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  1. i miss 91X before the announcement lads. i feel like i'm listening to sunny 98.1 everyday and shit

  2. My OCD is acting up as a PM right now, but happy birthday cha ❤️ I hope you're doing well!

    1. Cha


      aw thanks so much!❤️

  3. New goal in life: get 91X to play !!! for the memes


  4. Even the names sound similar. Kimba? Simba? Hmm suspicious

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    2. 4EverGreen


      Well, the popular urban legend is that back in the late 1980's, Disney tried to approach the original creator of "Kimba" to make a full-budget, animated movie based on his characters. Now, depending on who you believe, either the creator wanted too much money for the rights to make a film about his characters, or Disney didn't want to pay the asking price for his characters, and made "The Lion King" as a response to the creator, that they could MAKE a hit movie WITH or without his characters. A classic case of "He said, They Said," if you believe the urban legend.

    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Really goes to show just how sad it is that people have to invent myths to condemn Disney in defense of an anime series that 90% of the "Lion King ripped off Kimba" crowd have very much likely either never seen a single episode for, or are acting on their personal bias towards Tezuka, who ironically kickstarted his career as a mangaka with Disney being one of his main inspirations.

    4. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      @4EverGreenwatch the YMS video if you haven't! it's good

  5. This is just getting better.




  6. I hit up a 91x relic who worked on the station for decades (Michael Halloran) out of curosity of how the radio business works and how he felt of the new direction, and now he wants to meet up with me to tell me a lot about it.

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. I got myself into something good. Stay tuned?

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      my dedication is making me network now I guess

      I love it. Dude's nice, my mom is joining me. 

  7. I'm so depressing as a person I was depressed into sleep because I realized I have no talent for anything because i dont know how to do shit and my squidward passion is stupid and i get easily upset at how hes written :upside_down: 

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Sigh, not a good day for me. One day I just want to not be afraid and be good at art so I can let my creative visions roam free without bothering others to help me with it anymore

    2. ooooooofy


      Prez u are so talented!!! I know we haven't chatted in awhile but it's left such an impression on me how creative and passionate you are about your interests, from creating art to discussing cartoons and cool music (all things i don't know a lot about)! and that's just me and my bad memory I know there's abunch more!! Everyone has bad days but those get you closer to the good ones :) Love u Prezy<3

    3. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      omg oofy, thanks for the kind message. love you too ❤️



  9. you canadians better know what the poets are doing thanks to Crash Thompson's video on Poets, I love this song, as well as Nautical Disaster, (SUSAN), I need to check out the rest of their discography. RIP to Gord Downie.
  10. That looks just like you Mr Krabs!
  11. Have you accepted your lord and savior label Livity Sound yet?


  12. It's time to do the next batch 6. FOALS - Wake Me Up Release Date: November 4th, 2021 FOALS is back. I remember them from their hit in 2015, Mountain at My Gates, which I did enjoy. They also had a couple albums in 2019, I don't know if 91X played them, probably did, but I wasn't listening to alt radio in 2019. This new single takes the band in an alternative dance approach, and I say this is a good, funky track that I'm surprised 91X isn't playing a lot still. I forget what times they played this song though when recording this list. I think most of it was in the early mornings, but I know nowadays they do give some new songs the light of day during the day, Rex Orange County's KEEP IT UP has gotten many appearences in the day but is now not being played as much anymore, and when it is, it's in the mornings. I'm sure it appeared once in the day. Anyway, this is a good song and I wouldn't turn the dial for this one. 6/10 7. Muse - Won't Stand Down Release Date: January 13th, 2022 Oh boy, we get to talk about everyone's favorite hated band! Muse used to be at the top at their game in the 00's, I love albums like Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations, I still haven't heard Origin of Symmetry, so I can see why everyone is so sad to see how Muse has been doing since then, slowly making more and more crap, according to fans at least. Me, however, I feel like I never hated their output after Black Holes and Revelations. I think it just hasn't been as good. Their last great song was Undiscloused Desires. Madness is fine, but I heard it too much. Drones's singles I don't remember as much, only Dead Inside which I thought it was okay, Psycho I don't remember most of, I hated Pressure when it first came out, but now I like it. And feel nostalgic for it for some reason? And Dig Down from 2017 I like as well, so when I hear this single, I think it's okay, not the best of Muse, but nothing I hate about it. They go a metal route in this one and it sounds good, but the chorus and verses just aren't strong enough for it to hit a good mark for me, only an okay, but not something I would skip. Compliance is a worse single but I don't hate that one either, we'll get to that though later. 5/10 8. The Black Keys - Wild Child Release Date: March 10th, 2022 And now, for a band I can't stand. I thought the early 10s Black Keys singles were great, most of them I got tired of but can still enjoy sometimes. Fever is their best one, but around 2019 when I did hear their songs from Lo-Hi still being played on the radio in 2021 next to Cage the Elephant, who have been mediocre since 2014, I started to just get annoyed of hearing Black Keys's new stuff being so lazy and boring. Maybe their 2000's stuff was really good, seems to be their highest rated albums on Rateyourmusic, but I guess I'm tired of hearing them played constantly over so much other good artists to come out in the 2010s, Foster the People, Tame Impala is gone now, only Elephant remains, Pond gets straight up ignored outside of FTW, Placebo is back with a new album but they've been at it since the 90s, but their new singles are so great, and it gets ignored for The Black Keys replays and this new bland single. It's well played, but the chorus and verses are so lazy. Everything about it feels phoned in. It's Black Keys at their worst. At least in the early 10s, they felt more exciting, Little Black Submarines is pretty good, I like Tighten Up still, the other singles I like less now from Brothers and El Camino but they're still better than this. The White Stripes are the superior blues and garage rock band. 4/10 9. Spoon - The Hardest Cut Release Date: October 28th, 2021 Ah, Spoon. I love this band. Very consistent over the years, and underrated in a sense too. Especially on 91X, they need to give them more love, I'm happy they are with this new album singles, but for the old songs they need to as well, IMO. This song grew on me on second listen. I heard it when traveling to Ohio on Alt Nation, thought it was good, but didn't remember it, now I think it grew on me. Very chill garage rock type stuff, but better than the Black Keys. Memorable, good chorus, played well. I love it. I don't know why I can't feel anything above a 6, but it's a great 6. I'm weird with my ratings I know I'm sorry. 6/10 10. TURNSTILE - Mystery Release Date: May 26th, 2021 Another ALL CAPS band, this one I never heard of before but they look like they're a big punk/post-hardcore band on Rateyourmusic, with Glow On being their highest rated. This album is from 2021, but 91X started playing this song this year, it's okay. I don't get the hype too much though, it feels too quietly mixed for something that should be a bit louder for post-hardcore to give it that power. I like some melodic singing bits, some of it is just kind of there for me. It also feels too short, but it looks like all their songs on this album are, so it's what they do I guess. 5/10 Alright, the next set of songs are gonna be a bit bland for me. First one is Snail Mail.
  13. lmao Olivia is kind of derivative for sure, but at least she's got better playing and singing skills than MGK.
  14. haha... sea-man Ah, I can see the mentally disturbed Squidward scenes from here. Pass.
  15. Maybe I'm a bit too harsh on him, but hearing some of his songs on the radio (I think I'm Okay, Bloody Valentine) doesn't give me a good first impression for his rock career. It soaks of corporate to me, and dude has such awful vocals. He can play decent I guess, and Travis Barker is a good drummer for Blink, but it sucks he has to be roped into all these generic artists like MGK or Yungblud. Kennyhoopla's collaboration Travis did is great though. I also feel like the trap influences with the rock songs feel so out of place and poorly executed that get sprinkled throughout his songs. I thought his Misery Buisness cover a couple years back was okay, but why would I listen to this poser's music for poptimism rock when I could listen to Willow or Olivia Rodrigo who are a bit more interesting at doing it? Dude for me wasn't good at hip hop, and his rock phase isn't that good either sadly. I fear the emo revival will be him plastered on all the classic artists songs though. I could get off the Audacy stations and just hear some new Interpol, Metric, Fontaines D.C. or IDLES on the locally owned station instead. More fun that way. God I sound like a 2000's cynic, I'm sorry. Those old bands were just so good at making emo.
  16. Why are Kias so overhated still smh, theyre cute cars

  17. King is cute so I voted for him just cuz. Never watched the show yet though. We're the Owl House community now

  19. Been wanting to make something like this for a long time now. I've been in a major alternative kick since last year, the first time since 2017 I was constantly listening to my local radio station in San Diego california that focuses on alternative rock music called 91X. You are probably familiar with my obsession of them in recent times. Especially with their return to a more "varied" playlist like they were years ago. So far after the fantastic XYZ playlist, some songs haven't been played since that event and it's mostly just an 80s-90s alt station with deemphization of the 2000's and 2010's stuff I loved as much (91X's top 91 lists every year has a lot of great songs, even in a time where Billboard alt charts was taken over by very few artists like Imagine Dragons, AJR, X Ambassadors, etc. in the 10s). And the only days they try to switch it up is on Sundays, with their many shows, such as Resurrection Sunday (the deep cuts of 80s-early 90s artists pretty much), as well as Church of Bob (Bob Marley and other reggae artists), then Loudspeaker later at night (local bands) and FTW: New Music Show (where a lot of great new songs from a range of independant artists get played for an hour, some known and some obscure, as well as most of them never being played again, and it's on 11PM at night). I've been trying to get them to be more varied than that with the playlists during the week being very repetitive every two days, with very few surprises. No luck so far but hoping for this direction to be successful later. Back to this year though, I was originally planning on reviewing the Top 91 list of 2021 last year, but decided to do that another time and focus on what they've been playing as new music since their new direction in February. The furthest I've tracked on Tunegenie was March 12th, and I wrote down at least 55 songs since then, which I will listen to and give my thoughts on in this topic. This doesn't include the FTW New Music songs, which would add the count to over a hundred. Maybe if more get played outside of the program like I would love 91X to do I will review them. So, lets begin! 1. Inhaler - Cheer Up Baby Release Date: March 17th, 2021 We start with the invasion of U2, just like my station has been playing since the revival of the old format, but this time, it's Bono's son with his own band. I think my opinion of U2 being a boring band has changed quite a bit. I forgot about a few songs they made that I did love, like New Years Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday is fine but still enjoyable, In the Name of Love is alright, I know I'm forgetting more, but they do still have quite a bit of mediocre singles that get played constantly on 91X. They definitely are a love it or hate it band for some, but I am amazed they're pretty popular on rym during their heyday. Now onto Inhaler, this song and the album to go along with it. "It Won't Always Be Like This" did come out in early 2021, and this song did appear on 91X's top 91 list last year. But, it's still been being played as "Good New Music" a lot since March, so I have to count it. Now onto the song, Elijah Hewson sounds too much like his father that it makes me feel like it's a later U2 song that isn't hateable, but also isn't amazing. It's very well played, I think the guitars and drumming have more power than Elijah's voice, who's just.. there. And the melody itself just isn't too catchy but isn't very boring either. It's hard to rate this one since it has aspects I like about it but yet it doesn't feel enough for it to be a 6 for me. 5/10 2. girl in red - i'll call you mine Release Date: April 30th, 2021 Another song that appeared on the Top 91 last year (same with her song, Serotonin, which I find iffy, kind of annoying in some parts but isn't the worst thing either). Norway bedroom pop artist girl in red is a new artist, kind of in the realm of dark zoomer artists making songs with lyrics about mental health and love. It seems like judging by popular opinion, she's mixed with people on RYM for example, kind of finding her pop to be awful. I don't plan on hearing this album ever, but with I'll Call You Mine, I think this is better than Serotonin. It has more of that alternative sound mixing with pop, kind of a bit of a country vibe at some parts where I think of Miley Cyrus singing it, and the melody is gorgeous. Definitely a highlight for top 91 last year, and I think it's cool they're continuing to play it for 2022. It's pretty good alt pop just like what Billie Eilish is doing, though I think Billie Eilish didn't make any bad songs like Serotonin. 7/10 3. Hippo Campus - Ride Or Die Release Date: January 11th, 2022 Alright, our first 2022 song. This is from a band I never heard of before, but have been around since 2013. Fans seem to love their first album, Landmarks, and this song as well as their album, LP3, seems to go into a poppier direction. The first time 91X played this band on rotation for new music, and for my first impressions on this song, I'm getting mixed vibes here. The vocals range from sounding good to kind of irritating, definitely gets better for me outside of the beginning. I also hear a bit of Vampire Weekend but if they weren't as good, and Jonas Brothers in the vocals? The melody and music itself is meh, I think this did grow on me a second listen, but I don't know if it'll raise higher. I've heard much better indie pop. For now, I'd say it's a 4/10 4. Wet Leg - Chaise Longue Release date: June 15th, 2021 Oh boy, I get to talk about this one I was memeing and mocking last year. Wet Leg has been a breakthrough band for indie, getting good reviews from Fantano, Pitchfork, and many in the indie realm. I've seen Pitchfork compare their style as sounding like a good fit for 2000's indie rock, and I can kind of hear it in this song and Wet Dream. I always did say it sounded like iPod commercial music. I hate that comparison though since it's such an easy way to describe any alternative song nowadays. When it first came out, I thought it was very mediocre, and I thought the goofy lyrics of the big D and Mean Girls sexual references to be so bad it was funny, but I think the ironic listening turned unironic and now I can enjoy this and see the lyrics as goofy fun. And the music is well played, maybe doesn't interest some, but I think it gets enough of your attention compared to something like Inhaler or Gang of Youths. 6/10 5. Gang of Youths - in the wake of your leave Release Date: January 7th, 2022 Speaking of Gang of Youths, their first single 91X played last year for their 2022 album, The Angel of 8th Ave, I felt was boring. I still stand by it, which sucks because I love the guitar work in the beginning of it, and the band can play well, but there's something about it that just doesn't get out of mediocre territory for me, like Inhaler or U2. Maybe I'm not a heartland rock guy, which that song has in it. After getting played a lot for 2021 and early 2022, looks like 91X stopped after the new direction, and is now playing their second single. What are my thoughts on this one? Can Gang of Youths win me over? ... I think this one makes me like The Angel of 8th Ave a little more. Kind of has the same tempo and feel of The Angel of 8th Ave, but now in a moody symphony way. Still not the worst song ever, but there's nothing I get much emotion out of, just kind of there. 4/10 Alright, that's my first batch of songs I'm reviewing. Things will get more interesting and better. 91X is playing a lot of cool stuff that 94.9, owned by Audacy, is straight up ignoring, only a selected few are played, along with Machine Gun Kelly (ugh), Bring Me the Horizon (which I do like and is fitting for alt radio but Die4U is a mixed bag), and The Maine/Taking Back Sunday collab I do like in a way but Charlotte Sands isn't a good fit. My reviewing is a bit lame, so I hope I improve of that as well. Any of these songs playing on your local stations? Thoughts on these songs?
  20. The man who said make Squnschpunsch real returns with this take I highly agree with.
  21. if you don't use netscape navigator don't talk to me
  22. none of those 4 votes are for me squnsch lads, we fucking won
  23. I'm bored and I know this is going to happen eventually, but what would you like to see happen with Squidward, as the other SpongeBob spinoffs seem to be the same ol' same ol' in tone, only thing different is the concepts. It's something that doesn't add anything worthy to the SpongeBob universe, or is entertaining to many. So, to shake it up for future spinoffs, which Squidward will eventually get one, what would you want to see the SpongeBob crew do with him? I just want something that does something cool and interesting with Squidward, makes him a happier and better character, or develops his character with his negative traits, idk I'm desperate for some good Squidward content since I love the character so much I get bored not being able to enjoy current SpongeBob much due to not liking a lot about it.
  24. The better question is why is Season 8 filled with so much filler
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