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  1. Do you prefer computer or mobile for browsing websites?
  2. Body Color: (required) orange Headwear: Sports Cap Face/Mask: Neck: Body/Top: Bottom/Pants: Sports Shorts Feet/Shoes: Hand/Pet: trangender flag Pin: Background:
  3. Krusty Krew sucks


    that's it, that's the status

  4. Have you watched anything recently?
  5. didn't realize i said the question twice lol?
  6. this is gonna be stupendous event
  7. ok I may forgot, but was this show take place in Bikini Bottom?
  8. I'm glad Vex's story has finally ended, it was nice that we get loose ends on Vex's character development that which is we got more about him. I'll say this miniseries has very solid conclusion to Vex's arc that hasn't finished since MG ended. I think it's good to see to get to know other characters that Vex has like Total Nova (btw that team name is very clever). Loved the characters. All in all, i''ll give a miniseries an A+ Really liked this miniseries a lot.
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