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  1. The title of this movie has been changed to 'Sponge on the Run'. Source: http://nickalive.blogspot.com/2019/11/first-look-at-new-poster-for-spongebob.html
  2. Season 12 is still kind of disappointing to me. More so than any previous season. It's just gotten so fast paced that the charm it used to have is almost entirely gone. The jokes often don't make me laugh because the timing isn't there and it feels like they are throwing around random and childish humor. Some of it is still really creative, but I guess it appeals to a new generation of kids now. SpongeBob has been going on for so long that in between the movies it's devided in three shows with all different styles and different people working on it. I'll keep watching to see where it goes, though.
  3. Honestly, this episode is in my top 5 underrated pre-movie episodes. Nobody ever mentions it when listing great episodes. Definately one of my favourites. It's so interesting and cool to see Squidward slowly losing his mind because of guilt. The timing is just so darn fantastic in these early ones.
  4. Wow this was unexpectedly good. I feel like Plankton is the one character that has never really been flanderized at all. He got a little less evil and a little more obsessed by the formula, but other than that, his episodes are among the best of the newer stuff. This was wholesome and great!
  5. Very creative. Had some childish moments and especially Patrick was horrible. Also, Squidward really wanting SpongeBob dead was too dark and out of character. But I forgive it because everything else worked pretty well here.
  6. It's actually a pretty interesting episode. SpongeBob is both relatable and funny, and the ending makes up for sad parts. Larry was definately the highlight of this episode, along with the great use of background music. A bit too emotional as I remember it, but rewatching it I thought it was funny rather than emotional. Also, a little emotion doesn't hurt from time to time. After all, it is what made some episodes great, like Dying for Pie, as long as it has great and tastefull comedy.
  7. If you watch the brand new remastered version of this episode on streaming platforms, you won't be distrackted by faded colors and cut scenes and that makes your viewer experience a lot better. This episode captures so much of real procrastination behavior and plays such great satire on it. Also, when you keep track of SpongeBob's clock this episode is even kind of suspenseful. I love just seeing him do things at home and slowly seeing things become more absurd with the minute. Again, the sounds, music and timing with these episodes is so great that I can watch it a thousand times and not get bored. I even remember the first time I saw it I was very invested in this one.
  8. As a stand alone episode this one is phenomenal. Normally very overshadowed by its sister episode. This whole episode is SpongeBob trying to look in the box, but in two different locations or acts, if you will. The first act, where there is just a lot of verbal humor about secrets and Patrick bragging doesn't drag on for too long, and is even fun after seeing it the 20th time. The second part inside Patricks rock just has such great sound effects and visuals, as well as a very well written climax, you just have to love it. In ways of simplicity, this episode does some things better than Band Geeks. Like diving into SpongeBobs inner demons and his friendship with Patrick.
  9. This is one of the more clever episodes. I love the zoo location, and the plot twist at the end. SpongeBob feeling guilt but being scared to come clean was interesting and amusing. Also I loved the police fish and a rather unknown line, as Squidward sais he'll be gorgeous after finally getting that beauty sleep
  10. Sure interesting. I like the pacing more than with other post-season 9 episodes. But unfortunaly: Not too many jokes ?
  11. The premise of this episode was stupid. The first half of it was hella weird, but from the Krusty Krab part on it actually got pretty funny. Nothing like a good conclusion, but a little too out there for me. 7/10.
  12. RandomLand reminds me of Porky in Wackyland. No doubt they were inspired by that classic.
  13. This was actually a decent video about how SpongeBobs charms and general idea used to be about being a child-like adult and why this series makes no sense because of that.
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