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  1. To celebrate 30 years and the end of the show, here's a little thing Ex and I made for fun. Hope the two other Power Rangers fans on SBC enjoy. Go go Power Rangers, you mighty messed up obscure morphin characters! Heroes and Allies Trey of Triforia (Zeo) The Trey trio became furious that they were forgotten to time, believing they are the true Gold Zeo Ranger. In a desperate attempt to regain relevance, they launched a “healing” program which was secretly a scam. It did not go well. They are currently serving life in prison for defrauding the galaxy. Phantom Ranger (Turbo) Many had wondered for years who the mysterious Phantom Ranger’s identity was. It turns out he was none other than The Lightbringer, a fedora wearing man who reviews comics and Power Rangers. After his brief run helping the Turbo rangers, for the next few decades he made it his sworn duty to analyze and fix the plot holes in Power Rangers lore from the shadows. Just don’t ask him when the next History of Power Rangers is. Nova Ranger (SPD) Ever since helping the SPD rangers in their final battle, the Nova Ranger has been the subject of much debate and intrigue. Fortunately for all of those interested, she will be releasing her tell-all memoir “Force from the Future” in 2041 following a cross-timeline tour. The book is said to cover love, loss, and what it truly means to go ‘electro mode.’ Albert Smith (Dino Charge) Prior to meeting the Power Rangers, Albert ran prolific Bigfoot websites dedicated to his existence. Despite faking his proof, the real Sasquatch would go on to contact Albert after his stint as the purple Dino Charge ranger! Sasquatch was so inspired by Albert’s bravery that he wanted to become his friend, helping Albert get over his fear of monsters. They currently own a ranch together. Thor (Operation Overdrive) After meeting the Overdrive rangers, Thor would go on to have a prosperous career in another superhero franchise: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, after the lukewarm reception to his latest film, he retired and jumped back to Power Rangers, only to realize the Overdrive team has long been out of commission. He now has a job as Harford’s new butler since Spencer retired. Even Gods fall on hard times. Villains Rito Revolto (MMPR) Contrary to popular belief, Rito actually survived the Z-Wave. He went deep underground and eventually opened his own small Italian necromancer themed restaurant on Earth. They say it’s a hit during Halloween. However, despite the joy this restaurant brings, Rito forever lives in a state of paranoia, worried the rangers might come get him. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t stare out the window missing his sister either. Lokar (MMPR) Last seen taking Scorpina to the Talos Dimension, Lokar realized just how lonely he was once it was just the two of them. After many spats, Lokar had begun renting out the Island of Illusions back on Earth, visiting all of the tourists and guests as a giant head. Rides inside of Cyclopsis are $100 an hour. Impostra (Lost Galaxy) Despite vowing to return, Impostra mysteriously vanished and never faced the Galaxy Rangers again. But now we know where she was: helping InnerSloth create the hit game Among Us. It turns out her true passion was developing a true magnum opus game where she could express her special talent, so she turned into a human and pitched the game idea. Rumors say she even streams the game and has amassed an army of simps, one day hoping to use them against the Galaxy Rangers. That’s how you play the long game. Octoroo (Samurai) As Xandred was defeated and his ship was sent sinking, many had believed Octoroo to be long gone. Fortunately, Octoroo was able to call in a favor from former employer Nintendo after doing the Samurai Wii and DS games, and they were able to aid and secure him. He now has a cozy job supplying “medicine” to all Splatfest competitors. Loki (Operation Overdrive) Much like his brother Thor, Loki too would have a prosperous career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He got his own television show and continues to be a pivotal character in the mythos- just don’t ask him about someone named “Diabolico” Civilians David Trueheart (Zeo) Tommy Oliver’s brother David Trueheart was one of the potential candidates thought to be the Gold Zeo Ranger. While they weren’t associated initially, David would actually be called in as the head of Public Relations in the case of Trey of Triforia. This is due to David meeting Trey one day, who were the actual ones that taught him to teleport. This is the only recorded instance of their powers ever working. Fresno Bob (RPM) When Ziggy saved his life, Fresno Bob felt his entire world view change. Following Venjix’s defeat, he decided to retire from the criminal life and used his money to help the world recover. He rebranded his image into Bob Duncan, star of hit sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Funky Fisherman (Dino Thunder) Funky Fisherman learned a valuable lesson about being a good person to his co-workers after his monstrous experience with Mad Mackeral. His show continued on and he remained a beloved host, but he eventually felt it was time to pass on the torch. He let Marty take the mantle as the new Funky Fisherman while the original decided to pursue a music career. This would lead to various conspiracies about his death, but trust us the experts when we say he’s doing fine. Ice Cream Attendant (Dino Fury) After having his ice stream cart saved by the brave Dino Fury rangers, the Ice Cream Attendant took their heroic deed to heat and sought a new purpose in life. Legends say he later became a famous New Zealand actor, often going by the moniker of “Brughy.” The Old Dumbass Lady Who Doesn’t Know Monsters Exist (Lightspeed Rescue) This fucking lady. This dumb, stupid, ignorant woman. This is where I tell you what they’re up to, and I will, but it pains me to even bring her up. Did she not have a television!? It should be of no surprise to you that she moved away from Mariner Bay shortly after due to an embezzlement scandal involving a hospital for sick children. It’s cruel irony, but she was the monster all along. Good riddance! The End
  2. https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/spongebob-squarepants-renewed-season-15-nickelodeon-1235740263/ Confirmed it will have 26 episodes again.
  3. "What a stupid fucking quote." - Shadow the Hedgehog

  4. SpongeBob SquarePants: Monday, October 30th: 5:00pm EST: Allergy Attack! (292B): After cooking his kazillionth Krabby Patty, SpongeBob believes he's developed an allergy to them. Tuesday, October 31st: 5:00pm EST: Big Top Flop (293A): When the circus comes to town and steals his customers away, Mr. Krabs tries to sabotage the show. Wednesday, November 1st: 5:00pm EST: Sandy, Help Us! (293B): Sandy spends the day solving everyone's issues, only to return home to her own monster of a problem. (Season 13 Finale) Thursday, November 2nd: 5:00pm EST: Single Celled Defense (294A): Sick of being stepped on, Plankton learns self-defense from Sandy. (Season 14 Premiere)
  5. "Animation is for 12 year olds." -  George Lucas

    1. 4EverGreen


      Says the guy who (at least officially approved, if not outright created) Jar Jar Binks, in order to exclusively cater to such young kids.

  6. Welcome to SBC! I bring you greetings from apple world!
  7. The game will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series on October 16th and has received a free update. New Feature Photo Mode! Apply one of 19 different filters to enhance your pictures. New Costumes “King Doubloon” for collecting all doubloons is now available. “Plush Gary” for unlocking all awards is now available. Bug Fixes Fixed a rare bug where saving stopped working. Fixed a bug where the playtime did not pause while on a loading screen. Many general bug fixes to improve stability and playability of the game.
  8. Congratulations to @meko1432 who has the most bubbles and is the master bubble blower of this event!
  9. You popped 70, giving you 5 bubbles on the board! That was your final turn!
  10. You made a giraffe, giving you 5 bubbles on the board! That was your final turn!
  11. Episode X: Squidward's Suicide (Warning: Disturbing imagery and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.) The End
  12. You made Bubble Buddy, giving you 100 dbs! That was your final turn!
  13. You popped 10, giving you 100 dbs! That was your final turn!
  14. Friday, September 1st: 7:00pm EST: [3rd] Cards Against Humanity 8:00pm EST: [3rd] Turntable Party Whoever wins CAH will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 20 bubbles. Several prizes will be raffled off at turntable. Edit: Congrats to dman who won CAH and those who won raffle prizes! This will be the final day of Bubble Festival.
  15. You made a pie, giving you 300 dbs! Try again in 11 hours, which will be your final turn!
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  19. "He who seeks revenge digs two graves." - Gene Cousineau 

  20. Monday, August 28th: 7:00pm EST: [2nd] Jackbox: Fibbage Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 20 bubbles. Edit: Congrats to dman who won!
  21. You made a boatmobile, giving you 300 dbs! Try again in 12 hours! You made a hippo, giving you 5 bubbles on the scoreboard! Try again in 12 hours! You made a giraffe, giving you 20 exp! Try again in 16 hours!
  22. You popped 70, giving you 5 bubbles on the scoreboard! Try again in 12 hours! You popped 20, giving you 200 dbs! Try again in 12 hours! You popped 20, giving you 200 dbs! Try again in 16 hours!
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