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  1. I’ve been to Mexico, Jamaica, France, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Germany.
  2. this show is kooky it was going fine but now it’s pretty meh
  3. Of course! fun fact, minkus’s actor is in one tree hill, which you should give a shot later on omg same, I loved how hippie dippie she was lmfao
  4. She’s my favorite I’m #fake and haven’t seen the latest season yet but I will soon!!! also sorry this reply took two days lmfao ?
  5. tear jurker omg parks and rec finale was so sad omg I’m sure I’ll get to B99 soon, just have to play catch up with sooo many shows lmfao
  6. Catch me not watching it for 138394 years because I don’t want the show to end!!!!
  7. …and there’s my car keys!

    1. 4EverGreen


      Bubble Bass: "And...there's my ride!"

  8. ? Feeney is pretty much there the whole time
  9. It’s coming don’t worry omg she does look like fergie!!
  10. yes please I haven’t watched the show in ages but this should still be fun hehe
  11. 1) omg hell yeah 2) it truly would be
  12. ? just get five SBC members to vouch for you lel
  13. ooh I heard that show was cute! Enjoy living vicariously
  14. Love that for you oooo what show??
  15. hahahaha I’m honored to be associated with Mexican food
  16. Peer around the corner at you From over my shoulder I need you I need you to understand These are the earthquake drills that we ran Under the freeway overpasses The tears behind your dark sunglasses The fears inside your heart as deep as gashes You walk beside me, not behind me Feel my unconditional love
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