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  1. i will ride in the pasta-mobile
  2. Nickname? dman Green/Blue or Either? blue is my favorite color but i also want to pick green just to spite you, so either works Are you on the Royals Discord? ayup yw What is your time zone? i am a central standard time loser
  3. Ik that people say it cleans your hands but imo it's useless. it makes bubbles big deal how do you know that its cleaning stuff.
  4. easily ps3 for me; i feel so much of what you said regarding lbp haha
  5. hopefully i'm doing this right https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6SM6GpEWLbvQMq6ht6nfxn?si=4fdfb76c59ec4bb7
  6. Squidward is crying on a bed and the voice of a 15 year old tells him to end it all
  7. What did the beaver say to the tree? It's been nice gnawing you!
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