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  1. Yep I showed him what real love is and cured his depression
  2. I think it did a very good job in the episodes it was a part of. It looked great and it is not like any other dollar you know!It is special
  3. What do you want to know about me?
  4. yeah we married because I helped him through his deep depression, he is a better person now
  5. Hi thank you all for the nice welcoming
  6. I really do not like this episode. It is not funny in any way. It is just Spongebob and Patrick having a stupid fight for no real reason. Maybe the writers thought that being overly dramatic is funny, but it is gone wrong. I would give it a 1/10
  7. Hi, I am Ann and 23 years old. I recently registered in another spongebob forum and someone told me I should join here too, so I did Currently I am studying the teacher training programme for english and psychology+philosophy. My hobbies are meeting with friends, going out and watching television on my laptop (youtube). I hope I can meet new friends here and I am open to get to know people.
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