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  1. Ladies,gentlemen,and Up’s fans.Let me represent my first "serious" work of an story on those premises,that dare call itself.... The idea of the project is inspired by a fairly recent episode:Squid Noir,witch became one of my favorite episodes of all time since the first impressions.And what I always wanted to see,is simply more adventures of Cephalopod Detective along with his Yellow friend.After a mounts of thinking and construction,I finally managed to make a sequel myself.And now instead of founding Clarines,,this time the character will meet the single most
  2. I’m avoided all of news about Wonderful Sponge/spin offs/whatever the hell Nickelodeon does right now most of the time.But after PieGuyLulz recent video(good video btw),and especially Paul Tibbitt’s twitter,I dive into all of current info that we have,and all I have to say is that... F U C K Y O U N I C K E L O D E O N Spongebob always been an universal mascot that people of all ages adored and so,a pinnacle of cash grab machine,so I always expected that Nick would go at any new direction with creating sickening product with him.However,it’s one thing to milk anot
  3. We sorry Stephen Hillenburg this world lose everything we paid faith into
  4. Why they decided to rewrite Sandy Squirrel when Spongebob’s Last Stand made it perfect already
  5. I kind of ignored news if this movie for a while but looking back,yeah,so far it looks sad.I seriously don’t want to see Let A Sleeper Dogs Lie from Spongebob,and if it’s would,it might be even more interesting offensive to community who care about Spongebob than Truth or Square already did.And I don’t even say anything about decide to be Wonderful Life parody and complete step to 3D animation only.I don’t really hyped to see this movie. If it would’ve ended like that we wouldn’t seen Gary Got Legs soon you fool
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