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  1. I'mma drop the album same day as kanye

  2. you should beat scooby doo to death because scooby doo sucks
  3. oh boy i hope we see mr krabs use gary for money reasons again!!
  4. just want some hot squidbob action from this
  5. http://nickalive.blogspot.com/2020/07/nickelodeon-not-currently-working-on.html#:~:text=SpongeBob SquarePants executive producer Vincent,The article is wrong.
  6. Hi, I am working for a kitchen images blog for my client. The client is asking to redesign product images and add a transparent look to each product. Which is the best version to edit images in a transparent way?

    best electric smoker?

  7. 2000's had wunschpunsch. for a serious answer, i think all decades of animation have their good and bad, I think some of my favorite cartoons ever range from somewhere between the 90's-2010's
  8. god i hate how toxic the cartoon fandoms are on twitter. nothing but scumbags or assholes fighting each other about how "these old cartoons are way better than calarts" when we should literally just be accepting of cartoon tastes and just make whatever creators want to make. It makes me want to create a rant video but it'll look cringe since I'm not good at doing commentaries.

    Animation is an artform. It evolves, you can make stuff inspried by the golden age, go for it. Don't force everyone else to do it or act better than everyone else with it though. I know not every fan is like that, but seeing back and forth from people around that John K respcter troll (are they a troll, i don't even know, it feels so legitimate not to be a troll due to how far it's gone, but I've heard it is, still very toxic) and their supporters and people who are into modern day animation. Animation is allowed to evolve into other styles outside of where it started. That's what art is supposed to do, evolve into different styles. It doesn't mean you can't keep doing older styles of an artform, you know.

    It just really annoys me and it's why I shouldn't even bother with it. It also makes me just not want to even pursue it since it just feels like an industry where everyone fucks the creator over, or you have to deal with a few weirdos or scumbags who didn't want to get mental help before it was too late and before pursuing their dream job.

    1. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Okay, I'm glad I'm another exception. Opinion wars are just stupid. It makes me glad I'm an opinion respecter. We've all got different tastes, I'm not going to be a big crybaby just because somebody prefers Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny to Uncle Grandpa or Amphibia. I respect their opinion - but to be honest, I'm a guy who likes the best of both worlds. I like older stuff AND new stuff. Classic cartoons, newer stuff, anime and European stuff can all coexist peacefully, I think, but it's darn near impossible these days with flamewars going around social media about opinions.

      Reading this makes me glad I only intend to use Twitter for what I think is a pretty healthy use of social media - I only intend to use it to get answers to questions that've been bugging me, in the event that it'd be quicker to ask certain people on Twitter or if it seems like the only way.

      I wish I could go on, but I can't - I honestly don't wanna feel like I'm making you boiling mad by saying the *wrong* thing.

  9. welcome! i'm the squidward crossover loser in these parts. hope you have a wonderful time!
  10. you probably should've had a scene that was much closer to that scene instead of a couple minutes before on i had an accident
  11. this is very cool and all, but I wish Nintendo treated it's other original properties just as good. I'd kill for a Chibi-robo remaster
  12. i forgot the first one even existed. third party games should try more smh
  13. i love daffy as well. chuck jones and looney tunes show improved his character
  14. unironically one of my favorite cartoons of all time. this video proves how hilarious and clever a lot of it is. not even joking, i absolutely love it
  15. it's mlp monday

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      I used to wonder what Monday could be

  16. i used to dislike dark chocolate for being "bitter", but now I love it white chocolate is good as well... i think subway has a white chocolate chip cookie thats so good and it's obvious i love milk chocolate, so i'm surprised all three are an option for me
  17. shark week is back, on the discovery channel!

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