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  1. https://www.wrestlezone.com/news/1374660-nick-khan-wwe-is-open-to-third-hour-of-smackdown-moving-raw-off-mondays so a possible changes for futire of WWE RAW & Smackdown.
  2. choose one of your fave forum reactions.
  3. Do you plan on watching it one day?
  4. oh anyways thoughts on Roman beats Cody at Mania?
  5. did this happen on RAW or Smackdown? i missed something
  6. thoughts on The Loud House?
  7. Seahorse 15 on same day as TOH finale? Best Easter weekend ever!
  8. Molly: is it great, Scratch? we have an event for old times Scratch: ugh it' looks boring, where's the fun? Molly: yiou know, it's Aprils' Fools, right? Scratch....oh good one mr. admin
  9. What's your favoruite console generation?
  10. hi haven't logged to SBC in a while

  11. pizza is for you & me
  12. as 2022 near the ends... What's your favorite month of 2022?
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