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  1. Howdy-do, fellow SBC'ers - and OBAB: This is your friendly neighborhood Appy with a message. I've been part of the SB forum scene since 2015, and for me, it's been a fun ride. I'll never forget what it was like checking out the other SB forum for a short while - lurking about the forums and checking out all the threads. Something about it and its culture appealed to me somehow, and it was sometime in August I finally decided to sign in as "The Appetizer". Ah, I remember when I impressed all of you with my spouting out of random fads and such that I accumulated knowledge of while wandering
  2. The coyote goes....


  3. Script I wrote back in my senior year that I never finished. I've made some slight edits for privacy reasons: EARLY ONE MORNING IN THE SUMMER A Fantasy Plot and Script By The Appetizer Based on characters created by the talented folks at Pixar Animation Studios Emeryville, CA Special Thanks to: (COOL HIGH-SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER) For undying support in my artistic endeavours. Everybody who supported my wild animation studio dream. Really I doubt this’ll happen in the future (I’m sure we’ll all go extinc
  4. Hey, this is pretty good! I, too, can appreciate the McKimson reference, as well as a lot of the other WB references herein!
  5. I've had none-too-stellar eyesight all my life. Been wearing glasses for who knows how long.
  6. 90s because Tiny Toons and Elmyra Pretty difficult choice. Like Prez said, all decades of animation have their amazing and their abysmal. Each decade, really, has something worthwhile for me as a young animation fan, from the theatrical classics of the 40s and 50s to the modern sensibilities of 2010s TV animation. Even the "dark" periods of the 70s and 80s have some gems in my eyes, like Inspector Gadget, Disney's TV cartoons and Charlotte's Web. I may be a 2000s kid, but thank Neptune I'm not biased to the stuff I grew up with - otherwise I'd be thinking of stuff like Blue's Clues a
  7. https://farmerbob-lore.fandom.com/wiki/FarmerBob Quite possibly one of the greatest Wikis out there. Credit goes to BatteryMill for discovering this and sharing it on my personal server.
  8. A Tiny Toons server I just formed:


  9. There's so many I love, it's hard to choose one, but I had to pick Bugs. So many of my favorite Looney Tune shorts star him.
  10. Appetizer tries his hand at a SB spin-off: Episode 1: Yesterday’s News Everybody who knows SpongeBob knows that he loves the fantastical adventures of those two defenders of the briny deep, those fearless guardians of the creatures of the deep, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who protect the vast ocean from such nefarious-type baddies as the Dirty Bubble and Man Ray, like Bo Peep protecting her three little darlings (Yes, I know I referenced Toy Story in a SpongeBob literature. So sue me!). Our favorite poriferan is probably the ultimate fan of the damp duo’s e
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