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  1. This was an idea I've had on Carottecord for awhile now, but I do know that there's a decent amount of SBCers who are familiar with The Simpsons, so I figured I could let others participate in it as well. Basically this will work like with the best SB eps list, but for The Simpsons instead. Whether it will be a top 50, or a top 25, depends on how many lists I get and how low the threshold is. This is so we can account for any potential outliers, like, I don't want a situation where a bunch of episodes only have one person who submitted them. Rules: 1.) Rank your top 25 Simpsons episodes just like we did for SpongeBob 2.) Who Shot Mr. Burns will only be counted as one episode, so instead of having parts 1 and 2 on your list separately, just combine the two as "Who Shot Mr. Burns" as you think as a whole. 3.) Deadline will be August 27th, but this can change if anyone needs more time. 4.) Submit your lists to me via Discord dm to me (Honest Slug), or you can message me on SBC itself.
  2. Spongehenge is the most overhated ep of the show Krusty Krushers sucks Nautical Novice sucks I don't hate TLAP Fishbowl > all of 9a
  3. Battle is a based episode, sad that it made the list. It's among (Us) the top 10 episodes of post-movie imo. At least Hide and New Fish in Town made the list this year. Thinking about how Doodle Dimension would've made the list this year if I just kept it at #14 where I originally had it.
  4. 9.1/10, it has a little something for everyone.
  5. It sure was a movie alright. To give context, I actually have been pretty open to these Disney Star Wars films, I thought The Force Awakens, in spite of its lack of new ideas, was a good movie, and I genuinely loved The Last Jedi. So going into this I had an open mind, I wanted to like this movie, I really did. I say this so that when I saw this was probably my least-favorite Star Wars movie, I don't come off as someone who wanted to hate this movie like people such as MauLer and the like. Although hate is a strong word, I didn't hate this movie, I just didn't care. I kinda wish I did hate this movie, at least then I would've felt something.
  6. Me when I find out they retconned how SpongeBob met Gary (Even there's already been 3 different backstories in the show already) and how the movie is just a cash grab based off Kamp Koral that disrespects Hillenburg (Even though Hillenburg pitched the plot for this movie before soow even came out)
  7. This is one of my favorite season 12 episodes thus far. The beginning made me think it might be just ok but the 2nd half really was hilarious with how it ramped up and seeing Krabs' insanity return was great. A lot of the jokes were really good like the part where the Krusty Krab rocked out and seeing Krabs and OMJ have such extended family to the point of absurdity. High Sea Diving made good use of OMJ but this might be better.
  8. Ben Gruper (The god) wrote this ep so instant Happy Finn McMissile/10 Unironically tho this was a great ep.
  9. Finally Friend or Foe made it back on again, one of the best eps of the show, one of 6 post-movie eps that made my list.
  10. r/unpopularopinion is a genius subreddit full of galaxy brain takes. Post the best ones you can find. https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/bxuzgs/people_who_call_someone_a_nazi_because_they/
  11. I never heard of the Insecurity ep before. That premise sounds funny but it could be horrible if poorly executed.
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