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    1. Fisher the Breezebuilder

      Fisher the Breezebuilder

      "An upside-down fucking chicken mask!"

  2. ...but actually finishes it this time. So last year I made a project for the 2022 songs, but never finished it. This time I plan on doing so for 2023, if you want my thoughts on 2022 songs though, feel free to let me know! https://www.91x.com/top-91/top-91-2022/ As my alternative kick and radio loves has grown more and more over the year, (but still no 91X meetup!!!), I continue rating the songs my alt station adds for new music, as they continue their classic alt format. Unfortunately, we don't start the first add of 2023 with a positive note: Death Cab For Cutie - Pepper (2022) It seems like everyone really loves this new Death Cab album, claiming it to be their best since 2008's Narrow Stairs. My thoughts on Death Cab is, I love a lot of their singles. The Transatlantic era, the Plans era, the Narrow Stairs Era, Codes and Keys era and Kintsugi era, Thank You For Today I don't know, I think I liked them? But, this time around, I feel Asphalt Meadows had their most boring singles to date. I can't stand Here to Forever with how middling it is, Roman Candles is a good idea but it feels too short, Foxglove Through the Clearcut is the best one, but not one I go back to, and now, Pepper. Which I just listened to again right now, and I can't tell you anything about it. The lyrics are fine, but I usually listen to music from a production standpoint, and it has nothing to offer. The chorus isn't catchy, the production is just okay, and ends nicely, but it's not enough to save me from not falling asleep. 4/10 The Murder Capital - Return My Head (2023) Okay so, since September 2022, after 3 months of 91X having no new music show after kicking out Tim Pyles from doing his own, Hilary (the midday DJ) made Planet Nu Nu, which is super good. And since then, some songs have gotten added that were played first on there, like Easy On Your Own by Alvvays, or Growing/Dying by the Backseat Lovers, and in 2023, that practice is still happening! This time around, we got an Irish Post-Punk band that makes me wonder why no commercial alt station is adding them. This song is super fun, and it rocks. I like the chorus, I like the production, and I'm super happy 91X is giving love to this band. I gotta check out Gigi's Recovery, it seems to be a well received album, and I'm a sucker for post-punk revival. 7/10 Fall Out Boy - Love From the Other Side (2023) I remember memeing this comeback, fearing the worst, as Fall Out Boy's been in a bad spot since they revived themselves in 2013. I love their 2000's stuff, but was never a fan of anything besides The Phoenix in 2013. Save Rock and Roll sucked, American Beauty/American Psycho was bad, and M A N I A I don't even wanna know. So, you think they'd continue down a bad path, making electropop or something. But, things are a bit different in the alt landscape. There's been a bit of a revival of the alt rock of the 2000's, the emopop, the pop-punk, so you think maybe these guys that were a part of that in the 2000's would revive it. And, that's what they did, but with a modern touch. And by that, I mean with how Patrick's vocals have been nowadays, they have a higher pitch feel to them, but everything else still feels classic, not the best thing they ever done, but it's still good. I like the production, the chorus isn't the best, but everything else I like. 7/10 The National - Tropic Morning News (2023) The National are back, and my history with this band isn't that big, I did like The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness, and they had some good post-punk in the 2000's, they never been my favorite post-punk group, the guy's voice is a bit more soft, they have a bit of a sombre tone to their music, so it never really excited me as much. However, I'm really liking how chill this song is. Good melody. 7/10 Boygenius - $20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJFaEfwu6J8 There has been a bunch of indie female artists lately blowing up, and they've all been utterly fantastic. Japanese Breakfast, Mitski, Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, all artists who have appeared on 91X and for some reason no commercial station will touch them. This time around, it's a supergroup of Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker. I need to check out the Boygenius records, but this is a rather solid indie rock tune. Not my favorite thing I heard from them, but it's still enjoyable, and it's awesome seeing 91X focus on this, a band that deserves the buzz. 6/10
  3. I agree with his vocals, they feel a bit like nails on a chalkboard. I’m not fond of a few of the breakout acts on Eurovision imo that alt has been playing (Rosa Linn being the other one). I do like I Wanna Be Your Slave though. Just didn’t like and how Beggin still gets played to death. It’s neat they have fans, I can see the appeal, just sucks there’s so many good acts right here but this is the only rock band that gets huge focus right now.
  4. if i hear this play on 91x one more time im jumping out of my car
  5. This week’s SBC poll asks you what your favorite mode of transportation to get to your destination is! Do you feel comfortable the most by car? Are you environmentally friendly by biking your way to places? Are you into getting to cities faster by plane? Whatever it is, say it here! Cars for me.
  6. One day this forum might have a big house with nice cars and fancy clothes and a wife with a big old diamond ring.

    1. Fisher the Breezebuilder

      Fisher the Breezebuilder

      I still can't believe judah & the lion was ever a thing at one point

  7. stocking stuffs: noodles and company gift card freddys steakburgers gift card ebay gift card mom got me a fuckin chick fil a card oh god gummy krabby patties haribo ~~maoam~~ candy cane gummies sugar cookie tin gummy krabby patties gifts: Yimino shirt (still not delivered yet) The Night of Wishes by Michael Ende Lights Camera Pants on gamecube mini cookie tin a couple hot wheels big rigs spongebob eels and escalators game music trivia game reading pillow cheap airpods
  8. its always funny because alternative will be like “NO NO WE’RE TOO COOL FOR MARIAH CAREY SHES TOO POP” then in 2001 theyd play drops of jupiter This is a hard one. Christmas Wrapping is great, grew on me a lot even though I used to be annoyed hearing it in mall intercoms for the repetitive chrous Wonderful Christmastime is a minimal synth banger. Killers song is a banger, and Train is funny ironically. Maybe Paul wins for me here. Last Christmas I can’t tell because I know some alt stations played Wham but they might’ve been too top 40.
  9. Funniest Member: Fred, SpongeCob, Kylie, SpongeBobandPatrick Kindest Member: Cha, DarknessDG, Exkazuna Spongiest Member: Salmon, Bobcarotte, Winter Best Gamer: DarknessDG, Winter, RDSP, Exkazuna Most Cinematic Member: Katniss, Clappy, Whobob As Seen on TV: JCM, Trophy, JJS, Whobob Geekiest Band Geek: Exkazuna, Steel Sponge, Kylie, Kev, Cha Most Artistic Member: Salmon, Cha, Terminoob, SpongeCob, DarknessDG
  10. I've been annoying about it on discord so i'm gonna try my best to keep this on here and prezcord from here on out. All year it's been memes and passion about a station I like that's gone more classic this year, BUT the year is coming to a close, and now you can vote for random indie/alt bangers that came out in 2022! Was a loaded year as usual, the indie women movement has been going strong (Snail Mail, Japanese Breakfast, Momma, Mitski, etc), oldies making flops (Smashing Pumpkins, Blink), oldies making bangers (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liam Gallagher) and everything in between (High Vis, Fontaines DC, IDLES) and I've been passionate to get people to vote if they're interested. You can also vote for stuff that haven't made it to the placeholder list, some examples would include the new Placebo, Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Alvvays, Yves Tumor stuff, just some examples of great artists making songs that have missed the radar either only getting new music appearences on speciality shows, as well as artists getting ignored on the station entirely (Cafune, Two Door Cinema Club) What's cool is you can vote for 3 songs every day, would be cool seeing some of the non-list make it to the top! Shall be fun. https://www.91x.com/top-91/ If you're interested, feel free to vote for cool stuff you heard that are "alternative" to your ears. Bjork - Atopos and Ovule must dominate.
  11. What up Spongebobbies, on this week’s poll for the sb community… we ask, what’s your go to music genre? Are you into what happens with pop music? Do you like to rock n roll or go deeper with alternative music? Are you a classical artist? Do you love the flows and beats of Hip Hop? Raving? All of the above? Tell us what you like here! I feel I can enjoy all of these choices so this is a toughie. I have definitely loved a song from each choice here.
  12. Angry Video Game Nerd


    91x took off midnight city and their other bangers off their playlist I say we riot
  13. I like a lot of unhealthy candy, but for me it'd have to be... Dove, Hershey's Kisses (regular bars are too thin and sour for me, not good imo), miniatures are good though, Cadbury is pretty good, Sour stuff like Rips/Rip Rolls, these ones called Sour Stripes, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, Warheads are delicious Kit Kat is also just too cheap and thin, I'm sure the Nestle one is better. I like Crunch bars, M&M's and minis, Twix... what else... think that might be it wait juicy drop gummies.
  14. my CN choices go from about late 90’s to 2015-2016. 2016 was the beginning of CN’s bland teen titans go filled downfall signs were showing in 2015 but it seemed like all their cartoons still had fair shakes that year like Adventure Time and Regular Show still that didn’t last at all in 2016 to the present.
  15. p.s. sorry for these lackluster reviews. I'm not the best at reviewing. XP Should I keep going? I got 105 more to go at the moment haha
  16. Alright, let's continue this. I can't keep slacking off lmaooo 16. Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under Release Date: July 7th, 2021 I like this song. Blew up around last year and continued onto this year, which tells of Sam's experiences at age 17, which are rather dark with people kicking Tom's head in and snuff videos. It's a fun, memorable sounding Heartland rock song that is up there with Killers quality to me, and kind of gives me vibes of something that could've been big in the 80's with it's drums and rhythm. 7/10 17. Eddie Vedder - Brother the Cloud Release Date: January 14th, 2022 Ah, Eddie Vedder, one of 91X's major rock darlings. He is a great grunge legend and I enjoy plenty of Pearl Jam. The thing is how much I'm a bit tired of Pearl Jam overkill (Especially with the lack of the deep ones that got played a lot back then, as well as great solo stuff like Hard Sun). I remember being iffy on Long Way, which made it to the Top 91 of last year, which is Eddie being too bland for me. This track however off his Earthling album, has more power to it, a better melody, maybe suffers a bit from that generic sounding production a lot of old acts like Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Idol did with their comebacks this year to sound modern and clean, or Pixies. But, this still feels recognizable as a Eddie Vedder song compared to the others, and doesn't hold it back much. 6/10 18. Beach House - Once Twice Melody Release Date: November 9th, 2021 Beach House????? On 91X? Yeah it happens when you're an independent commercial alt station, they've definitely made appearances in the past, but I forget which, maybe FTW: New Music Show from Tim Pyles and not a rotated new single, this is probably the first time it's happened for Beach House. And my, this is a gorgeous track. Hits all my buttons for melodic, dreamy pop that gives me vibes to Stereolab's The Flower Called Nowhere, which is another gorgeous space age pop sounding track. I need to check out both artists because I'm obviously missing out on a lot lmao 10/10 19. Wet Leg - Wet Dream Release Date: October 2nd, 2021 I remember memeing Wet Leg to death last year after getting back into alt radio, and feeling rather confused by the hype of Chaise Longue with it's rather goofy lyrics, but then I got into that song as 2021 was ending, this was the other single following up their unexpected (and possibly non-organic) success from the start, but screw it, this indie band is fun. This song is also fun, not my favorite compared to later singles like Angelica, or Chaise Longue, but it's still nostalgic in a way, kinda gives me 00's-10's vibes and hearing this in the most fun shampoo commercial ever made. Idk what to say lol High 6/10 20. Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats - Survivor Release Date: August 17th, 2021 Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, BeerX legends (they did do a kickass show I saw clips of after that 91X concert event back in August), you're probably familiar of with songs like S.O.B. which took over alternative back in 2015-2016, SON OF A BITCH is a classic but one I think I've heard a little too much all year, considering it's one of the very few 2010's songs on constant rotation on 91X's new format since February (same with You Worry Me from 2018, which I find alright), this new album from last year however, has this single, which is easily my favorite Nathaniel Rateliff song ever so far. Kick ass chorus, good production, not boring, it's good for some Rhythm and Blues in the modern era. Makes me want to check out more rhythm and blues honestly, and with more singles coming down the rope, this is easily my favorite one I wish was rotated again. 8/10
  17. The Specials - Mirror in the Bathroom
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