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  1. The only possible thing that would’ve save Cleaved is that after vortex’s explosion,Star would’ve try to find Marco but instead Meet Marco fork Old Man Patrick who was annoyed by yelling his name so much.
  2. Ladies,gentlemen,and Up’s fans.Let me represent my first "serious" work of an story on those premises,that dare call itself.... The idea of the project is inspired by a fairly recent episode:Squid Noir,witch became one of my favorite episodes of all time since the first impressions.And what I always wanted to see,is simply more adventures of Cephalopod Detective along with his Yellow friend.After a mounts of thinking and construction,I finally managed to make a sequel myself.And now instead of founding Clarines,,this time the character will meet the single most craziest journey that they could’ve ever imagine.David Lodge,Todd Haberkorn,Kerry Ingram and Gad Elmaleh...all of those people are not going to be a part of this story.Buy don’t move away that quickly.This is going to be a crazy ride of insanity wrecking and bizarreness The premiere of the first chapter will be November 10,as a honor to original source.See ya soon enough!
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