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  1. I watched the whole season on Hulu, and I gotta say that as far as reboots go, this is definitely one of the ones that are as good as and respectful to the original, and not just made because they wanted to cash in on the popularity of the original show. A lot of the episodes were really funny, especially since we get to hear the Warners making jokes and references to modern pop culture, though it is a little shocking to hear Wakko and Brain say the word "hell". The songs and music is great too, especially since they got an orchestra to compose the music just like the original series did. There are a few drawbacks though. The only recurring segments on the show are "The Warners" and "Pinky and the Brain", which aren't bad. The segments are good quality, but can get a little tiresome after a while. There are two completely new shorts in a couple of episodes, but for me, they are either hit or miss. There is a short that explains the absence of characters like "Buttons and Mindy" and "Slappy the Squirrel", and it's done in a pretty funny way that almost shocked me as well, though I'm kinda hoping that there will be future seasons where all those segments come back. One little nitpick for me is that the opening changed the line from "Dot is cute" to "Dot has wit", which is kinda weird since there was nothing wrong with the original line since it was part of Dot's character, unless the executives thought it was too sexist or something. Even more weird is that aspect of Dot's character wasn't dropped because there are two episodes that focused on Dot worrying about her cuteness. They also seem to be pushing for Dot to be the most focused and leader of the three, which was a role Yakko had in the original since he's the oldest. That kinda bothers me, I guess cuz Yakko is my favorite of the Warners. That's all I got, so I say if you enjoyed the original series, I think you'll definitely enjoy the reboot as well.
  2. As far as silent episodes go, this one was really entertaining. The music was really nice and the visuals when SpongeBob chases the krabby patties throughout the dreams. It was also pretty amusing when we see Mr. Krabs's nightmare, and Squidward getting his "revenge" on SpongeBob and Patrick when they enter his dream. I also kinda liked that this episode took place right after the previous episode. I was sorta expecting it to be a sequel to Sleepy Time, but it proved that it didn't have to be. Great episode.
  3. I thought it was a really great episode. I thought all three storylines were entertaining. I like the funny bit were Bill and Roger only have a bathroom for a dressing room compared to Tom. It was pretty impressive that Squidward was able to come out on top and play good clarinet, even if the audience left before he could play, but was praised by Clare St. Clare. Great episode.
  4. I really wanna see it. But I can't because my family is taking me out for my birthday.
  5. Check out the updated version of "Interloopers Unite!"


  6. What costume were you wearing?
  7. Did you see anything suspicious before you were knocked out?
  8. Did you see SpongeBob talking with anybody before that?
  9. What did you talk to SpongeBob about?
  10. Did you talk to SpongeBob about anything?
  11. Did you talk to SpongeBob about anything?
  12. What did you and SpongeBob talk about? Did you see Plankton and the Flying Dutchman talk to SpongeBob?
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