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  1. You scored 30 points! Try again in 1 hour! You scored 45 points! Try again in 12 hours!
  2. jjsthekid

    March Madness 2021

    Tonight’s event: 7:00pm EST: [1st] Jackbox
  3. The first game of this year's March Madness will be the first Jackbox, tonight at 7pm EST, hosted on Discord's GoLive feature by dman. The game in question we'll be playing is Quiplash. Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons and a point for their side.
  4. We have 5 skins for this event, available for all! March Madness 2021: The default skin, giving you a comforting green and orange mix. Krusty Krew: Show off your support for the Krusty Krew with this skin! Chum Buddies: Show off your support for the Chum Buddies with this skin! St. Patrick: Get in the St. Patrick spirit with this lucky green skin, returning from previous years! Egg-cellent Easter: Returning from 2019, celebrate Easter with this skin!
  5. For March Madness, here's our annual iFish contest. You can dress your fish in any decor you wish, there is no specific theme to this. You can do whatever you think will knock the judges's socks off (hopefully not literally). The judges will be me, OWM and SOF. We have several items available during this event to try out if you want a team spirit design, but you do not have to do a sports theme. Rules 1.) In order to submit an iFish, you will need to use our new system, which you can either request in that thread (but you must make it clear you are submitting for this contest) here, or DM to me/Patty privately, whichever you prefer. 2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting. Prizes -1,000 doubloons -A point for your team on the scoreboard You have until March 30th to submit an iFish, and we will pick the winner on the same day. Submissions
  6. For March Madness 2021, we have a total of 16 items available to show off your team spirit, with four brand new ones created by Cha. Here is what's available: Sports Cap (New!) Sports Face Paint (New!) Stopwatch (New!) Sports Shorts (New!) You can purchase these right now here. Legacy Items: If you did not previously purchase this item in the past, then you can request the following in the thread here: Chum Buddies Foam Finger - $300 Chum Buddies Headband - $150 Chum Buddies Sports Top - $250 Chum Buddies Sports Bottoms - $250 Chum Buddies Wristbands - $100 Krusty Krew Foam Finger - $300 Krusty Krew Headband - $150 Krusty Krew Sports Top - $250 Krusty Krew Sports Bottoms - $250 Krusty Krew Wristbands - $100 Basketball - $50 Canteen - $100 (Loyal Customers) These will all be useful for the contest!
  7. This game returns from the past. two years! Shoot basketballs into the hoop, and earn as many points as possible for your team! This will encourage participation from your teammates so everyone has a chance to contribute something to their side. The key of this minigame is teamwork. Here are the possible outcomes, which will be randomly generated: Miss (you miss the hoop entirely, wah wah wah) 10 Points 15 Points 20 Points 25 Points 30 Points 35 Points 40 Points 45 Points 50 Points 55 Points 60 Points 65 Points 70 Points 75 Points 80 Points 85 Points 90 Points 95 Points 100 Points 125 Points 150 Points 175 Points 200 Points Just say "I'd like to shoot hoops" or something witty, whatever you want to say that makes me know you're playing. NOTICE: You can only do this once every 12 hours. It's okay if you don't reply to this after every 12 hour deadline, because remember you have the entire month to do this game. Whichever team has the most overall points accumulated by March 31st from this minigame will receive a point on the scoreboard. Whoever scores the most points for their team will also get 500 doubloons. Here are the team results, which I'll keep updated as people keep scoring: Krusty Krew: Chum Buddies: Solos: SOF: 45 4Ever: 30
  8. Welcome to SpongeBob Whodunnit?, a March Madness event! Yup, it returns for the eighteenth edition! In this event, the goal is to figure out who stole Mr. Krabs' dime. Case Synopsis: As the private detective, your goal is to figure out who stole the dime. The Magic Conch Shell only gives you two hints: it is someone who was in the restaurant, and they entered Mr. Krabs' office at one point. By March 30th, PM me who you think is the culprit! On March 31st all is revealed and the winners will receive 400 doubloons and depending on who got it right from your side, a team point! Note: as usual, you only get one guess. Once you PM me your guess, that's it. Anecdote dates: Mr. Krabs - March 1st SpongeBob - March 1st Squidward - March 2nd Bubble Bass - March 3rd Plankton - March 4th Squilliam _ March 5th Scooter - March 6th Mermaid Man - March 6th
  9. The Fry Cook Games returns for its 10th (!) edition. 7 years after starting these and we're finally at the grand 10, as hard as that is to believe. For those unfamiliar with how these work, this is a Total Drama/Survivor style game where you work together with your team to compete in challenges and avoid elimination. Rounds will be every Wednesday night in March. Just sign up here or on Discord if you wish to be a part of these games. It's okay if you cannot make it to every game, but I'll give you a warning in advance that your teammates could boot you off due to inactivity. You can use your Discord team chats to help communicate between team members, especially when it comes to voting, strategy and such. You have until Wednesday, March 3rd by 7pm EST to sign up, which is when the first round will be. Whoever wins in the end will receive these luxurious prizes: 10,000 doubloons, Golden Spatula collectable pin, a point for their team, changing your username color (optional) and a badge. Contestants: 1.) Fred (Chum Buddies) 2.) Mythix (Chum Buddies) 3.) dman (Krusty Krew) 4.) sbl (Krusty Krew) May the best fry cook win.
  10. The third movie, Sponge on the Run, will drop for the United States on Paramount+.
  11. The first six episodes of the first SpongeBob spin-off, Kamp Koral, drop on Paramount+.
  12. in loving memory of puffy fluffy

    1. Wumbo


      you put puffy down now

  13. Under it was Snail Made Out of Bread! Try again in 9 hours!
  14. You missed! Try again in 9 hours, which will be your last turn!
  15. A screening of several SpongeBob pet episodes will be held on Discord tonight at 8pm EST, hosted by OWM. The episodes will be: Dumped, The Great Snail Race, Have You Seen This Snail?, A Pal for Gary, Chatterbox Gary and Gary's Got Legs.
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