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  1. aitsf sequel let's goooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. I don't care enough anymore since the scene is that bad, but the part of me who's a contrarian and didn't like it always showing up in the bottom 5 every time finds APFG's drop a bit funny lol
  3. Eugene, what are you doing with my bloomers?
  4. This entire thing is gonna suck and makes me already wanna commit seppuku
  5. Alright it's fine this time, must've just been a one time loading issue as I didn't even clear the cache or anything
  6. Clearly the lesson is that SOF should've tried to get my help against Hayden and Jjs while hilaryfan80's the distraction, silly Mahawarat also is it just for me or are most of the images broken
  7. It's what Clappy gets for bringing negativity during the mourning stage of a tragic out-of-ring death, and for trying to diss my rightfully earned mod badge!
  8. At least if I lose I'll still have a snazzy global mod badge for my efforts of listening to GreatServer's monthly "I'm leaving" topics
  9. My sheer shoutbox flooding capabilities should be enough to win singlehandedly
  10. It's more the fact that no issues really go on the past few years besides like 3 independent trolls so this is a total blindside
  11. clearly the skills of an SBC admin are nothing due to years of softness not seeing fights like this before, clearly they need the experience of an sbm mod! or that mod is tired of fighting and sticks to commentary recollections of war as replacement since both went apeshit while simultaneously bitching on the fights being uglier than the seal on bedsheet flag design
  12. Oh jesus fuck how did I even miss that?
  13. figured Squiddlypie's role woould be ElectricPikachu aka mr. "Can't discern actual homophobia from people getting upset over spongebob episode rankings"
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