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  1. I mostly agree with you. I wouldn't say I outright disliked the show. From a lizard brain perspective, I still had some fun watching it. But I've noticed a lot of trends in the Disney Star Wars verse that have me worried about Mando season 3. I know The Last Jedi was controversial, and while I don't agree with many of the criticisms levied against it, I would completely understand reeling the series back to safer territory afterwards just to keep the series reputation intact. However, I feel like Disney has WAY overcorrected to the point where it feels like every Star Wars-related movie and property since has been written by a Reddit forum. The series has just kept getting smaller and smaller to appease fanservice. First you had Solo, which made an unnesccary connection to Darth Maul in a completely unrelated Han Solo backstory which just existed to make people applause. Then you had TROS, which brought Palpatine back to life and made Rey related to a character for no reason other than it was something Empire Strikes Back did. Mandalorian was such a sigh of relief in comparison to all this because it was just a self-contained story that didn't force a bunch of unrelated bullcrap for fanservice points. It truly felt like something new and fresh. Then season 2 happened, and while I liked season 2, it felt like we were slowly creeping back to the same forced shit that made the series feel so small after TROS. A bunch of Clone Wars characters began showing up, we had "Badass Luke" again (Which apparently was an arc that they ended up dropping immediately) and it began to feel like this separate self-contained story now was wrapping back around to this incredibly small universe where every event in the galaxy has to do with the same 10 or so people. And now we have Book of Boba Fett, which despite its name, is not actually about Boba Fett, and is instead a set-up for Mandalorian season 3 with even more references and connections that only seems to exist so that people can point out a "Reference". I really wanted to see Boba Fett shine, and there are moments where the show comes close, I actually think the stuff with the Sand People is genuinely good (At least for the first two episodes, they really dropped the ball on concluding that storyline), and it helps set up why Boba Fett would have this change of heart, but the series is so unfocused, so uncommitted to telling a single storyline, that it doesn't actually play out in a satisfying way. While it's obvious that Boba's time with the Tuskens is supposed to represent his shift, we never really see a satisfying transition of the cold-blooded killer of old to who he is now, just making him feel like an unfamiliar alien. Boba Fett feels like a backdrop to introduce us to the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, getting sidelined in his own show by Din and Grogu. Best episode of the show was the one where Boba Fett didn't even show up once and that's very unfortunate.
  2. And there we have it... we have reached the end... HERE WE GO!!!!! And there it is! Thank all of you for staying tuned. I really wasn't sure how this would turn out when I first started. But I think it came out pretty well. Despite the relatively low amount of submissions, I think we ended up picking 25 solid episodes that really put a spotlight on the show's various strengths. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride too, despite the unfortunate delay. Regardless of how much this show continues to get milked in the future, we will always have classic Simpsons with us.
  3. One more, and it's all over! Stay tuned tomorrow.
  4. Hey, it's me, Honest Slug. And yes, this list is still alive. Truthfully, with how long this has taken, I figured that you guys are owed an explanation. You see that in the end we got a rather small sample size. Overall we got 9 participants. Dman, Wumbo, Hippy, WhoBob, Coffee, JJS, OWM, and Mythix all submitted lists, and I would like to thank each and every one of them for making this possible. I too also submitted a list, if that wasn't obvious. However, with 9 lists, that meant that this list ended up being extremely volatile, and the order very much could drastically change from just a single new submission. With this in mind, I knew some people who may have been interested in submitting a list, and thought I could try to delay the list to give them time to rewatch some episodes. I figured that if the list was going to be this volatile, any minor change could seriously make the difference, and therefore I think it made sense to try to get a larger sample. Unfortunately, none of the people I waited for ended up submitting any lists. I don't blame them, we have busy lives, but that's the explanation for why this took so long. If anyone didn't submit for this list ends up coming up with a list later, then maybe we can do a revised version later, who knows. For now however, this is final. Anyways I should probably clarify how this list is structured. I was vague about how many episodes would be included because I really didn't know how many people would submit, and I didn't want to have a situation where we have a list where outlier episodes making it on despite only being on one list. Therefore, I wanted to see the final data before I came up with a specific number of episodes that would make it on. I ended up deciding on 25 episodes. Overall, I think this was the best cut-off to where each episode garnered at least a decent level of support. As for tie-breaking, if two episodes have the same number of points, I pick the one with more lists, if that doesn't work, I pick whichever episode had the highest ranker, if that doesn't work, I just pick my personal favorite.
  5. This was an idea I've had on Carottecord for awhile now, but I do know that there's a decent amount of SBCers who are familiar with The Simpsons, so I figured I could let others participate in it as well. Basically this will work like with the best SB eps list, but for The Simpsons instead. Whether it will be a top 50, or a top 25, depends on how many lists I get and how low the threshold is. This is so we can account for any potential outliers, like, I don't want a situation where a bunch of episodes only have one person who submitted them. Rules: 1.) Rank your top 25 Simpsons episodes just like we did for SpongeBob 2.) Who Shot Mr. Burns will only be counted as one episode, so instead of having parts 1 and 2 on your list separately, just combine the two as "Who Shot Mr. Burns" as you think as a whole. 3.) Deadline will be August 27th, but this can change if anyone needs more time. 4.) Submit your lists to me via Discord dm to me (Honest Slug), or you can message me on SBC itself.
  6. Spongehenge is the most overhated ep of the show Krusty Krushers sucks Nautical Novice sucks I don't hate TLAP Fishbowl > all of 9a
  7. Battle is a based episode, sad that it made the list. It's among (Us) the top 10 episodes of post-movie imo. At least Hide and New Fish in Town made the list this year. Thinking about how Doodle Dimension would've made the list this year if I just kept it at #14 where I originally had it.
  8. 9.1/10, it has a little something for everyone.
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