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  1. you have officially missed the window to do this
  2. if i had seen this thread in january i woulda been handing out Ls left and right to you mfs talking about rap being vocal focused like it was spoken word poetry lmao listen to Good Kid Maad City, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and Kanye’s first 7 albums (quickly, before he says a slur or kills someone on camera or something and it becomes 100% unacceptable to listen) for a good basis of the genre if you like rock shit, check out experimental rappers/groups like Jpegmafia, Jean Dawson, Paris Texas. tons of artists out there for you but you’re prolly not gonna consistently find what you want listening to drake lmfao. scope in this thread limited edit: limited AND white
  3. As a treat, the staff of SBC has decided to launch Good Fridays. Every Friday, the staff is going to give you sneak peeks of upcoming events and projects on SBC, as well as insight into said events and scrapped content. Check back every Friday for new sneak peeks at new features and content! also thank you kanye west for the idea -Aquatic Nuggets
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