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  1. After a one-year pause, we're back once again! There's a weird feeling we get from seeing SpongeBob and his friends at their lowest, ugliest, and most poorly written. Over the next few weeks, we'll look at 50 episodes that embody that feeling once again. Which ones will rise? Which ones will fall? Which ones will stay just the same? You choose. PM me your 25 least favorite SpongeBob and/or Kamp Koral episodes (yes, we're counting both—they'll be treated as part of one series) on here or on Discord. (no jokes or japes) I won't ask for commentary this time, so feel free to share y
  2. there is another detailed report of Rubber Band Inam injustice which I feel I need to share with my fellow sbcers. TW: // INAM AB*SE ams have exploited the natural stretchiness of these brave, innocent rubber bands for years. when will this oppression end? my hope is for these images to raise awareness of the true graphic nature of these crimes.
  3. To commemorate eight years on SBC, I will officially do nothing. Please, join me if you'd like.

  4. Oh, I brush and shampoo them daily. Who's Patchy's little princess? [Rat bites him] Ow! Mmmm! Don't do that!

  5. Pick a pet. Any pet!
  6. EPISODE IX – THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL The much maligned but never forgotten holiday special... is canon. (Yes, look it up.) This ancient piece of Star Wars history featured many one-timers, all of whom never appeared again after their glorious single moment on the screen. So what have they been up to? Chef Gormaanda Gormaanda continued her cooking show, often inviting her fellow four-armed lover Dexter Jettster on. However, this was not to last. While filming one of her episodes, she suddenly collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest. Turns out all that stirring and whipping i
  7. EPISODE VII – MEME CHARACTERS They were never meant to be taken seriously. Even mentioning their name causes laughter among some fans. But they led lives and backstories just as complex and interesting as any other Star Wars character, which is nothing to laugh about. So what have they been up to? Favjo Manew, The Jeans Guy After being erased out of existence thanks to digital meddling the will of the Force, Favjo found himself in a strange, terrifying purgatory along with the original Yoda puppet from Phantom Menace and the Sebastian Shaw Anakin ghost. The three repor
  8. I didn't know much about Sophie (knew only one or two songs) but it's pretty clear they were going to be a big influence on pop and electronic music from here on. I'm sad to hear they died so tragically and at such a young age.
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