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  1. Excellent work, Buddies! As a reward from the bottom of my heart, I will increase your pay and you get to keep your brain privileges. Also, IN YOUR FACE EUGENE!
  2. Why would you impersonate me?
  3. Countering Krabs because I can!
  4. I will not fall for your taunts, Krabs! Anyways, I'm going to be replacing all of my team with robots next time! (if it's in the budget, that is)
  5. Buddies, you're all fired.

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      its like a spongebob episode lmao

  6. I couldn't possibly have stolen Krabs' dime when I was kicked out of the restaurant, buffoons! Plus, I want the formula, not a dime! I think Squilliam did it, i saw him near Krabs' office while I was looking inside the restaurant after my ejection!
  7. Yes...YES!!!!! Eat my chum, Krabs! I am so proud of my team! This is the best holiday gift I could have ever asked for.. *cries tears of joy*
  8. Squidward and Squilliam for their respective rivalries, and Patrick because he'd want to eat them. Krabs ain't here sadly.
  9. Before you go accusing and interrogating, no, I didn't steal the carrots. I bet Patrick, Squilliam or Squidward did it, case closed!
  10. Santa has his EYE on me!

    1. 4EverGreen


      Well, you're ACTUALLY probably right, but probably NOT for the reasons YOU'RE thinking of!

    2. WhoBob
  11. Buddies, don't let your boss down this time!
  12. Discuss my sweet gram gram here!
  13. A robot based on my wife, of course! Bee boop!
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