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  8. Chapter Six: Something Beautiful The country of Itolis is seen. Seen as the origin of many inventions and discoveries in the seas, Itolis has long been a central hub for arts, theatre, and cuisine. It also houses the Soprano Mafia’s top leadership, one of the most notorious mafias worldwide. A pizzeria restaurant known as “Brillante Pizzeria” is seen, which serves as a front for the mafia and is their central headquarters. The Soprano Mafia is seen on an upstairs floor, all sitting at a large table. The mob don, Tony, has called a meeting with his top capos. Meals and drinks are laid out on the table for the mafia members to dine on while discussing. Tony takes a sip from his wine and taps it, calling the meeting to order. “Ladies and gentlemen, this ain’t easy to say, so I’m gonna cut right to the chase: There’s a problem brewing beneath our noses. I’m sure you’ve heard the Shadow Wind weirdos’s headquarters went up in flames and fireworks. Lovely show. The group is now effectively sleeping with the fishes.” Tony explained. “Yeah, somehow no witnesses left behind. The attackers were complete ghosts. It’s like those freaky ninjas got whacked by other ninjas.” A capo spoke. “Who could have done this?” another capo asked. “That’s what I’m curious about. First I hear talk of the cartel, one of their homeland rivals, then a government op, traitors, and…somehow us, which would be news to me. Those stronzos had the audacity to accuse us!” Tony said, laughing, as everyone else laughs too. “It’s that type of braindead thinking that gets ya whacked.” another capo spoke. “But don’t let that fog the forest view here, folks. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit about something like this cause it wipes out our competition, but it is concerning their home got blown to smithereens, snap, like that. Hit em right in the heart, eh?” Tony rambled. “With all due respect, what are you getting at here?” Another capo asked, annoying Tony. “I guess I gotta spell it out: There’s a dangerous new player in the underworld, and they could get us next. Sure, this could end up being one-off and nothing to worry over, but we can’t take that risk. A strike of that magnitude…it’s nothing to sneeze at. They wanted to destroy the Clan, which means there’s no telling who else they’ll go after.” Tony said, concerned. “We’ll triple security around the restaurant.” A capo suggested. “We need more. If there’s a rival rising up to take us out, I want their flame snuffed out now before it gets bigger. Find out who’s responsible for this. Contact every informant and lead we have everywhere.” Tony demanded. The capos understand, leaving the room at once and begin digging for information. Tony gets out of his chair and heads downstairs to the main pizzeria, where several customers are blissfully dining. He then steps outside, standing there and pondering at what’s going on in the underworld. At Tidal Nova’s base in Cymada, Vexacus explains his plan to take down Pashir. “For the record, let me just state now: This is a terrible idea. You’re getting in over your head here.” Clay warned. “Takin’ down petty criminals is one thing, but takin’ down a world leader? I don’t know partner, this ain’t exactly what I signed up for.” Sarge replied, iffy. “Duly noted. I know it’s risky, daring and foolish. But I made a promise to not have us or any other bounty hunter become his slave again. We know he’ll keep bothering us until we comply…and if we don’t, we know what happens.” Vexacus explained. “Vex has a point, if we won’t take him out soon, he’ll take us out first. Especially if he wants to silence witnesses.” Kara agreed. “We’re pretty much in a rock and hard place either way. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. So sure, let’s try to whack him. How would we go about doing that though?” Daisy asked. “We’re certainly not doing it. Breaking into a criminal base is one thing, but we’d be caught in seconds with government security. Even if we take Pashir out, they could replace him with someone worse as history has taught us.” Clay replied, not feeling this. “Posidonia’s government was overthrown even though they won’t tell you that publicly and the country seems to be doing fine. Maybe the citizens can make it work, I have faith. Either way, if we don’t do something, people will suffer and we’ll be on his target list when we outlive his usefulness.” Kara replied. Clay ponders her argument over. He’s still not on board with the plan, but can sympathize with her arguments. “Clay’s right. We can’t do it, but somebody else can. I suggest we hire an unidentifiable third party and make them completely untraceable back to us.” Vexacus replied, having their interest. This suggestion makes Vexacus think back to the Ziggy incident, but he’d make it a lot cleaner than how that turned out. “That’s a start, but who would we hire? The few hitmen I know most likely wouldn’t take this assignment, no matter how much I bargained.” Clay questioned. “There’s an old friend in New Kelp City who may be able to help us with this task.” Vexacus said, peeking their curiosities. “Wait, are we visiting that Irving guy you used to work for?” Daisy asked, recalling Vexacus briefly telling them about him before. “Correct. He has a book of criminal contacts everywhere. I’m sure there’s someone he can connect us to. This would be a good chance for us to reconnect since I haven’t visited him in two years.” Vexacus explained. After escaping Posidonia with the team, Vexacus called Irving and told him everything he had been through lately. Irving was taken aback and probably didn’t believe it deep down, but heard Vexacus out. He was happy to hear he was okay after the radio silence and admitted he didn’t want to cross him out of his black book. Vexacus wanted a break from the criminal world and preferred being a freelancer hunter again, hence why he hadn’t revisited him since. “Now this plan is sounding less stupid, but if you really want to make us untraceable, we need a fall guy. Should one of the assassins get captured for questioning, have them blame a criminal organization. Kill two birds with one stone, yeah?” Sarge suggested. The team is surprised Sarge suggested such a brilliant idea. Vexacus thought that using this plan to take down another crime group was a great unintended bonus. He had to give Sarge props for this idea. “Sarge, that’s genius! Didn’t think you had any bright ideas left up there after all that drinking.” Kara teased. “Haha, very funny, but thanks. If we want to do this, the story has to make sense. It has to be a crime group that would have reason to hate Pashir. Are there any of note over there in Nalabar?” Sarge asked. “Hmm… well, there’s the Obsidian Axe, one of the most brutal groups in that region. They’ve sometimes been used by politicians there to carry out their dirty work, but they have no true loyalty to anyone. They would be believable patsies at face value to the public.” Clay explained. “They’ve committed many atrocities, so we’d really be doing that entire country a favor.” Kara said. “Perfect! We gotta fully commit to this though. Coach the assassins to say they were hired by them. Hell, generate false payments while we’re at it. Gotta make it look real, right?” Sarge noted. “Good attention to detail. Now let’s head to New Kelp City to kick this in motion.” Vexacus said, as they head to the plane. The thought of taking away a leader’s power makes Vexacus reminisce to what happened after his stint as Pyrite Town’s sheriff didn’t end well. Vexacus is seen sitting alone in the Pyrite Town jail. Sadly, his reign as the town’s sheriff had come to an abrupt end thanks to the green knight defeating him. He had been caught off guard, not expecting any of them to find him here. He was making a lot of money by controlling the nearby algae farms, but now that plan was a bust too. He’s been stuck here for months now, wondering about how Irving and June were doing in the interim. He was sure Irving had questions on his whereabouts, but was unable to reach him. As he sits inside the cell contemplating, suddenly, he hears a struggle. The sheriff is seen lying on the floor, knocked out. He looks up to see someone approaching, wondering who this could be. His savior is Brak, Ramos’s brother who he worked with nearly six years ago. “…Brak? What are you doing here?” Vexacus asked, confused. “I’m your get out of jail free card. Offer expires in thirty seconds, and then I’m out that door. Think carefully.” Brak offered. “I’ll take it. I’d rather be anywhere but here.” Vexacus replied, tired of this cell. Brak opens the cell, releasing him. “Thank you. But how did you know I was here?” Vexacus asked, still confused. “The Federation knows who is imprisoned everywhere plus a tip from a few spies in the criminal underground here. I could use your assistance in something I’m planning. I know my brother has it in for you, so that’s a bonus. You did well capturing those rebels the first time we met.” Brak replied, remembering how they worked together. “A plan, you say? I’m listening…” Vexacus replied curiously. “I’m crafting a plan that will defeat the guardians and knights forever. However, I’ve been keeping a low profile lately and not even my family knows about my whereabouts. I can’t have anyone interfering with this plan, but I trust you to help me. I’m still surprised my brother let you join his general team after everything.” Brak offered. “What can I say, I can be quite persuasive? As are you. I’ll do it, I’d love revenge on those magical fools.” Vexacus replied, shaking Brak’s hand. He decided not to tell him about how he planned to overthrow Ramos for obvious reasons, but assumed that would’ve only gained Brak’s respect more. They walk out of the station and get inside a plain vehicle nearby, which is Brak’s. “Where are we going?” Vexacus asked in the passenger seat. “My private mansion, faraway from Posidonia Fields. As a prince, I get my own esteemed privileges such as that. It’s a relaxing place that lets me think and plan. Consider it an honor to be invited here, very few are.” Brak explained. As the vehicle drives off, Brak turns the radio on and begins singing along with a song. Vexacus just stares out as Pyrite Town becomes a spec behind him, another location he’d never visit again. He’d have to try somewhere else if he wanted power again. Brak arrives at his private mansion, as the two get out of the vehicle. A fountain rests near the entrance, spraying water. Brak’s gardener, Arthur, is neatly trimming the hedges surrounding the building. “Hello Prince Brak, how are you on this fine day?” Arthur greeted, happy to see him. “Doing fine. Keep up the great work on those hedges yourself, Arthur.” Brak complimented. “Looks nicer than the castle.” Vexacus complimented, observing the mansion. “Tell me about it, I despise what my moronic brother did with its decor.” Brak replied, as the two enter inside. As they walk into the foyer entrance, several other mansion workers of Brak’s greet them. Brak’s housekeeper, Olivia, hugs him. “Prince Brak, welcome back! Who’s your shark friend?” Olivia asked curiously. “An old acquaintance, he’ll be staying here for a while. Make sure the guest room is shining clean and not one spec of dirt is missed.” Brak ordered Olivia. Olivia nods and heads for the guest room to make sure it’s clean. Vexacus feels somewhat jealous by this, knowing Brak had a group that cared about him, while he didn’t. He could tell Brak cared more about his mansion workers than his own royal family, and he can’t say he blames him. Brak then escorts him into a library, where tons of books on Posidonia and Karmania are stored. The library keeper, Warren, is shown arranging books on a shelf. “Ah, Prince Brak and…friend, welcome.” Warren greeted, looking at Vexacus confused, but not questioning it. “That old fellow is Warren, our librarian. Make us tea would you?” Brak asked Warren. “I’m actually a historian, but yes, I shall make the best tea to quench your thirst.” Warren said, heading off to make tea. Brak takes him to a table and they sit down. He notices Vexacus’s busted invisibility bracelet. “Here, let me fix that for you.” Brak offered, taking Vexacus’s bracelet, and looks for tools to fix it with. Vexacus sits there, looking around at the library. He’s surprised at how much lore on Posidonia and Karmania there was, eyeing some of the books. Brak hands Vexacus back his bracelet, having fixed it. “Thank you.” Vexacus said, as he tries out the invisibility bracelet, and it works again. Warren returns, placing their tea on the table. “I’m not a tea person, but not bad. Better than cactus juice.” Vexacus said, drinking it. Brak lays out a map of Karmania on the map along with three gemstones. Three kingdoms are marked with “x”, indicating Brak already went to them. “What’s your plan?” Vexacus asked. “Ahem, technically, it’s my idea…” Warren bragged. “Yes, I must give credit where it’s due. Without Warren’s historic knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to craft it. There ’s another realm beyond Karmania inhabited by a magical wish master. You can only reach him using seven royal jewels, which very few have ever accomplished.” Brak explained. “A wish master? I’ve been through enough ridiculous magical fantasies so far, but you expect me to buy that?” Vexacus scoffed. Brak opens one of Warren’s Karmania books, showing a page that details Wishy Joe and the legend of how to access his realm. Vexacus looks in disbelief. “It’s true. With your help, I can wish to rid the guardians and knights of their magic, neutralizing that threat. I’ve already obtained three of the gemstones needed thanks to the Battlestar remnant’s help, but the other four will be harder to steal, which is where you come in. Let’s do something beautiful together.” Brak offered, pointing to the gemstones on the table. “I’m in.” Vexacus said, making Brak happy. “Good. We’ll strike the next kingdom tomorrow, you can rest up here in the meantime.” Brak said, showing Vexacus to a guest room. Olivia had cleaned it well as promised. Just when it seemed like he was out of the Federation, they pull him back in. Deep down, part of him loved the thrill the Karmania business gave him. It’s an addict feeling he had been missing for a while. It was also equally frustrating given it landed him in situations like where he was before Brak released him, but being a mercenary is never risk free. The thought of having any wish come true enticed Vexacus. He wished he could change a lot about his life. At Ruppia’s International Police headquarters, Jacques is seen in his office looking through Posidonia flight records from two years ago. A rolling service robot delivers him files, neatly arranged in a folder. “Merci.” Jacques thanked, handing the robot money, which it grabs with its mechanical claw and rolls off. Jacques through the papers to find out if Vexacus and his team had left the country using public airlines. No luck so far. It was becoming increasingly likely to him they escaped through a private plane owned by one of the team members. Dominique then approaches him. “What are you doing?” Dominique asked, looking at the flight records. “I’ve been trying to track an old lead. It might answer who killed Beckett.” Jacques explained. “I understand you want to know who beat you for closure, but maybe some mysteries are best left unresolved. All I need to know is whoever pulled the trigger did us a favor.” Dominique replied. “I know, but vigilantes shouldn’t do our job for us. Beyond that though, my intuition senses there’s something bigger at play. Trust me, Dom.” Jacques said. “Well I hope it pays off into something interesting, or else the boss won’t be happy you’re wasting time on a wild chase.” Dominique warned. “Mr. Reese likes me so no worries there, I know how to appease his good side. I’m close to something though, I can feel it. I’m going to check in with my CI and see if he has anything to help me.” Jacques explained, done looking through the flight records. “Good luck with that. Just don’t get your nose too deep into something you’re not prepared for, and remember, we’re always here to help.” Dominique advised. “I know, and if I do unearth something big, you’ll know. Don’t worry about me, I always know how to keep a low profile.” Jacques promised and gets up. Jacques meets with his informant named Jesse in a private interrogation room. “No offense guy, but I have stuff I’d like to do today…” Jesse said, annoyed. “We all have “stuff” to do. You know how this works. If you want to continue being our CI, you gotta give me something juicy to chew on or I’m leaving you out to dry. So spill, s'il te plaît?” Jacques said. “Okay, jeez, I might know something. Friend of a friend told me that the Dusk Raiders had a shootout the other day in Enhalas. At first I thought it was a rival, but allegedly a group of bounty hunters attacked them. They stole their loot which they redistributed across the islands. Sounded pretty wild.” Jesse revealed. “Was a shark among these bounty hunters?” Jacques asked. “Don’t know, but it sounded like two different groups partnered. My friend said he saw a jet plane land near Sabaco and took off again. That’s all I know.” Jesse revealed. Jacques knew that he was shaking the right trees now. The jet plane descriptor would narrow his search down a lot. He knew there had to be record for its purchase, and all he had to from there was follow the buyer. “Thank you for your information. That helps a lot.” Jacques replied, handing Jesse a tip for his help. “Why do you always do that? I mean, I like free money and all, yo, but it’s weird.” Jesse questioned. “I’m a nice guy and I love redistributing wealth to those who need it more than I do.” Jacques replied sincerely. This makes him think about how the bounty hunters were seen redistributing treasure and wondered what their goal could be. He returns to his office and starts phoning plane manufacturers. At Nalabar, Moses Pashir is seen looking out from a balcony in his palace. A soldier approaches him. “Sir, Tidal Nova are unavailable for the request at the moment. Should we seek another team?” The soldier asked. “No. I'm a patient man. The insurgents do not have to be dealt with right now. I understand the Tidal Nova team have many clients. That will be all for now.” Pashir replied. The soldier nods and leaves. Pashir stands there, staring at the rest of Nalabar before him. He felt something wasn’t quite right about the team cancelling on him, but his mind pushed the thought aside. He grabs his glass of wine on the balcony and drinks it. The Tidal Nova team lands in New Kelp City. Vexacus looks around, noticing the city is more or less looks the same as it did when he was last here three a half years ago. They approach The Crescent Lounge and Vexacus is relieved to see it’s still standing. They enter inside and Vexacus automatically notices the place is empty. Irving is wiping bottles behind the counter, and looks up eagerly to see Vexacus. “Hey, long time no see! I see this is the Tidal Nova team you spoke of, nice, looking professional. Glad they’ve been working out for you.” Irving said, shaking their hands. “Sorry for not visiting in years, I’ve been busy rethinking my life and doing jobs with them.” Vexacus explained. “Not a problem. You admittedly haven’t missed much around here, traffic’s died down a lot for both sides of my business. How about drinks for you and your pals, all on the house?” Irving offered, getting glasses ready for the five. “Oh no, that won’t be necessary-“ Kara was saying. “No, I insist. Esteemed hunters such as yourselves earn my respect and toast.” Irving said, handing them their drinks at the counter. “Who am I to argue?” Sarge asked, taking his drink. “How the police haven’t discovered your little operation is a true enigma to a former one. You earn my respect for that.” Clay said, drinking. “What can I say, I do a great job of keeping a balanced profile. Nobody bats their eye to a casual bartender.” Irving replied. “Thank you for the drinks, but the main reason we came here was to ask about your contact book. We could use it to hire someone for a plan.” Vexacus explained. “You know, I’ve actually been looking for someone to pass this book to, and there’s nobody else I trust more than Vexacus. You can have it for yourselves.” Irving said, surprising the team and hands them his contact book. “You’re retiring?” Daisy asked. “Uh huh. Truth be told, I’m tired of this life. After a while, there’s only so many times you can do this dance, you know? As the old saying goes: When you live the life of a criminal, there is no happy ending. I’d prefer to avoid that fate. My true passion has always been alcohol. I’ve been thinking about closing up shop and evolving to selling my own brand. Try it out.” Irving said, handing them an alcohol bottle with his face on it. “Ooh, I like.” Sarge said. “I respect that, you know what you truly want most. Live out your remaining days to the fullest.” Vexacus accepted. “I wish you lot the best of luck in your future endeavors as well.” Irving said. Irving hands Vexacus the book and a decoder sheet for his symbols. “Is this written in an alien language?” Sarge asked. “I’m not gonna have all of my underworld contacts written in plain English.” Irving noted, to which Sarge can’t argue with. The group flips through the pages, as Vexacus notices quite a few names have been crossed off in recent years. Vexacus is sad that Irving had moved on from the criminal life, but he knew nothing lasts forever. Some people eventually move onto better ventures. Vexacus then decodes a name as “Russo Bell”, an assassin whom Irving has ranked highly. Vexacus recalls that name. Russo was the bounty he tried to capture over a decade ago at the Ocean Protection Force base, indirectly costing him his Guild career. Although he held no animosity towards Russo since he didn’t need the Guild, in some ways, he should be thanking him. He’s willing to bury the past for this cause. Vexacus says his farewells to Irving and leaves the bar for what may be the final time. He thought about checking in on June, but had no idea where to find her and didn’t have the time. The team is back inside the plane and calls Russo, explaining their plan. He is hesitant to accept due to who it targets, but thanks to Sarge’s patsy suggestion and what they’ll pay, he comes around. “Alright, you know how to persuade a guy. It’s dangerous, difficult and we may lose many men, but I believe in your cause. My middleman will contact you when we’re ready.” Russo spoke on the other end. The team forges false Obsidian Axe transactions that will be sent to Russo’s men. “Are you more optimistic about this plan now?” Kara asked Clay. “Not particularly, but maybe it won’t be a total disaster now.” Clay replied, shrugging. “That’s the spirit! Have faith in my ideas for a change, they can be as deadly as my snipes.” Sarge bragged. Much later in the night, around 2am, Pashir’s palace is shown. He is trying to sleep in his master bedroom, but a feeling is keeping him up. Russo and a squad of seven hitmen are seen in the trees nearby. They arrived at Nalabar through the New Kelp City dock smuggler. The hitmen’s costumes have the Obsidian Axe’s symbol on them to sell the illusion. “Remember, our primary target is Pashir. If any ordinary employees get in the way, only incapacitate them.” Russo reminded. They carefully scout the area and enact their plan. They head toward the right side of the palace, planning to climb into a window. Four soldiers are keeping lookout on the ground, when one of them hears a branch snap. They go near the trees to investigate, but are grabbed by Russo and killed. The other three soldiers look around confused, readying their weapons. They are jumped by the hitmen and taken out with silencers, but one of the hitmen is killed in the ensuing fight. Russo and his team climb up the wall using a grappling hook and break in through the open window. They carefully creep down a hallway and split up. Russo and another hitmen head toward a kitchen, trying not to make noise. Russo spots a frying pan left on the stove, so he decides to create a distraction. Russo puts water into the frying pan and turns on the stove, boiling the pan. Russo and the other hitmen hide in the shadows. Smoke blows from the stove and sets off a fire alarm. Pashir’s aide is frustrated by the beeping and goes into the kitchen, confused by the smoke. She removes the pan and turns off the stove. Outside, a soldier notices the massacre where the hitmen entered and contact the others. Pashir enters the kitchen, wondering what the commotion is about “I cannot sleep with that racket! What happened here?” Pashir asked annoyed, as the fire alarm stops. “I have no idea, nobody should be cooking at this hour, but the stove was on.” The aide replied, just as confused as he is. Russo and the other hitman jump out, opening fire. Pashir’s reflexes kick in and he uses the aide as a human shield, so she takes the bullets for him. They keep firing, but Pashir ducks in time and the kitchen materials scatter everywhere. Pashir makes it back to his master bedroom where two guards are. Pashir obtains a pistol from a drawer. In other parts of the palace, Russo’s hitmen are engaged in fights with the rest of Pashir’s soldiers, as bodies drop on both sides. Pashir carefully leaves his bedroom, seeing his guards have been killed. He fires at an approaching assassin, wounding them. He grabs the assassin. “Who sent you!?” Pashir asked him. “It was the Obsidian Axe!” The assassin yelled. Pashir senses he’s lying. He knew they weren’t to be trusted, but this team’s coordination is unlike the Axe’s. “That’s okay, I know who truly did.” Pashir confided, piecing together the Tidal Nova team betrayed him. Pashir is furious and shoots the assassin in the head, finishing him. Pashir goes into his balcony room and keeps hearing gunfire from everywhere. Russo then surprises him, shooting Pashir fatally multiple times. Pashir is sent tumbling over the balcony and falls to the ground below. Russo is surprised their hit succeeded, and quickly gets out of there with one other surviving hitman. They run for lives through the forest, heading back to the boat. The aftermath of the massacre is shown, as bodies from both sides are scattered across the palace. The once beautiful decor is stained and destroyed. The remaining soldiers reach the balcony room, seeing Pashir’s body below and signal a code red. In Tidal Nova’s base, Clay is awaken in his room by Russo’s call. He wakes up the others to inform them what happened. “It was difficult, but they got Pashir. The government has not officially said anything, but by the morning it’ll be all over the news.” Clay reported, after talking to Russo. “Hell yeah!” Daisy said, half-awake. “Nalabar is finally free.” Kara said, impressed they pulled off another seemingly impossible task. “Y’all should turn to my think tank more often.” Sarge replied, making a drink. “No way this will blowback on us, our tracks were covered well.” Vexacus said confidently. “Russo also informed me five more bounty hunter groups have joined our cause after this.” Clay added. “This revolution is shaping up to be something beautiful.” Kara said. Clay isn’t as celebratory as the others, but is content the plan succeeded. Vexacus wonders if they went too far with this plan. Was it really their job to police the world and cause regime change? But he pushed the thoughts aside and saw it as part of the greater good since it gained them more support. Jacques is seen in his office, putting together a bulletin board connecting his leads. After hours of research, he combs through old CCTV footage for Ruppia’s airspace, when suddenly, a recording from June 2018 catches his eye. It shows a peculiar jet landing in a secluded area, and the Tidal Nova team gets out of the plane. He zooms in and notes the jet plane’s serial number, writing it down. He finally gets in touch with the plane’s manufacturer, who confirm a plane with that number was purchased by a “Kara Dume.” He pulls up her registered pilot license in Interpol’s database. He compares her photo to the footage, realizing she’s in their team. The company is unable to track the plane, so now he needed to locate her. The next morning in Itolis, Tony and his capos reconvene in their meeting room. “Bad news, boss: Turned up zilch, snake eyes, nada. No source could point us to anything useful.” A capo reported. “I’m sure you’ve seen the news by now that the Obsidian Axe croaked Nalabar’s president.” Another capo said. "I did, and somethin’ don’t add up. Why would they turn on him? His government practically let them do whatever.” Tony questioned. “The assassins wore the Axe’s symbol.” Another capo noted. “A clear red herring, no self-respecting hitman is that stupid. You bozos may not be able to put two and two together, but I see what’s going on now. Earlier today I learned one of my most loyal bounty hunters abruptly quit on us. Gone in the wind!” Tony said furiously, smashing his fists down on the table. “What does it mean?” A capo asked. “At first I thought, okay, they wanted out of the game. But the timing made me realize the truth, fellas. You may see me as a tinfoil hat wearer with this claim, but hear me out: I believe someone is trying to turn all bounty hunters against their masters.” Tony explained, as the capos think it over. “I don’t know…bounty hunters forming a revolution, really?” A capo asked, in disbelief. “I know it sounds like cazzate, but think about it, don’t it make sense? Who else but trained assassins could have the talent to take out the Shadow Wind Clan or Pashir? They wanna take control of the underworld for themselves. I gotta hand it to those cheeky bastards, brilliant idea.” Tony explained. “Even if this is true, how would we go about dealing with them?” Another capo asked. “Thankfully, I have the solution to this problem. They worked for us before and happens to be very familiar with bounty hunters.” Tony revealed ominously. Footsteps are heard, as a familiar person approaches the room. “This guy can help us?” A capo asked, unimpressed. “My brother, only the north stars of the cosmos can truly help talented visionaries such as us. But yes, I can help shine a light from the darkest corner of my mind.” the person philosophically spoke. “…What? Who are you?” A capo asked, confused out of their mind. “I’m just…the brave traveler, who’s finally come home.” Hopper replied happily, revealing himself. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Tony, Arthur, Olivia and Jesse -Area Debuts: Itolis -Death: Moses Pashir -Flashback Timeline: Before the events of “Brak Is Back” in early Mystic Guardians Season 3 -Itolis is based on Italy and named after the Amphibolis seagrass. -Warren from Mystic Guardians makes a cameo in the flashback
  9. Instead of dozens of game topics, here's one singular thread to keep track of which games happen throughout the event. I'll update this every day that one occurs and note who wins each event. May 27th: 7:00pm EDT: [1st] Cards Against Humanity 8:00pm EDT: [1st] Turntable Party Whoever wins CAH will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 400 SOF Tickets. Whoever attends turntable will receive 25 Tickets and more will be raffled off. Edit: Tonight's winners: CAH: Fa Turntable Raffle: 50 Tickets (Katie & Dman) and Cotton Candy Pin (Prez)
  10. This year's default Festival skin simply known as "Glove World" was created by Patty, enjoy!
  11. Here is the Prize Store for Spin-Off Festival 11, where you may spend all of your hard earned SOF Tickets. Post what you want in the thread or DM me on Discord. Be sure to check your portfolios if you've already purchased some of the older ones so you’re not wasting tickets. You can check how many tickets you currently have here. Here is a list of what is available: iFish Items: (New) Red Lollipop 30 Tickets (New) Pinwheel 50 Tickets (New) Chocolate Ice Cream 60 Tickets (New) Candy Pizza 100 Tickets (New) Penguin Plush 50 Tickets (New) Bee Plush 50 Tickets (New) Panda Plush 50 Tickets (New) Happy Octopus Plush 50 Tickets (New) Grumpy Octopus Plush 50 Tickets (New) Jingle Jangle 150 Tickets (New) Caramel Apple Costume 400 Tickets (New) Rooster Costume 500 Tickets Bunny Plush 50 Tickets Rainbow Cotton Candy 125 Tickets Jellyfish Necklace 200 Tickets Clown Makeup 200 Tickets SOF 2021 Glasses 100 Tickets SOF Hat 200 Tickets Pencil Costume 400 Tickets SOF Shirt 325 Tickets Fiery Fist O' Pain Helmet 90 Tickets Glove Pet 50 Tickets SpongeBob Plush 125 Tickets Festival Lei 100 Tickets Novel Head 300 Tickets Ticket Costume 500 Tickets Glove Background 60 Tickets Donut Conqueror 500 Tickets Brain Freeze 70 Tickets Glove Costume 400 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Beary 100 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Unicorn Plush 100 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Lovely Lion 100 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Winner Teddy 100 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Beach Necklace 200 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Gold 3D Glasses 300 Tickets (*Loyal Customers) Badges & Collectable Pins: (New) Spin-Off Festival Ticket Collectable Pin 400 Tickets (New) The Mitten Badge 1,000 Tickets Hieronymous Glove Collectable Pin 400 Tickets Tunnel of Glove Badge 1,000 Tickets
  12. SOF Tickets are a special currency you can earn only during Spin-Off Festival 11. They can be used to buy exclusive prizes are the Prize Store. This will be the last time they are available. Here are several methods to earn them: Win the following events: Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Among Us, Jackbox and The Ultimate Spin-Off Kahoot which each give 400 Tickets to the overall winner. Don't panic if you can't win them though, because: Whoever reaches the Top 5 spots of any event receive tickets, not just the first place person. As long as you show you have a shot of getting tickets. Posting a new episode of your spin-off or literature during the event gives you 500 Tickets this time. Win One-Shot glory, which gives 1,000 Tickets to the winner. Win the Festival Word Count, which gives 2,000 Tickets to the winner. Play in festival mini-games. This thread will also serve as a guide to how many tickets each user has for convenience, which I will update constantly. User Amounts: Fa: 690 OWM: 500 Jjs: 525 Prez: 425 Dman: 25 Katie: 75
  13. This mini-game has returned one last time. There are multiple balloons to hit, each containing a different value of SOF Tickets or nothing at all. Here are the balloons you can toss at: Community Deathmatch Balloon One-Time SpongeBob Characters Balloon Pisces Moon Balloon The Modernization of Bikini Bottom Balloon Team SpongeBob Balloon Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger Balloon SBC Parallel Universe Balloon Power Rangers: Multiverse Force Balloon If you hit it, the balloon can you give one of the possible outcomes: 100 SOF Tickets, 75 SOF Tickets, 50 SOF Tickets, 25 SOF Tickets, 10 SOF Tickets, nothing or the Cotton Candy collectable pin. All you have to do is reply "I'd like to throw a dart at a balloon", or a simple "I'd like to pop a balloon" can suffice, whatever, feel free to get creative. Like other minigames in this section, you can get one shot per day, so after making a throw, you must wait 24 hours.
  14. Here's how this game works: I have eight gloves representing a spin-off/lit: Underwater Survivor Glove Family Guy Funny Moments Glove JCMovies Glove 4Kids Edits Ace Attorney Glove Old Man Squidward Glove Skodwarde Glove Wumpa Defender Glove One-Time Star Wars Characters Glove All you have to do is just pick the glove of your choice, saying "I pick x glove, jjs" or something else to that extent. From there, I will "shuffle" them in a generator (so there is a different outcome each time, not one glove will have a specific prize), and the gloves will have a different prize under each of them. Whatever is under the glove you picked, I will give to you. It can be SOF Tickets (25/50/75/100), Doubloons (10/20/30/40), the Cotton Candy collectable pin, or flat out nothing. Like other minigames in this section, you can only do this once every 24 hours.
  15. Returning from last year, using a hose, you will shoot water at moving cardboard cutouts representing spin-offs. Here's what you can shoot at, pick one of the following: SpongeBob: Lost in Translation Pirate Legends Total Cartoon Legends Feral Phobia The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star Squidward Chat! Supreme: The Ivory Icon Post Fiction SBCinema Scooter's Paradise You can earn one of the possible outcomes from whichever you hit: 10/25/50/100/125 SOF Tickets, 10/30/50 doubloons, miss, or the Cotton Candy collectable pin. Just say you want to spray a spin-off or something identifying you are shooting. You can only play in this once every 24 hours.
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