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  1. ink is epic cuz squidward go ACHOO
  2. Stuck in the Wringer was my #3. Fuck this episode for everyrhinf. Woohoo SBYF is the new #1 I don't hate this episode compared to others because it has a fww moments I enjoyed but it is on my #2 because it is the most unoriginal, uncreative and cynical episdoe the show has ever done. Thanks for eeryone to contribute to the list or follow the list. I'll see you all in the best lisr.
  3. Ink Lemonade is just horrendous. It has every flaw of post-movie and post-sequel. You want gross out? Check. Mean-spiritedness? Check. Out of characterizarion? Check. Over the top sequences? Check. Loud moments? Check. And the funny thing is that it is not even on my bottom 5. Still it is god awful. Squid Baby was almost on my bottom 5. Dear god. What a miserable episode. So boring, uncomfortable, painful, cringe, annoying and gross. Squidward shits himself? Did we really need this? Man, lets just rewatch Rock a Bye Bivalve instead.
  4. Ummm, you have to enter your favorite Spongebob episode and character, I don't think you do other shows.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Atlantis SquarePantis is Amazing

      Atlantis SquarePantis is Amazing

      Then put that in "About Me"!

    3. WhoBob


      I don't have to

    4. sbl


      Yeah, he doesn't have to. It's a choice!

  5. Pets or Pests is so fucking cringe. That's all. Truth or Square is mid to me. Some entertaining sequences, some bad sequences. I can't hate it but i get why it is so high there. It is underwhelming as fuck.
  6. Something's in The Kitchen With Sandy is an episode that I totally get why it's on,the list but I cannot hate it. It's just Plankton's fake southern accent and stuff like OOH TRY AGAIN are just too good to me. Regardless tho, it is a very stupid episode. Filled with nonsensical plot points and a very cruel ending. Choir Boys is shit. I hate it. Incredibly annoying, ugly and plain miserable. I hate SpongeBob here. He is such an asshole to Squidward. Gags here are cringeworthy. I can't stand it. It made my list.
  7. Smoothe Jazz is so fucking awful. A borefest, a mean-spirited mess, forced Patrick appearance and nothing funny about it. Music was cool tho. Are You Happy Now is a miserable af episode. I used to like it for finding it interesting and I still find it a bit interesting but this type of episode treats depression and suicide as a joke and it is just offensive. Squidward not having his happiest memory is a big old wtf. It completely ruins his characterization. One thing I appreciate is that SpongeBob did try to cheer him up but that ending was bad. Yeah it's on my list. Fuck it.
  8. I normally like creepy and disturbing episodes but Squid's Visit is just annoying and it has bad characterization of SpongeBob. The end I'm mixed on. It is nice for Squidward but bad for Gary. I also like the scene with Squidward and the vacuum cleaner have tea together. Other than that, fuck this episode. Nitwitting new #1 woohoo. Die episode.
  9. Both made my list The Clash of Triton is so fucking boring. I really wished it was an epic battle between SpongeBob and Triton but what we got is completely shit. Neptune is a lot more unlikeable than usual. Triton literally becomes the thing he did not wanna be. Blood is thicker than water, am i right? Hahaha. Fuck this episode. Big Sister Sam is a complete snoozefest and a very dumb episode. Sam is such a butch stereotype. She is dumb, angry and cruel cuz she is a strong woman. Love to see a worse version of Patrick here. Speaking of, Patrick was also unlikeable here. Defending her
  10. KBBB is not on my list mainly because I thought it had some so bad so funny moments like the trash house sequence and Squidward getting garbage after he stole a kid wagon. Also seeing Squilliam get ticket was so good. I definitely get why it's there but I cannot hate it. The Main Drain deserves bottom 5. Such a soul sucking episode with shitty writing, boring plot and unfunny jokes. The ending was such a slap in the face. The premise could have gone a lot of different ways but it chose to be nonsensical and a snoozefest. I hate it.
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