes in this list are divisive: some people don't think of them as bad at all, or even like them. But I've still yet to meet anyone who wants to defend this stinker. While I don't hate it nearly as much as I did before—some parts are just too laughable for me to even dislike—it still manages to be a terrible, terrible slog. The wringer itself doesn't create any real new situations other than being annoying a
  8. 4. "Thank you, daddy!" Ink Lemonade – 274 points 17 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @magic the veemon@OWM) (-1) This episode's release was like no other one before. How bad can an episode be to break the top 10 just days after its premiere? Well, as bad as Ink Lemonade is. My new least favorite feels like the culmination of every misstep and wrong turn fans think the show took throughout its extended lifespan. Do you want bad writing? Here's a bunch of muddled and confused twists and turns showcasing a weirdly sadistic and uncaring Patrick. Do you want boring and aimles
  9. 6. "Well, it's like they always say back in the old country, lad." Pet or Pests – 229 points 15 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Bob Carotte) (0) Pet or Pests has kept in place this year, and for good reason. It's ugly. The colors and the storyboards are among the show's most reviled, especially on SpongeBob and the worms he nurtures. This is actually one of the better screencaps I could find, and it's from one of the most infamous scenes in the episode. It's slow. It feels like half the episode is dedicated to the Gary-Wormsley rivalry, which of course doesn't go anywh
  10. 8. "Oh, try again." Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy – 210 points 15 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #6 @4EverGreen@Coffee_lover@RD Rockruff@El Jacko) (+3) This episode continues to baffle many fans to this day. It's crude, terrifying, not very funny, and arguably has one of the worst and strangest plots of any episode in the show. Every scene feels anywhere from mildly to extremely uncomfortable, especially considering that none of it happens anywhere else: Sandy just unzipping her pelt like a bodysuit, Plankton puppeting it around Bikini Bottom (without the air suit.
  11. Top 10 time! 10. "But I'm a musician!" Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom – 194 points 14 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @dmandagiraffe) (-2) I remember this particular episode being basically unwatchable after the backstage passes are eaten, and sure enough, I was right. The best part of this episode might actually be the festival scenes, which fail to do anything actually interesting. And then Patrick shows up to completely derail the episode, and the snobby octopuses who were established as snobby for all that time are now suddenly cheerful, fun-loving people who cr
  12. Dishonorable Mentions this year are capped to a hard #60 place. Here they are: 60. To Save a Squirrel – 32 points 2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #7 @magic the veemon) (NEW) 59. InSPONGEiac – 32 points 2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @CyanideFishbone) (-2) 58. Krusty Katering – 32 points 4 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #7 @Steel Sponge) (NEW) 57. The Card – 33 points 4 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #14 @RustyRuinsFace) (-15) 56. The Play's the Thing – 34 points 3 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #5 @Funy
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