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  1. Spongehenge is the most overhated ep of the show Krusty Krushers sucks Nautical Novice sucks I don't hate TLAP Fishbowl > all of 9a
  2. Battle is a based episode, sad that it made the list. It's among (Us) the top 10 episodes of post-movie imo. At least Hide and New Fish in Town made the list this year. Thinking about how Doodle Dimension would've made the list this year if I just kept it at #14 where I originally had it.
  3. 9.1/10, it has a little something for everyone.
  4. Me when I find out they retconned how SpongeBob met Gary (Even there's already been 3 different backstories in the show already) and how the movie is just a cash grab based off Kamp Koral that disrespects Hillenburg (Even though Hillenburg pitched the plot for this movie before soow even came out)
  5. Season 3: Episode 2: Ben Shapiro Reviews the OBAB Show It has been exactly 7 months since the premiere of the OBAB Show's third season, since then, SBC has been ravaged by corruption, hunger, poverty and crime. In order to win re-election for a 2nd term, president Jjs has new plan to save SBC. OBAB: Does anyone have any water? All I have are peanuts. BobCarotte: I have some cucumbers. Winter: This place is so dilapidated that even RDSP had to migrate elsewhere! Slug: I think it's time for a Communist revolution in SBC! Jjs: Wait... wait. Hold on now, let's not get
  6. Ok I know it's been awhile but with Spin-Off Festival 9 coming soon I decided I'll continue this again. Next episode will come sometime next week.
  7. Hillenburg is rolling in his grave faster than fat people on hills going to K Mart.
  8. All of the episodes with me in them are commie quality.
  9. Yes. This is a thing. Tbh I thought it would be kinda humorous to wrap up all the plot threads that were still left hanging . Plus I'm bored af and I wanted more memes in my life. I will actually put some effort into these and I'm only doing 10 episodes to avoid stagnation. Season 3 Episode 1: SpongeBob Universe Returns JCM: I have a new announcement to make. Prez: Finally we’re re-branding into the K-Mart community. OBAB: But K-Mart doesn’t sell Bunnicula DVDs. Zaid: K-Mart is fug quality. JCM: Actually we have partnered with the wiki again. We’re bringing b
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