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  1. It's that time of the year again: SBC's birthday! Today marks SBC's 13th year of existence! It's truly amazing how this community continues to live on in various ways, whether through the Discord, forums or both. Forums as a concept are long past their glory days but it's still heartwarming to see people still wanting to contribute to them when they can, which means a lot to the staff. We've also reached the point where SBC has outlived tv.com, its originator, which is surreal to think about. Also, the Better Call Saul finale airs today so we're blessed to have that honor too.
  2. After nearly a year, we finally have gameplay footage: Still no official release date yet however.
  3. Back in June, we had Loyal Customers vote on what theme they wanted for our annual August event. The winning entry was a Dreams & Night themed event based around episodes such as Sleepy Time and Dream Hoppers, which is now reality! (Credit to Kieran for the logo) Late Night Lunacy (credit to @JCM for coining the name) will last from August 19th to 31st. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful night view with the community. This won't be a huge event after the intense Teams Mania and will be more of a breather event to close out our summer. There will still be a few activities to play in. Aesthetic wise, we'll have a beautiful nighttime scenery and a few new iFish items to admire. Here's a rundown of what the event has: Cards Against Humanity: On both Friday nights during the event, have a sleepover and play CAH with friends! Turntable Parties: On both Friday nights after CAH, relax and jam out with the perfect late night music! Just try to keep the noise down. Kahoot: There will be one trivia game held during the event! Among Us: There will be one Among Us game held during the event! Dream Story Contest: Submit your wildest dreams for our most unique story contest to date. The best part of it is: the entries don't have to make any sense like dreams themselves! Discord Sleepover Party: On the final night of the event, we'll have a sleepover party on Discord, where special prizes will be raffled off! Minigames: There will be two dream related minigames to play in! Be sure to get a good night's sleep in preparation. (PSA: also please don't intrude into other people's dreams)
  4. Season 5 Part 2: 91. Casino Crashers: One day, Chad Vane is shown in his new hideout, which is hidden in a desert mountain. Thanks to the villains he’s assembled, he’s finally ready to begin the final stages of his master plan, even though the road getting there has been humiliating and bumpy. For the first step, Vane orders Jumbo Shrimp and Harry to go to the casino as a team. Shrimp will cause a distraction while Harry will plant a mysterious device in their computer system, since he is more unsuspecting. Scooter and friends are having fun at the casino, when Shrimp barges in to cause a panic. As instructed, Harry sneaks into the casino’s computer room after distracting security by offering them spots on a show, and implants the device. Shrimp is throwing slot machines everywhere, as civilians panic. Scooter and friends are able to defeat Shrimp, sending him fleeing. Harry casually walks out of the casino undetected, while Sooter and friends resume their casino fun. Unbeknownst to them, Vane’s plan worked, as the device ominously blinks in the computer room. Notes: In the original, this was titled “An Evil Plan.” Trivia: The events of “Scooter’s Eleven”, “The Eye of the Casino” and “The Hunter and the Hunted” are referenced. Eels and Escalators makes a cameo as a casino game. 92. Stealing Spree: One day, while on break, Scooter and friends are at Leaf of Peace. Mall Shoplifter and Osmond are paired together for the next part of Vane’s plan. The Shoplifter casually strolls into Leaf of Peace and acts if they are stealing coffee supplies, however, they aren’t actually doing so. Gloria recognizes him and calls him out, drawing attention, so the Shoplifter makes a run for it. While distracted, Osmond sneaks by Ken and uses his fast tentacles to input the hacking device into the store’s computer. A montage ensues of Scooter and friends chasing the Shoplifter through stores who pretends to steal, while Osmond sneaks hacking devices into their computers. At one point, Octi recognizes Osmond and wonders what he’s doing. Osmond splits off from the Shoplifter for his final destination at the pizzeria, hijacking its computer without Mark seeing. Octi tells the gang that he saw the same con artist he met in New Kelp City at each store the Shoplifter “stole” from, wondering if there’s a connection. Notes: In the original, this was titled “The Plan.” Trivia: Octopoly and a Sealight book make cameos at the stores. 93. Members Only: One day, for the next part of Vane’s plan, Man Ray is sent to put on a show at the country club while Mark’s playing a round of golf there. With this destruction, Vane sneaks inside the club using a fake ID and disguise, touring around. He inputs the hacking device into the club’s computer system, and also finds the owner’s bank account information. Scooter and friends quickly go to the club after hearing the news. However, the establishment rejects them, saying the place is members only. They sneak into the golf course, seeing Man Ray vaporizing everything, as golfers flee in a panic. Mark uses his golfing skills to defeat Man Ray and send them away. Mark offers them to play a game with him to relax after that. Notes: In the original, this was titled “The Real Boss.” Trivia: The events of “Golfing Friends” are referenced. 94. The Daring Lab Escape: One day, for the next part of Vane’s plan, he has Dirty Bubble and Shaun infiltrate Professor Nick’s laboratory to steal computer equipment and hack him. Scooter, Timmy, Gloria and Octi all go to Nick’s lab to ask if he can help them track down Vane. Nick reveals he’s been working closely with Sanders’ agency lately, providing each other research. Suddenly, Dirty Bubble and Shaun activate Nick’s security system, locking them all inside. Now both groups must work together to escape a maze of puzzles and traps. In the end, they are able to deactivate it, but this allows Dirty Bubble and Shaun to escape with equipment and hack Nick’s system just as planned. The gang tells Sanders about the strange happenings with villains lately and wonders if it’s a part of Vane’s plan, so Sanders vows to investigate. Notes: In the original, this was titled “Frozen in Statues." Trivia: The events of “A Million Dollar Pizza”, “Heroes and Villains” and “Masters of Karate” are referenced. 95. Delivery Dilemma: One day, the pizzeria gets an order for an at home delivery in a seedy part of Bass Vegas. Timmy drives them in his repaired boat mobile to make the delivery, but their path is blocked by the biker gang Vane once ruled, who are causing a ruckus in the city. Now, Scooter, Timmy and Gloria must find a way through the bikers before the customer gets angry. Notes: Thirteenth and final original ep for the remaster. Trivia: The events of “Speed Boater” and “Scooter City” are referenced. Scooter’s scooter crew return to help the gang out. 96. The First Day: One day while relaxing in his apartment with Surfing Steve, Scooter reminisces on the first day he arrived in Bass Vegas. He then has a flashback to his early days in Bikini Bottom and his first meetings with friends such as Larry, Don, Patrick and SpongeBob. He remembers the first time he surfed at Goo Lagoon. He juxtaposes this memory to a conversation he had with Timmy, Gloria and Mark after his first day on the job, as he gets to learn more about the three. They look forward to their futures together. Back in the present, Scooter looks at an old photo of Larry and Don, missing them. However, he rests easy knowing they’re okay without him and he promises to occasionally visit Bikini Bottom so he still has an attachment to his old life. Notes: In the original, this was titled “The Good Group.” Trivia: Grubby Grouper and Craig Mammalton make cameos. The second flashback takes place right after “Viva Bass Vegas.” 97-100. High Tide (Parts 1-4): The day has come for Vane to enact the final stage of his plan. He has half of his allies create distractions while the other half plant the hacking devices in every bank across Bass Vegas. His ultimate goal is to steal everyone’s money so he can become rich and rule the seas. Sanders’ agents scramble over the city once they hear the reports of villain attacks. Scooter and friends walk nearby a bank, when they notice Harry about to enter. Timmy and Scooter both recognize him as the talent agent, and they notice a strange chip in his hand. Octi remembers seeing Osmond with that chip, making them realize something is off. They carefully follow him inside and see Harry try to whoo the bankroller by telling him he could be a star. As the teller tries to sign the document, Harry sneaks around and puts the chip into the computer. He thanks the teller for his time and leaves, when Timmy tackles him. The gang alerts Sanders, who confiscate the chip and brings Harry in for questioning at the warehouse. Professor Nick analyzes the chip and reveals it could be used to steal a computer system’s money information. Harry reveals Vane’s plan and the location of their lair since he didn’t want world domination, he just wanted the money. They’re shocked to learn that Vane wants to steal Bass Vegas’s entire economy. Scooter, Timmy, Gloria, Mark, Octi, DJ, Surfing Steve, Sanders, Nick and Sensei all band together to stop Vane from initiating this plan. Mark removes the chip from the pizzeria’s computer, not wanting to lose any of his money. Sanders sends his agents to confiscate the chips from stores and banks that have been infected. The main team gets into Mark’s RV and drive off through the desert. As they drive off, Nick begins experimenting on the chip in an attempt to counteract it and ruin Vane’s plan. They see the mountain base approaching, right where Harry told them it was. They carefully make their way up the mountain and reach the entrance, ready to end this. They make their way through the lair, avoiding traps, and entering a boss rush against Vane’s cronies. Sensei takes down Shaun with his ultimate karate moves, Gloria takes down Shoplifter, DJ pops the Dirty Bubble with a song, Mark takes down Man Ray with pizza and golfing skills, Sanders takes down Jumbo Shrimp, and Octi defeats Osmond. They reach the peak, where Vane has his machine set up, ready to steal everyone’s money. Vane then surrounds himself in a mech suit, using parts from his previous robot plan and Nick’s technology. The robot overpowers the group and when it seems futile, Scooter gets an idea. He blows a whistle, alerting the entire snail colony from their camping adventure in “Gone Comping.” Steve commands the snails, who crawl all over Vane’s armor. This obscures his vision, infuriating him and causing him to wreck the lair. Scooter then jumps onto Vane’s suit and begins riding it like a surfboard on a high tide. While distracted, Nick hijacks Vane’s machine and sets it so that it steals the villains’ money, redistributing it to everyone else. Scooter and the snails let go, causing Vane to go flying into his machine, exploding both it and his suit. Vane and his cronies are finally brought down and arrested for good. Sanders thanks all of them for their help. Bass Vegas celebrates now that Vane is finally defeated for good and they can live in peace. A party is held at the pizzeria, where everyone is proud of Scooter and his team’s work in saving the day. Scooter, Timmy, Gloria, Mark, Octi and DJ take a group photo together. To bookend the series, Scooter cooks for a large crowd of anchovies that flock in, just as he did in the first episode. The End Notes: Series finale and tv movie. In the original, this was titled “The Final Episode.” Trivia: Mr. Jason, Tony, Jimmy, Otto, Ken, Grace, anchovies, the manatees, scooter crew, Granny, alley snails and Algae Zach make cameos. I surprisingly had fun remastering 12 year old me's writing and giving it a simple fresh touch up that it really needed. I will not remaster my other early writings since there wouldn't be much point. I only did this one as a tribute to tv.com's death anyway. and to cash in on my Scooter shitposting #ScooterReturns
  5. Well, you see an amateur, I see a hundred and seventy pounds of clay ready to be molded.

  6. Season 5 Part 1: 81. Gone Camping: One day, to relax from recent events, Scooter and friends decide to go camping in the Bass Vegas desert. As they relax, Greg a treasure hunter, warns them of a ghost sighting in the area. The gang doesn’t believe it at first, but as the night progresses, they begin hearing strange sounds and noticing peculiar sights. When the gang goes to investigate an odd figure, it turns out to be an innocent snail. They follow the snail to an obscure cave containing a colony of stray snails, revealing they are the one responsible for the strange happenstances near the camp. They move their camp into the cave and have a fun time with the snails, taking care of them. Scooter has Surfing Steve meet these snails, making new friends. Debut: Greg Trivia: Marsh King makes a cameo in the camp’s food supply. 82. Pizza Bot 3000: One day, Mark purchased a robot pizza maker called the Pizza Bot 3000. The crew warns him this didn’t go over well last time, but Mark promises this won’t go evil because this one was made by a trusted company and not a squirrel. Pizza Bot 3000 performs its job well without issue, but the crew is skeptic something may go wrong. Chad Vane is watching them from a distance, and sees the robot, getting an idea to test them. He sneaks into the pizzeria and uses a strange device hack the robot without anyone noticing. He quietly makes it out undetected and watches the show. When the crew returns from break, Pizza Bot 3000 goes out of control and rampages through the city. The crew are able to work together to destroy it. Mark promises no more robots after that and they will continue to make pizzas the old fashioned way. Trivia: The events of “Attack of the Pizzas!” and “Attack of the Robots!” are referenced. 83. Scooter's Nightmare: One night, Scooter is sleeping in his apartment room. He is having a pleasant dream about surfing which soon takes a dark turn. The wave turns scary and storm clouds appear over the ocean. He then arrives at a nightmare version of Bass Vegas where he is chased by Chad Vane and other monstrous figures. Now Scooter must jump through Mark, Gloria, Timmy, Octi and DJ’s dreams for their help in escaping this nightmare. Trivia: Some of the nightmare monsters resemble The Trench creatures. 84. The Pizza Legacy: One day, Mark’s parents come to visit him in Bass Vegas after hearing about the recent soda spill, wanting to make sure their son is okay. After seeing the pizzeria is okay, Mark’s mom teaches him a special recipe passed down from her own family; one she’s been waiting for the right moment to teach Mark. Mark makes the special pizza and it instantly becomes a hit. When word gets out, several rival restaurants across Bass Vegas attempt to steal the recipe for themselves, but are thwarted thanks to the help of Scooter, Timmy, Gloria and Mark’s parents. Mark realizes this special pizza isn’t worth the money if it causes this chaos, so he discontinues it from the menu and gives the recipe back to his parents. They are proud of Mark for this choice and agree to have one last fancy dinner before departing. Notes: Ninth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Some of the rival restaurants include Pizza Castle and Pizza Pinhole. 85. Speed Boater: One day, Timmy purchases his first boat mobile and goes for a joy ride with it, taking Scooter and Gloria along. While at a traffic light, he comes across the famous racer Tony Fast Jr., who challenges Timmy to a race. Scooter and Gloria advise Timmy not to, but his pride doesn’t listen, wanting to show off. The race begins, as they speed through the streets of Bass Vegas. Timmy gets reckless however and crashes his boat, seeing Junior getting ahead of him. But Timmy realizes his friends’ safety is more important than winning a silly race, choosing to get his friends out of the car wreck and to safety. Junior is proud of Timmy for his decision and gives him enough money to cover his boat’s repairs as a gesture of peace. Debut: Tony Fast Jr. Notes: Tenth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Granny, Otto, the alley snails, Martha’s Craft Zone, the arcade, art museum and space museum make cameos during the race. 86. Octech: One day, while cleaning the electronics store, Octi finds a strange, dusty and abandoned computer sitting in storage. The manager Jimmy directs him to dispose of it, but Octi finds out the computer was made by a company he’s never heard of before: “Octech.” When he asks Jimmy about it, he’s admittedly confused as well and doesn’t remember where it came from. Scooter and friends help Octi investigate this mystery, leading them down a rabbit hole. They discover an intelligent octopus known as Osborne founded the tech company, but it was buried to history and forgotten. Octi helps spread awareness of this forgotten company, impressing Jimmy. Octi gets a news article submitted about his discovery, hoping he made his grandfather and octopi everywhere proud. Debut: Jimmy Notes: Eleventh original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Rube makes a cameo. 87. Gloria Days: One day, Gloria’s sister Grace visits Bass Vegas. Gloria had rarely talked about her to Scooter and friends, making them wonder what’s up between them. Grace visits the pizzeria, meeting Scooter, Timmy and Mark. Gloria has awkward interactions with her, showing they’re distant. She spends most of the day avoiding her, causing Scooter to ask what happened between them. Gloria reveals she’s always been jealous of Grace because she had more accomplishments than her when they were younger. Grace is impressed to learn about Gloria’s black belt and is proud of her. Gloria makes amends with Grace and the two have a fun time in Bass Vegas before the latter leaves. Debut: Grace Notes: Twelfth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Mr. Jason makes a cameo. 88. The DJ’s Pick: One day, professional music agents visit DJ’s club, wanting to meet him. Tony introduces them to DJ, who explain they’ve heard about some of his accomplishments, such as: his dance context, solving the hijackings, and defeating Algae Zach. They offer him a chance to become a professional solo artist and soar his music career to new heights. DK thinks it over, asking Scooter and friends what he should do. He would like to do more than be a club DJ, but he also likes being in Bass Vegas. DJ ultimately decides to pass on the fame to stay with his friends, disappointing the agents. He decides he’ll find a way to start a solo career right here in Bass Vegas. Trivia: The events of “Jam Jacker”, “Duel of the DJs” and “Dance of a DJ” are referenced. The dance rivals make a cameo. 89-90. Vane Strikes Back! (Parts 1 & 2): One day, Chad Vane breaks into a spy headquarters near Bass Vegas, where Agent Sanders is stationed. He uses the device to hack into Pizza Bot 3000 to bypass security and breaks into a confidential area. He steals technology and other important files, then places a detonator on the wall. The agents try to apprehend him, but Vane defeats them and escapes. He then activates the detonator, sending an explosion through the headquarters, leaving a mess. Sanders and his agents pursue Vane, wanting him arrested more than ever. Sanders meets with Scooter and friends at the pizzeria, who are shocked to learn about this, as they haven’t seen Vane in a while. They agree to help the agents snoop out his warehouse to bring him down. They corner Vane, but he outwits them all and is able to escape. The agents seize the warehouse, but this does not deter Vane, who has found another hideout as a backup. Vane meets with a group of villains from past episodes there, who have all teamed up with him for revenge: Man Ray, Dirty Bubble (breaking the first two out of prison), Jumbo Shrimp, Harry, Osmond, Mall Shoplifter, and Shaun. Scooter and friends promise they’ll help Sanders take down Vane once and for all. Notes: Ninth special. In the original, this was multiple episodes that have been condensed. Trivia: The events of “Pizza Bot 3000”, “The Vane Files”, "Game Over Scooter", “Attack of the Robots!”, “Super Scooter”, “The Perfect Date”, “Heroes and Villains”, “Timmy’s Very Own Episode”, “Like Scooter, Like Snail”, “Lost in New Kelp City”, “Gone Shopping” and “Masters of Karate” are referenced.
  7. Season 4 Part 2: 71. Heroes and Villains: One day, Scooter, Timmy, Gloria and Octi meet Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy while touring Shady Shoals. They tell the duo about how they faced off against Man Ray, Dirty Bubble and Jumbo Shrimp in Bass Vegas, impressing them. Suddenly, Dirty Bubble appears in Bikini Bottom and begins causing chaos! Chad Vane also returns, who managed to barely escape from the red kelp forest and track the gang down. Vane proposes an alliance to Dirty Bubble, who agrees as thanks for breaking him out. Scooter’s crew, along with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, are able to work together to defeat both Vane and Dirty Bubble. Vane is sent flying faraway, while the Dirty Bubble is arrested. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are proud of the fighting spirit in Scooter’s crew, saying they could make the next generation of heroes, but they kindly decline, having already tried that before and realized it wasn’t for them. Debuts: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Notes: In the original, this was titled “Scooter Meets Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.” Trivia: The events of “The Perfect Date”, “Super Scooter” and “A Mean Vane Machine” are referenced. 72. Jam Jacker: One day, DJ learns the radio station K-BLUB is hiring, so he decides to temporarily become its new DJ. He starts playing songs that were popular in Bass Vegas for the Bottomites to hear and they become hits. During one of his sessions, his broadcast is mysteriously hijacked with coded messages, confusing him. Not just him, but other radio stations nearby are being hit by these strange hijackings. Scooter and friends try to help him figure out who’s responsible for these hijackings, which in the end, turns out to be Bubble Bass’s doing. Debut: Bubble Bass Notes: In the original, this was called “DJ’s Invite.” Trivia: Ned and the Needlefish, Stingray 500 album, and the mysterious song from “The Lost Song” make cameos. 73. Octi & Squidward: One day, Octi tries to form a friendship with Squidward, seeing as they are both octopuses. As much as he tries, Squidward isn’t interested and feels he has nothing in common with Octi. However, there is one thing they are surprisingly able to share a bond over: the show House Fancy. This leads to them having a fun time, but after seeing Squilliam’s house featured, Squidward’s mood is ruined. However, this leads Octi to suggest they vandalize his house for fun, so they attempt to pull this off without being caught. Notes: Eighth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Nicolas Withers and Squilliam make cameos. 74. The Surfing Contest: One day, Scooter decides to go back to what he does best: surfing. A surfing contest is being held at Goo Lagoon so he signs up for it, alongside Sandy, Timmy, SpongeBob, Larry and Don. Scooter practices to get back into the groove, though finds himself struggling due to how long it’s been. His friends give him the encouragement to keep trying. When it comes time for the contest, Scooter believes in what his friends told him and is able to perform an impressive surfing trick over a high tide, shocking everyone. Scooter impresses the judges and win the contest in the end, making his friends proud. Trivia: Jack Kahuna Laguna makes a cameo as a judge. 75. The Great Snail Race II: One day, Scooter learns The Great Snail Race is approaching again, so he decides to sign Surfing Steve up for it. His snail friends such as Gary, Daniel, Rocky, Little Dollar, YoYo, and Snellie all participate in the race as well. Scooter trains Steve with similar techniques to the surfing contest he just won, but those do not translate the same to a snail race. Steve puts up a good challenge, but in the end, loses the race to Gary. Scooter is still proud of Steve for trying and as a gift, takes him to the park to have fun. Notes: Crossover with The Adventures of Gary the Snail: Remastered, with Daniel, Little Dollar and YoYo being snails from it. In the original, this was titled “The Snail Race.” Trivia: Lightning Larry Luciano makes a cameo. 76. Restaurant Wars: One day, while selling pizzas in Bikini Bottom, Mark’s business is upstaged by the Krusty Krab. Mark has an idea to partner with the Krusty Krab so they can both profit, but Krabs rejects the offer, dismissing their pizzas as half-baked in comparison to the Krusty Krab Pizza. To spite his business, Mark introduces the Pizza Burger to compete with the Krabby Patty, which becomes a hit. Krabs declares a restaurant war, but SpongeBob and Scooter aren’t comfortable with this and try to get their bosses to call it off. However, during their bickering, Plankton uses this opportunity to steal both of their formulas. Now, Krabs and Mark must put their differences aside to get their formulas back from Plankton. Debuts: Mr. Krabs, Plankton and Karen Notes: In the original, this was titled “The Krusty Scooter.” Trivia: Spot and Old Man Jenkins make cameos. 77. Gone Shopping: One day, Gloria decides to go shopping at the Bikini Bottom Mall where she encounters Pearl and her friends. Pearl is impressed by Gloria’s taste and the two become friends. While they continue exploring the stores, Pearl’s bags are stolen by a shoplifter who makes a run for it. Gloria helps Pearl give chase after the shoplifter through the mall. Gloria is able to subdue the shoplifter in the end thanks to her karate skills, saving everyone’s merchandise. Debut: Pearl Trivia: The Scorched Coral, Hotdog on a String and Bangles & Dangles stores make cameos. 78. Boating Tips: One day, Timmy decides to enroll at Mrs. Puff’s Boating School to finally get his license, since he couldn’t pass it in Bass Vegas. He forms a friendship with SpongeBob, who gives him the ropes of how the course works. However, trying to follow SpongeBob’s advice messes with his school experience and hinders his learning. After confiding in Scooter though, using his advice helps improve his performance. In the end, Timmy is successfully able to get his license. Debut: Mrs. Puff 79-80. Return to Bass Vegas (Parts 1 & 2): One day, Scooter and friends get the word that Bass Vegas is clean now. They had their fun in Bikini Bottom, but are ready to return to where they. Belong. They say goodbye to their Bottomite friends and set off in the RV, heading back to Bass Vegas. As soon as they arrive, they see the residents repopulating the city and getting everything going again. Agent Sanders thanks them for their patience and announces that the city is safe again. To celebrate and make up for their carelessness with the soda barrels, the city decides to have a grand reopening party. Scooter and friends take a visit to city hall where the party planners are. Gloria looks through the library’s books out of curiosity when she comes across a shocking sight. She finds a Bass Vegas history book showing a depiction of the founder, who looks an awful lot like Sensei. The gang show this to him, who knows he can’t hide this anymore. He reveals that he’s indeed the founder of Bass Vegas. He then regales them with the story of how he first discovered what would become the city. After his powerful story, the group says he should attend the grand reopening party and reveal he’s the founder, but Sensei declines, surprising them. He explains he has no interest in the fame and that some things truly are best left in the past. They understand and respect Sensei for that. As the group attends the party later, Sensei watches from afar, proud of how ar the city has come. Notes: Eighth special. Trivia: Ken, Tony and Professor Nick make cameos.
  8. There will be no level scaling for the gyms. The regional gimmick is called Terastal, which turns your Pokemon into crystals and temporarily changes its type. Region is called Paldea. Map: New Pokemon: Paldean Wooper (Poison/Ground): Fidough (Fairy): Cetitan (Ice):
  9. New episode synopses: 278A: Squidferatu: Squidward ventures to Nosferatu's castle after accidentally receiving his mail. 278B: Slappy Days: Nosferatu's minion Slappy kills some time around Bikini Bottom. 281A: The Salty Sponge: SpongeBob works the grill at the toughest joint in town. 281B: Karen for Spot: Karen looks after Spot while Plankton goes out of town.
  10. Season 4 Part 1: 61-62. Soda Spill! (Parts 1 & 2): One day, on the ocean surface, a ship is shown passing by the island of Bikini Atoll. A storm rocks the ship, causing its cargo to fall overboard. This cargo turns out to be several barrels of soda, which begin leaking into the ocean depths. The soda begins filling Bass Vegas’s air and turning it pink, perplexing the fish on what this substance is. The fish enjoy the taste of it, so Bass Vegas decides to hold a massive pink water party to celebrate. Even Mark gets in on the fun, decorating the pizzeria and selling the pink water as drinks. Meanwhile, Professor Nick studies the soda and worries it may be harmful to the environment. He tries warning everyone to stop this celebration, but nobody listens to him except for Scooter, Timmy, Gloria and Octi. They try to spread the word, but everyone still won’t listen and keeps partying. However, due to the partying, the barrels begin shaking and one explodes, flooding DJ’s club. Now the citizens see the danger, so they work together as a community to patch the remaining soda barrels and send them back above water. Notes: Seventh special. Trivia: Otto, Sensei, Ken, Granny, Harry, Tony and Mr. Jason make cameos. 63. Goodbye, Bass Vegas: Bass Vegas is still covered in the pink soda, with citizens trying to clean up the mess. Agent Sanders and health crews then arrive with vehicles, who begin quarantining the city. Sanders announces they have to quarantine the city to remove the soda spill, which will take around two weeks. Scooter goes to his apartment to gather his materials and Surfing Steve. He’s sad to leave Bass Vegas, but this gives him a chance to visit Bikini Bottom again after so long. Gloria, Timmy and Octi are sad because they aren’t sure where they’ll go, but Mark cheers the gang up by pulling up in his RV. He offers for them to go on a fun roadtrip to pass the time and sell pizzas on the road to keep the business afloat. The group approves of this, wanting to see new sights, as they get in and the RV drives off. Bass Vegas fades further away into the distance, as the group looks back, knowing they will return soon. Notes: In the original, this was titled “Not Going Anywhere.” 64. On the Road: The RV continues on its journey, as they sell pizza to random travelers and passerby's. After an attempted hijacking and car troubles, Chad Vane followed them on his bike and attacks the RV, sending it off road. The crew ends up getting stranded in a mysterious red kelp forest. Scooter, Steve, Octi and DJ are one group, while Mark, Gloria and Timmy are another. Now they must work together in their groups, avoid Vane and find their way back to the RV. In the end, they escape thanks to the giant fruit fly’s help and Vane is left stranded deep in the forest. Notes: In the original, this was titled “A Road Trip Not to Remember.” Trivia: The boat hijacker from the first movie makes a cameo. The gas station, giant fruit fly and Red Kelp Forest from A SquarePants Family Vacation appear. 65. Ghost Train: The RV continues its trip without issue, when they come across a strange, abandoned train in the middle of nowhere. It turns out this train is actually a tourist attraction known as the Ghost Train, run by a crab named Kraig. He claims the train is allegedly haunted according to legends. Scooter and friends explore the train, encountering several strange sightings but Timmy dismisses them all, who has refused to believe in the supernatural. However, after they finish their tour of the train, it suddenly disappears without a trace, along with Kraig. Debut: Kraig Notes: In the original, this was titled “Scooter Train” and acted as a crossover with The Krusty Train. Trivia: Dullsville from Plankton Retires makes a cameo in the background. 66. Sublime Scam: The gang’s road trip takes them to their first city: the fancy residence of Bottom’s Up. They tour the Oxygen Springs and Waverly Hills selling pizza, but Mark has his sights set on Sublime Seafoods, the city’s fancy high class restaurant. Mark tries to get them a reservation, but unfortunately, the establishment reject them for not being high class enough. Mark is infuriated, so for revenge, he devises another heist to steal from the rich. Can they pull it off without being caught or will the gang convince Mark to let go of his grudge? Notes: Fifth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Bottom’s Up is a city from the Employee of the Month game. The events of Scooter’s Eleven are referenced. 67. Hitting Rock Bottom: As the gang continues driving, a sandstorm obscures their view and sends them plunging into Rock Bottom. They try to make the best of their situation, but have a difficult time fitting into Rock Bottom. Nobody is interested in their pizza either, upsetting Mark. However, a self-proclaimed wizard named Waldo comes across the group and believes Gloria to be an ancestor of Rock Bottom’s founders, making her the rightful queen. The civilians bow to her, granting her a palace, and while she loves this at first, Scooter and friends feel alienated. When Waldo reveals the people want her to stay there forever, Gloria rejects it and wants to be her friends. After adjusting his eyesight, Waldo realizes he mistook Gloria for someone else and that she’s not the actual heir. Waldo helps them leave Rock Bottom and Gloria is happy to be with people who already like her for who she is. Debut: Waldo Trivia: The red anglerfish makes a cameo. 68. Lost in New Kelp City: The gang’s next destination takes them to New Kelp City. The group ends up getting lost due to how big the city is, separating them into their own whacky adventures. Scooter and Steve try to outrun a Snail Catcher, Mark’s business angers a rival pizzeria, Timmy gets stuck on an annoying bus ride, Gloria joins a dancing class, DJ goes to a record shop, and Octi meets another octopus named Osmond who claims to be his long lost brother, but is really a con artist. These stories all collide in a chaotic way, regrouping the gang together as they try to escape New Kelp City. Debut: Osmond Notes: Sixth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Rube and the Bubble Poppin’ Boys make cameos. 69. Abandon Ship: As the gang’s road trip gets closer to Bikini Bottom, they spot an abandoned shipwreck on a mountain nearby, with a small pirate settlement under it. They take a visit and hear stories of ancient treasures stashed inside of the shipwreck mountain that many have failed to retrieve. Scooter and friends embark on a quest to retrieve these treasures, but an unexpected group is racing them for the treasure: Vane’s former hunter henchmen, who have quit working for him due to his recent embarrassments and have gone their own way. Who will reach the treasure stash first? Notes: Seventh original ep for the remaster. Trivia: The pie bomb pirates make cameos at the settlement. 70. Return to Bikini Bottom: The RV finally arrives at Bikini Bottom. Scooter is glad to be back home, having missed everyone. Timmy, Gloria, DJ, Octi and Mark look in amazement at the place, most of them never visiting the place before. They continue selling pizzas throughout Downtown. Word gets out about Scooter’s return, so SpongeBob and friends throw him a surprise party at Goo Lagoon. Sandy, Patrick, Fred, Larry, Don and Squidward are all there, happy that he’s back. They reminisce on their previous Bass Vegas visits, while the Vegas crew socialize with the Bottomite crew, getting to know them better. Scooter offers his Vegas friends to stay in Bikini Bottom for the remainder of quarantine, who happily agree to, knowing they’re going to have fun here. Notes: In the original, this was titled “Welcome Home!”
  11. Our last team event finally reaches its end, and it was the most intense competition we've ever had. The Krew and Buddies kept tying so many times, but in the end, only one prevailed... Final Scoreboard: 1st: Chum Buddies: 19 2nd: Krusty Krew: 17 3rd: Solos: 3 Congratulations Chum Buddies, you are our last team champions! They demonstrated true tyeamwork which helped them edge out to the final lap. The Buddies each received: the Tyeamwork badge, Victory Trophy, 10,000 doubloons, 500 experience points and access to Plankton's account. Quite a loot of prizes to honor this victory, eh? I'm proud of you all, even the Krew who put up one hell of a fight, so don't feel bad about 2nd place. Always tell yourselves: at least you didn't score 3 points, could be worse. Final MVP Statistics: Chum Buddies: @DarknessDG& @SpongeOddFanwith 5 wins! Krusty Krew: @dmandagiraffe with 12 wins! Solos: @WinterArcanine with 2 wins! Final Event Statistics: Jackbox: Krusty Krew (2/3 wins) Weekly Surprise: Krusty Krew (2/3 wins) Kahoot: Solos (2/3 wins) Jigsaw Puzzles: Krusty Krew (3/3 wins) Cards Against Humanity: Tie between all three teams (1/3 wins each) SpongeBob Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins) Among Us: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins) Wiki Write-Offs: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins) Trophy Hunt: Chum Buddies (5 hunters) Bikini Bottom Top Chef: Chum Buddies (4 finishers) To cap off this generation of teams, here's a recap of each event they won: Chum Buddies Event Victories (6 victories in total) Mini May 2020 The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 (shared tie) Snowcember Ball 2020 SBC Grand Prix Snowcember Ball 2021 Teams Mania Krusty Krew Event Victories (6 victories in total) March Madness 2020 The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 (shared tie) Octerror Fest 2020 March Madness 2021 Octerror Fest 2021 March Madness 2022 Solo Event Victories: None Thanks to all who played and helped make this a fun finale to teams. See ya later, Bran Flakes.
  12. The judges have decided and the winning fish is DG's! Congrats, he gets the point for the Buddies!
  13. You scored 10 points! That was your final turn! Final Results: 1st: Krusty Krew: 1,180 2nd: Chum Buddies: 880 3rd: Solos: 700 Congrats to the Krusty Krew who win the point, and dman for being the highest scorer for them!
  14. You scored 10 points! That was your final turn! You scored 90 points! That was your final turn! You scored 20 points! That was your final turn!
  15. Sunday, July 31st (FINAL DAY): 7:00pm EDT: Wiki Write-Off Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and a point for their team. For side activities: You have until 12pm EDT to play in Deep Fry Pole Vault, and until 7pm EDT to submit for the Trophy Hunt + Top Chef. Edit: Congrats to SOF who won the last Wiki Write-Off!
  16. You scored 80 points! Try again in 7 hours, which will be your final turn! You scored 10 points! Try again in 15 hours, which will be your final turn! You burned! That was your final turn! You scored 80 points! That was your final turn! NOTICE: This game will close tomorrow by 12pm EDT.
  17. Saturday, July 30th: 7:00pm EDT: SpongeBob Pictionary 8:00pm EDT: Among Us Whoever wins Pictionary will receive 2,000 doubloons, 300 experience points, a badge and a point for their team. Whoever wins Among Us will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and a point for their team. Edit: Congrats to DG who won Pictionary and Slug who won Among Us for the Buddies!
  18. You scored 80 points! Try again in 11 hours! You scored 40 points! Try again in 20 hours!
  19. Friday, July 29th: 7:00pm EDT: Cards Against Humanity Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and a point for their team. Edit: Congrats to Fa who won for the Krew!
  20. Season 3 Part 2: 51. Like Scooter, Like Snail: One day, while visiting Scooter’s apartment, Gloria notices Surfing Steve looks lonely. She shares her concern with Scooter, sensing he’s neglecting Surfing Steve lately. Scooter realizes she’s right and decides he’ll make up for this by taking him for a walk. Scooter takes Steve to the pet store where he buys him a cute toy. As he walks out of the store, Harry spots the two. He says Steve is the perfect snail to star in a Snail Bites commercial and offers Scooter money if he agrees. Scooter approves and Steve does great for his first commercial. Harry wants Steve to keep doing more, but Steve misses spending time with Scooter. Steve performs a daring escape from the studio with other pets and reunites with Scooter, who promises to spend more time with Surfing Steve. Trivia: Harry from “Timmy’s Very Own Episode” returns. Rube makes a cameo. 52. Octopoly: One day, while on his job break, Octi takes a trip to a store and finds their board game aisle. Reminiscing on when he loved board games as a kid, he decides to purchase the newest version of Octopoly, a game he was great at. He takes it back to his apartment where he invites Scooter, Timmy and Gloria to play. Octi becomes obsessed with winning the game and worries he goes too far, so he forfeits, allowing Gloria to win. However, now she becomes obsessed with the game, repeating the cycle. Notes: Second original episode for the remaster. Trivia: Eels and Escalators, Flying Dutchman’s Treasure Hunt, Certified Public Accountant and Patrick! The Game make cameos at the store. 53-54. Attack of the Robots! (Parts 1 & 2): One day, strange occurrences begin happening over Bass Vegas, as important machinery and technology mysteriously goes missing. Scooter’s electronic scooter has disappeared. Octi panics about how the electronics store is missing everything. DJ reports that a lot of sound equipment has gone missing from the club. Timmy realizes the pizzeria’s boiler has gone missing too, confused how that happened. Agent Sanders, who is investigating the technology thefts, meets with Scooter and friends. He suspects Chad Vane is behind it, but doesn’t know where he is. They go to the warehouse where they hear odd mechanical noises, but when they peer around, it’s empty. However, they see a trail of oil which they follow. It takes them to a giant robot, built out of all the missing parts! The robot was constructed by Chad Vane, who escaped from Jellybius and inspired by the arcade, decided to construct an evil robot for revenge. The robot disobeys his commands however and begins to go on a rampage through the city. Vane decides to form a truce and help them stop the robot, because if the city is destroyed, he has nothing to rob and hunt. They work together to stop the machine, and the stolen tech is all returned. In the midst of the chaos, Vane escapes again, but Sanders thanks them all for their assistance. Notes: Fifth special. In the original, this was a three-part story that’s been condensed. Trivia: Granny, the alley snails, Ken, Otto, Mr. Jason and Professor Nick make cameos. 55. Rechid v. Pizzeria: One day, Fred Rechid decides to visit Bass Vegas. As he walks in, he accidentally slips on the floor and breaks his leg. Angered by the lack of hospitality, he decides to sue the pizzeria, shocking Mark. Mark hires Richard A. Bottomfeeder to represent the pizzeria, while Scooter and friends try to talk Fred out of the lawsuit, claiming it was an honest mistake. In the end, Fred decides not go through with the lawsuit and forgives Mark, who is given a free pizza meal as compensation. Debuts: Fred Rechid, Richard A. Bottomfeeder Notes: Third original ep for the remaster. 56. Scooter in Space: One day, Scooter, Professor Nick and friends visit a space museum in Bass Vegas. While exploring the exhibits, they come across two strange visitors wearing disguises, who reveal themselves to be aliens! They explain how their ship went off course, crashing into the Bass Vegas desert, and have been unable to repair it. Scooter and friends help Zip and Dip fix their spaceship while avoiding suspicion, which is ready to launch. They wave farewell to their otherworldly friends as they fly off to the Great Beyond. Debuts: Zip and Dip Trivia: Ken and Otto make cameos. 57. Duel of the DJs: One day, a famous DJ named Algae Zach from Ukulele Bottom comes to the club. He challenges DJ to a duel to find out who the best DJ in the sea is. DJ is able to defeat him in the competition with the power of Scooter and friends’s support. Zach realizes he’s become too egotistical and says DJ deserves to best him. DJ offers him a guest spot for the night as the two DJs jam out in harmony. Debut: Algae Zach Notes: Fourth original ep for the remaster. Trivia: Tony reappears. 58. The Last Lesson: One day, Scooter, Timmy, Gloria and Octi are at Sensei’s dojo for their final lesson. They’ve had a great time there, but they are finally ready to complete their training and advance to their black belts. Sensei has them do several chores, which is tedious, but they power through. Sensei says they are finally ready for their last lesson: to show him what they’ve learned by defeating him in combat! It is a tough battle, but they realize the chores he made them do are the key, and use those moves to defeat Sensei. The group is proud they’ve finally advanced to their black belts. Sensei tells them that their journey is not over yet however, and that he has one final task for them if they want to become true karate masters. Notes: In the original, this was titled “The Training.” 59-60. Masters of Karate (Parts 1 & 2): Picking right where The Last Lesson left off, Sensei reveals there’s a tournament of the best karate experts coming to Ukulele Bottom. Due to the four receiving their black belts, he invites them to the tournament where if one of them succeeds, they will receive “Sensei stripes” on their belts to indicate they are true masters. The group takes a trip there and arrives at the tournament, where many karate fighters from around the sea are gathered, including Sandy. Not is all as it seems at the tournament however, as an expelled student of Sensei’s known as Shaun is lurking to sabotage the tournament. The tournament kicks off, as Scooter’s crew makes their way up. Shaun begins sabotaging several contestants behind the scenes, while Scooter’s crew make it to the final 8. Shaun interrupts the finals to declare himself winner, but is defeated by a combination of Scooter’s crew and Sensei. The matches continue, but none of Scooter’s crew make it to the final round sadly Sensei is still proud of them for using what he taught them to defeat Shaun. He awards them their Sensei stripes because of this, now finally completing their training. He says they are still welcome back at his dojo any time, calling them some of his best students, which touches their hearts. Debut: Shaun Notes: Sixth special. In the original, this was three parts and titled “Crossover Battle.” Trivia: Master Udon makes a cameo.
  21. You scored 60 points! Try again in 8 hours! You scored 90 points! Try again in 22 hours! You scored 60 points! Try again in 24 hours!
  22. Thursday, July 28th: 7:00pm EDT: Jigsaw Puzzles Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and a point for their team. Edit: Congrats to Dman who won for the Krew!
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