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  1. I didn't feel this one. I think this ep was doomed from the start because the idea of people getting hiccups sound annjoying af. Luckily this ep wasn't annoying but I just couldn't laugh as much either. I only laughed like twice in this ep, so this episode didn't provide much good comedy. I groned at Bubble Bass' insides got out and the Pickles reference was bad but those are my only negative things about this ep. Rest is just mediocre. Grade: C
  2. Well, this was an okay episode. It didn't wow me or impress me or made me laugh but it was an inoffensive time for sure. Not too much to say, except Squidward's prom joke got to me and the whole climax was fun enough I suppose. That's all I can say about this episode. Grade: B-
  3. This episode was fun to watch. It wasn't a funny episode, though it had its moments like the toaster gag, Mr. Krabs telling the costumers to protect his restaurant and Fred on TV but the entire conflict between SpongeBob and Louise was entertaining enough to make up for it. I liked that Mrs. Puff didn't get injured pretty badly and she just enjoyed her punk rock music. This is not one of my favorites of the season but it was a fun one. Grade: B
  4. It's sadly Daze, not Dize. Jjs made a typo. EDIT: Oh wait you were correcting jjs my bad
  5. 54% audience score isn't that bad. Could have been worse. It is just mixed response. I liked the movie just fine and i know plenty who liked it shrug. Low bar on a movie is 35-40% to me at least
  6. But didn't SOOW do well with both critics and box office alike? SOTR bombed tho.
  7. We haven't really seen Kamp Koral's success yet cuz it hasn't been premiered but part of me thinks it will be successful mainly for kids. We are definitely entering an era where we are seeing kiddy and silly (sillier) versions of beloved kids cartoons. And this show is a part of it. I'm not gonna speak too much about We Baby Bears because I don't know that show well but when it comes to TTG, TTG was a show that was at first very criticized by dc fandom before and after the show has been aired. There was a strong dislike against the show, especially from 2003 TT fans who wanted to see their show revived, instead of getting a pure silly and comedic version and SBC used to be against at this show as well but over the years, with TTG gaining its own identity with parodying dc universe, it has gained more positive attention from adult viewers. The show did well with kids more than adults because of the show's childish humor. But to me, there are certain things that sets apart TTG and Kamp Koral. Firstly TTG is a dc comics adaptation, meaning this show is meant to tell stories of characters of a franchise that existed so many years, a superhero franchise. 2003 TT was also an adaptation and no one made a fuss about superhero shows getting milked (at that time). Teen Titans characters belonged to DC comics, so DC can do whatever they want to do with their characters. I'm not saying DC owning character rights instead of its creators is always a good thing because we have had controversies over corparates on their use of characters (Alan Moore and Watchmen situation) but TT was always meant to be a team that was gonna last for a long time. So there is no problem with making many adaptations of these characters. So TTG's existence isn't that big of a deal to me. But Kamp Koral is a project that comes from a franchise that was always meant to belong to its creator, Stephen Hillenburg. And so far there hasn't been any confirmation that Stephen was okay with this. We all know Hillenburg left the show after first movie but he pretty much approved the show to move on without him but Hillenburg has implied before that he was against at SpongeBob having spin-offs, especially the characters being reduced to kids. Unfortunately Hillenburg has passed away and what really feels off is that this spin-off was announced after he has passed away, so what really came into our minds is that the corparate being against at the creator's wishes. And what set it off was Paul Tibbit, a former SpongeBob producer, writer and showrunner, making a tweet that Hillenburg would never want this. So majority of people went against at this spin-off because this was nothing other than a cash cow. Another difference i found in TTG and Kamp Koral is that their own concepts. TTG is a show that is meant to parody its both serious and funny 2003 cartoon, while parodying dc universe as a whole. Kamp Koral's concept is SpongeBob and his friend but they are kids in a camp. See which one is actually trying to be at least creatively bold here. TTG is a cartoon that basically said fuck you to its haters (whether it's deserved or not is a discussion for another time) and it gained its own identity for being the wacky tales about these serious characters in dc comics. TTG cast and 03 show stories are based on Wolfman's New Teen Titans run that was pretty serious and dark but it did so well with the readers that it rivaled with X-Men at the time. So TTG being a silly version of that run is actually an interesting decision. Kamp Koral doesn't offer any new ideas. It is basically same shit as SpongeBob, except characters are kids and you can even go as far as it is similar to Camp Lazlo's concept. It is so boring, careless and lazy. Of course we haven't seen the show yet to judge how it tells its own stories but the fear of this show comes from that it's a corparate made show that has no original ideas whatsoever. And you can't exactly expect Kamp Koral to parody a show that is already silly and comedic. It can criticize SpongeBob's flaws but that's not what the show is going for, at least that's what we know. I'm not saying it has to parody. It just doesn't feel new and fresh. There is little to no effort put into it. It feels so lifeless. Kamp Koral is a show that is meant to gain viewers from kids. It doesn't give a shit about adult viewers, Nickelodeon stopped being a network that is supposed to be all ages network. So this show will most likely do well with kids and it will definitely sell but the longtime fans of SpongeBob will not be saitsfied. You can already see they are not interested in this from seeing the first footage. And most of longtime fans have stopped watching SpongeBob which has been going on forever as well. I said I'm not gonna talk too much about We Baby Bears but if you want a comparison, I'll say that We Baby Bears has no difference from Kamp Koral; same lifelessness, same laziness. And i don't give a crap about it. I don't know if that show was approved by its creator(s) or not but i haven't heard anything from the creator(s) that they were against a this. But there is also this one differenfe between that show and Kamp Koral. We Baby Bears is a concept that already existed in the show's own lore, there have been many baby bear eps and they did well with the audience. Kamp Koral is an idea that was only in the the third movie of SpongeBob and that movie did not do well with its audience. And almost all of SBC stopped caring for We Bare Bears after its first season but SpongeBob is the reason why this community exists. So you'll see more complaints about Kamp Koral. When it comes to Big Mouth, that show, as much as it feels disturbing for me and a lot of people, that show also did well with the audience and i'm not saying pedophiles (although it wouldn't surprise me it appeals to them). The show's concept is to explore early stages of puberty and how that effects kids, so people found this show to be relatable. Also the fact that crude humor is praised for it. And the show is actually pretty original and fresh, unlike Kamp Koral. Kamp Koral is gonna be the first spin-off of SpongeBob and we are gonna get more spin-offs with already confirmed two spin-offs. So yeah those are what I'm gonna say about why this show gets too much flack from audiences. It is lazy, uninspired, unoriginal and disrespectful. And I'm not gonna give it a shot unless I hear real praises about it. I hope I explained myself well and I'm interested to see what discussions this thread will bring.
  8. I got myself Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeKonnick and David Lopez, Sandman Vol 10 and Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark Vol 2, even though I don't celebrate Christmas Oh and a year subscription of Marvel Unlimited from someone
  9. Basically same, it was a stressful watch.
  10. I wanna be Jesus for this event
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