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  1. Well, time for new year with a simple weekly poll. I used to like it the snow, but after what happens with ice storm in 2013 now i hate it.
  2. Thanks to all who participated in this year's Secret Santa. Time for the gift exchange, and to reveal who got who what. WhoBob, your Secret Santa was… Fa! He got you the Jack Frost Suit. Dman, your Secret Santa was… WhoBob! He got you the Dizzy pin. Fa, your Secret Santa was… Jjs! He got you the Snow Ammo Helmet. Jjs, your Secret Santa was… Me! I got you the Festive Sweater. My Secret Santa was… Dman! He got me the Ugly Sweater. We’ve given the participants their gifts. Thanks for participating, folks!
  3. Webby's Friendship Adventure It was the day after Christmas. Webby invited her friends to visit her and discuss the plan to attack FOWL, whenever they are ready to fight. “As you can see, FOWL has tried to get their hands on this mystical sword. We don’t exactly know why yet.” Webby said. “I would suggest it has something to do with Scrooge, I think we could figure it out our own.” Violet said. “Reminds me of how my aunt is obsessed with the amulet like she the crazy witch she is.” Lena said. “Well one thing’s for sure: we must find a way to find out if FOWL wants this, it could be leading up to our final battle…and last adventure.” Webby said, starting to feel sad. “Hey, don’t be upset, Webby. I remember how you saved me from her. We did not get along when we first met, but now we are friends. I know we can do it.” Lena said. Webby nodded. “So, now what do we do?” Violet asked. “We must find something to keep ourselves busy from them. Besides, I had fun helping Scrooge and Santa save Christmas.” Webby said. "Wow, he really was a nice guy.” Lena said. “Absolutely, I am BEST ELF!” Webby said. Webby happily runs around, but she accidentally trips over a present that she did not notice. The tag on it reads it’s for Darkwing Duck. “OH MY GOSH!” Webby realized, as she carefully picks it up. “Who’s that person?” Violet asked, looking at the tag puzzled. “I don’t know either.” Lena said. “WHAT?!” Webby yelled, as she was shocked to hear her friends have not heard of Darkwing Duck. “You guys, he’s a legendary superhero, the terror that flaps in the night, he’s Darkwing Duck!” Webby exclaimed, showing the gift to them. “Maybe I forgot to give it to him. What do you say, Team Magic? Who’s ready to save Christmas- I mean, AFTER Christmas?” Webby encouraged, hoping her friends can help her. Lena and Violet nodded as they all left Webby’s room. They run outside in search for Darkwing Duck. Little did they know that finding Darkwing Duck is no easy task. “Pretty sure we don’t exactly know where he is, Webby.” Violet said, looking around the snow. “I know he’s out there somewhere. I remember Launchpad mentioned he has secret hideout somewhere.” Webby pondered. Just then, Lena gasped as she saw Darkwing Duck’s place in the distance and points to it. “Over there.” Lena said, pointing to Darkwing Duck’s place. Webby and her friends ran as fast they could and make it to the door. Violet knocks on the door. The door mysterious opens, confusing them. They walk inside and look round for him. Then, the lights shine, surprising them. “I’m the terror that flaps in the night, I’m the one who opens the door…” a figure said, as it swooped down revealing himself him to be Darkwing Duck. “I’m Darkwing Duck!” Darkwing Duck introduced. “Wow.” Lena and Violet said, in unison. “So, what are you kids doing at my place?” Darkwing Duck questioned them. “Well, I came here to give you this since I think I forgot to give you a gift.” Webby said, handing the gift over to Darkwing Duck who was surprised. “Merry Christmas, well technically it was yesterday, but still.” Webby said smiling. “Aw thanks lass, I hope you have a belated Christmas too.” Darkwing Duck said happy “We better get going, see you” Webby waved to him as they leave. “That was a fun little adventure.” Lena said. “I’ll say, he was a cool superhero. I would love to see more of him in action.” Violet said. “Aw, you guys are the best.” Webby said, cheerfully. Just then, a snowball hit her. Webby turned around, seeing Lena whistling innocently. Webby smirked, and she throws a snowball back at her. Everyone is now having a snowball fight, laughing, and continuing to enjoy their winter fun.
  4. Alright folks, the five Secret Santas have been chosen, no more sign ups. Who got who what will be revealed December 23rd
  5. LMAO can't believe i missed that question uh idk
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