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  1. He can kiss my- Oh you know, the weather, life, that good stuff.
  2. SpongeBob missing!? Oh no!!!! How will I ever live? *sobs* I need myself an enemy, things were boring in Bikini Bottom before he came along! I bet the ghost pirate did it!
  3. Because I saw him order ice cream with my own eye! Perhaps he struck the employee while I wasn't looking! Also, I love accusing him.
  4. Hello imbeciles, no, I did not harm the employee. I am far too short to have pulled off such a stunt, in case you haven't noticed! I suspect Krabs or Mrs. Puff did it.
  5. Well, I can live with that. Put it there, Krabs!
  6. I am honored to be included. Your overlord approves. Yes, fight each other to the death, minions. Let the hate flow through you...
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