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The SBC Community Block Party

Steel Sponge

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Okay, so for those who don't know what this is based on, let me give a brief explanation on a certain radio station called 91x. 91x, or XETRA-FM is a San Diego-based alternative music station. One thing that the station does every so often is play music in blocks, in which they take 3-5 songs from one artist and air them all consecutively. There's been a lot of discussion about 91x on the Discord server from Prez, and it's got me thinking that I should make a collaborative playlist based on this particular format.

As for the rules for building the playlist, they are as follows:
-Make your playlist through Spotify.
-Pick 3 music acts with 3 songs for each corresponding artist; in other words, each playlist should have a total of 9 songs.
-While 91x is alternative music-based, anything goes when it comes to your music artists and songs of choice, as long as they're available on Spotify.
-No repeat songs/music artists, or joke entries.

The current deadline for this playlist collab is currently at the end of September, on the 30th. on the 9th. If interested, be sure to post your Spotify playlist to this thread before the deadline.



Steel Sponge:
Panic! at the Disco: Girls / Girls / Boys, Don't Let the Light Go Out, That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
Frank Turner: Recovery, Haven't Been Doing So Well, Mittens
Aly & AJ: Chemicals React, Potential Breakup Song, Lost Cause

The Killers: Miss Atomic Bomb, Caution, Read My Mind
twenty one pilots: Guns for Hands, Message Man, Chlorine
Fall Out Boy: Heaven, Iowa, Miss Missing You, The (After) Life of the Party

HAIM: The Steps, If I Could Change Your Mind, Walking Away
Florence + the Machine: Cosmic Love, My Love, Shake It Out
Japanese Breakfast: Be Sweet, Diving Woman, Everybody Wants to Love You

Fred Rechid Joe Biden:
R.E.M.: It's the End of the World As We Know It, Orange Crush, Man on the Moon
Everclear: Santa Monica, I Will Buy You a New Life, Wonderful
Vampire Weekend: A-Punk, Oxford Comma, Giving Up the Gun

Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Starting Something, The Girl is Mine, PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
Heart: These Dreams, Never, Who Will You Run To
Jefferson Starship: Find Your Way Back, Stranger, Layin' It on the Line

The Doobie Brothers: Open Your Eyes, Minute by Minute, What a Fool Believes
Manfred Minnich: Waltzing Flutes, Flipp-Flopp, Dream Avenue
glass beach: yoshi's island, (forever?????????), orchids

Pere Ubu: Non-Alignment Pact, Go, (Pa) Ubu Dance Party
Thomas Dolby: Europa and the Pirate Twins, Field Work (with Ryuichi Sakamoto), Hyperactive!
De La Soul: A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays," Superfast Jellyfish (with Gorillaz), Me Myself and I\

Small Black: Tampa, Boys Life, No Stranger
The Main Drag: North Shore, Music Therapist, What's Yr Favorite Dinosaur?, Don't Let Me Down (Slowly)
St. Lucia: Too Close, Another Time, China Shop

Rebel Wolfgirl:
Vylet Pony: Antonymph, Lesbian Ponies With Weapons, Nonexistent Meet Cute
Sparks: Amateur Hour (featuring Erasure), Beat the Clock, When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"
My Chemical Romance: Planetary (GO!), I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Blood

President Squidward:
Yves Tumor: Licking an Orchid, God is a Circle, Gospel for a New Country
Interpol: NYC, All the Rage Back Home, The Rover
Glass Animals: Gooey, Tangerine, Life Itself

Elton John: Someone Saved My Life Tonight, I'm Still Standing, Tiny Dancer
Queen: Killer Queen, Don't Stop Me Now, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
Paramore: Part II, Last Hope, That's What You Get

Foster the People: Ask Yourself, Sit Next to Me, I Would Do Anything for You
They Might Be Giants: Man, It's so Loud in Here, Experimental Film, Doctor Worm
Passion Pit: The Reeling, Little Secrets, Swimming in the Flood

B.B. King: The Thrill is Gone, Chains and Things, When Love Comes to Town (with U2)
Plini: Wombat Astronaut (Beyond the Burrow), Inhale, Selenium Forest
Melissa Auf der Maur: Lightning is My Girl, Beast of Honor, Skin Receiver


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In that case, here is my selection of songs that I would like to be included in this thing. /

Michael Jackson:

1. "Wanna Be Starting Something"

2. "The Girl Is Mine" (With Paul McCartney).

3. "PYT, Pretty Young Thing"


4. "These Dreams"

5. "Never"

6. "Who Will You Run To?"

Jefferson Starship:

7. "Find Your Way Back"

8. "Stranger"

9. "Layin' It On The Line" /

Enough said, true believers!

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1 hour ago, Yummylesecond said:



Hope I got this right also I just downloaded Spotify to make this :p

HELL FUCKING YEAH for putting Glass Beach on your playlist! Phenomenal band!

Anyway, here's Wonderwall my own Block Party playlist consisting of Pere Ubu, Thomas Dolby, and De La Soul! Taking full advantage of Prez's suggestion to have collabs as part of the blocks for two of the artists involved, so hope y'all enjoy!



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Demons by Imagine Dragons

Believer by Imagine Dragons

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


These are my choices


Edit: Apparently I need three songs from three artists, my bad


Enemy by Dmagine Iragons

Thunder by Dmagine Iragons

It's Time to Begin by Dmagine Iragons


Follow You by Imagine Dinosaurs

Bad Lier by Imagine Dinosaurs

Zero by Imagine Dinosaurs


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