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  1. yeah I am, no I am not tasty, I taste bitter
  2. Me too, do you have some of your own?
  3. Spongebob: would be more calm and not that childish, he would also become smarter, like in season 1-3 Patrick: he would become exactly like in season 1-3 except the fact that I would make him have some smart moments, that no one was expecting Squidward: would become more intellegent and a bit less hateful towards spongebob Mr. Krabs: would still be stingy, but he would also care about the well beings of people close to him (e.g. Spongebob) and not disregard their safety or well being because of money Mr. Puff: would stopp obsessing over Spongebob Plankton: would find a different hobby
  4. Yep I showed him what real love is and cured his depression
  5. I think it did a very good job in the episodes it was a part of. It looked great and it is not like any other dollar you know!It is special
  6. What do you want to know about me? ?
  7. yeah we married because I helped him through his deep depression, he is a better person now
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