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The Golden Community Awards VII: Nominations


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Hey, hey, hey, ladies and jellyfish! My name's JCM, and I'll be hosting...




That's right! We're doing it twice a year now! For those of you who aren't familiar with the GCAs, it's an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding members, spin-offs, and lits as chosen by viewers like you! We'll start off with a nomination process, and once we have a good amount of nominees, we'll move on to the vote.



1.) Don't nominate yourself, brah.

2.) Post your Top 5choices for each category (except for Hall of Fame, which is 2). Anything above or below that will get you a spanking.

3.) DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT put "N/A" for every category. If you even think about it, then just don't post at all. If you don't read any spin-offs/lits, then just don't vote in that category. Plain and simple. You can skip a category or two if you aren't sure who to nominate at all, but don't skip all of them.

4.) No copy/pasting people's votes word for word. That's lazy as mess, dawg,

5.) Don't get upset if you aren't nominated.




Member Categories

Best Member

Best Debater

Funniest Member

Most Unique Username

Most Serious Member

Spongiest Member

Kindest Member

Most Active Member

Maturest Member

Most Contributive Member

Most Creative Member

Most Missed Member


Spin-Off/Lit Categories

Best New Creation (NOTE: Just for clarification, new creations will be anything that premiered after March 2015)

Best Creation

Best Ended Creation

Best Pilot

Best Storyline

Best Comedy

Best Location

Best Main Character

Most Well-Written

Most Creative

Best Episode

Best New Creator


Hall of Fame

Honorary Creator Award

Those who have had a profound impact on spin-offs/lits will be nominated and inducted. However, there will be no held-over nominations from past years. 



Honorary Show Award

Creations that have had a profound impact will be nominated. No held-over nominations.



Honorary Staff Member Award

Those who have had a profound impact on SBC can be nominated. There WILL be held-over nominations.


Now, here's how nominating works. You will nominate 2 for each of those (Creator, Show, and Staff Awards). We will then vote to see which one of those two will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If you aren't sure what has already won (even though I stated so above), you can also look at Jjs' signature for a reminder.

So, now that you've finished looking over all of that, vote! And remember, we're all counting on you.

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41 minutes ago, JCM said:

Member Categories

Best Member Clappy, Wumbo, Katie, Katniss, Elastic

Best Debater Nugs, hilaryfan80, jjs, Terminoob, Katniss

Funniest Member Katie, Fred, Wumbo, Clappy, Katniss

Most Unique Username Katnisslovestacos, Aquatic Nuggets, Chrdrenkmann, illiniguy34, SpongeTron RobotPants

Most Serious Member jjs, JCM, Popeye, Crushing, Terminoob

Spongiest Member Katie, Katniss, Nuggets, Grubby, Sauce

Kindest Member Cha, Katie, Katniss, hilaryfan80, Fa

Most Active Member Katie, jjs, hilaryfan80, Aya, Trophy

Maturest Member jjs, hilaryfan80, Katniss, Terminoob, Clappy

Most Contributive Member hilaryfan80, Patty, Trophy, Dylan, jjs

Most Creative Member Katie, Cha, William, OMJ, MMM

Most Missed Member Someone, Dr. Sex, Jelly, Internet, Sabre

Honorary Staff Member: Katie, JCM

Here are some tags to show people that I wuv them :funny:

@Clappy @Wumbo @Mermaid Magic @katnisslovestacos @Elastic Dawg @Aquatic Nuggets @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @jjsthekid @terminoob @Reality @Chrdrenkmann @illiniguy34 @Spongetron Robotpants @JCM @Sailor Man @crushingmayhem @Grubby Grouper @Sauce Mama @Fa! @Aya♥ @Trophy @Patty Scared @tvguy @William Leonard @Old Man Jenkins @MMM @Someone @Doctor Sex @Jellatine @Internet @Sabre

Edited by Halibut
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Guest hilaryfan80

Member Categories

Best Member - E.V.I.L., Tyeam, Cha, ssj4gogita4 (he rocks for giving us IPS 4!), Patty

Best Debater - Clappy, JCM, Hayden, jjsthekid, Wumbo (because daaaaamn we argued in that feminist topic)

Funniest Member - Tyeam, tvguy, E.V.I.L., Halibut, jjsthekid

Most Unique Username - Tyeam (nominated for "Mermaid Magic"), Patty (nominated for "Patty Scared"), SOF (nominated for "Dracula Phineas"), Grubby, Nuggets

Most Serious Member - crushingmayhem, jjsthekid, Face, Patty, Hayden

Spongiest Member - Tyeam (you can't beat the drawings!), SOF, jjsthekid, kat, CNF

Kindest Member - bl4ze (in a Cards Against Humanity kind of way), SG, Halibut, E.V.I.L., Cha

Most Active Member - Sorry. :C I don't know who is the "most" active around here because I'm stuck doing school things all the time.

Maturest Member - Clappy, Wumbo, kat, crushing, Grubby

Most Contributive Member - JCM, tvguy, Patty, jjsthekid, kat

Most Creative Member - Patty, Tyeam, Cha, jjs (for spin-offs), Fa

Most Missed Member - Jelly, ExKizuna, ACS, bl4ze, Storm (lmao - I ran out of ideas)

Hall of Fame

Honorary Staff Award - Patty (for the many graphics he's made), JCM (for his skin work)

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2 hours ago, JCM said:

Member Categories

Best Member jjs, Cha, EVIL Wumbo & Metal Snake

Best Debater: Kat, Wumbo, jjs,, Claps &  hilaryfan80

Funniest Member: Katie, Kat, Wumbo, Grubby Grouper & JCM

Most Unique Username: Katlovestacos, Mermald Magic, Grubby Grouper, Mr Doctor Professor Patrick & Face

Most Serious Member: SG, hilaryfan80, Wumbo, terminoob, & jjs

Spongiest Member: Katie, Cha, EVIL & Grubby Grouper

Kindest Member: Cha, Katie, Wumbo, hilaryfan80 &  EVIL

Most Active Member: OMJ, Cha, Kat, Trophy & hilaryfan80

Maturest Member: Claps, Wumbo, jjs, hilaryfan80 & EVIL

Most Contributive Member

Most Creative Member: hilaryfan80, JCM, Patty, CNF & Face

Most Missed Member: Internet, DiabolicalGenius & EVSpongeFan


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As cheesy and dumb as it sounds, this is gonna be one hard SOB because you're all so amazing

Member Categories

Best Member- Fa, Cha, KLT, OMJ, Clappy 

Best Debater- Wumbo, Nuggets, Clappy, hilaryfan80, terminoob

Funniest Member- Fa, Cha, OMJ, hilaryfan80, shin

Most Unique Username- Mermaid Magic, katnisslovestacos, Aquatic Nuggets, Elastic Dawg, oooooooofy

Most Serious Member- jjs, crushing, JCM, Globby (Popeye), Grubby/GG

Spongiest Member- Katie, Cha, Grubby, SOF, jjs

Kindest Member- Cha, Fa, Sauce, OMJ, Clappy (this one was impossible because you're all literally the face of the angel)

Most Active Member- N/A

Maturest Member- jjs, Clappy, Wumbo, JCM, hilaryfan80

Most Contributive Member- Dylan, hilaryfan80, jjs, Clappy, Patty

Most Creative Member- Cha, Jelly, Katie, OMJ, jjs

Most Missed Member- Jelly, Sex, Someone, Bl4ze, Storm ( :P )


Honorary Staff- terminoob, Wumbo


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Member Categories

Best Member:  hilaryfan80, Cha, Tyeam, Wumbo, Omair

Best Debater: terminoob, hilaryfan80, Wumbo, JCM, jjs

Funniest Member: OMJ, Halibut, Omair, hilaryfan80, Tyeam

Most Unique Username: Dreaded Patrick, WhoBob, Fa!, Sauce Mama, CyanideFishbone 

Most Serious Member: Sailor Man, Mandy, JCM, Steel Sponge, jjs

Spongiest Member: Tyeam, Cha, Grubby Grouper, jjs, SpongeyKid 

Kindest Member: Cha, Tyeam, hilaryfan80, Omair, WhoBob

Maturest Member: Clappy, Wumbo, hilaryfan80, Halibut, JCM

Most Contributive Member: Face, hilaryfan80, Tyeam, Cha, Patty

Most Creative Member: Tyeam, Cha, Dreaded Patrick, terminoob, OMJ


Honorary Staff Member Award

Face and Tyeam



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-Best member: Katniss, Katie, Omair, Cha, 70s

-Best Debater: CrushingMayhem, terminoob, Halibut

-Funniest Member: Omair, Cha, Fa, jjs

-Most Unique Username: hilaryfan80, Katniss, 70s, Spongetron Robotpants, Dreaded Patrick

-Most Serious Member: jjs, CrushingMayhem, Grubby

-Spongiest Member: Omair, Grubby, Cha

-Kindest Member: Fa, Katniss, hilaryfan80

-Most Active Member: Katniss, jjs, Cha

-Maturest Member: 70s, Halibut, CyanideFisborne

-Most Contributive Member: jjs

-Most Creative Member: Cha

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Member Categories

Best Member Cha, Halibut, Kat, Fred

Best Debater

Funniest Member Halibut, Fred, E.V.I.L., Kat, Wumbo

Most Unique Username hilaryfan80, Kat, Dreaded Patrick, Nuggets, Elastic

Most Serious Member JCM, jjs, crushing, Popeye

Spongiest Member Cha, Grubby, Halibut (you get my references eyyy), Kat, jjs

Kindest Member Cha, Kat, Grubby, Fa, hilaryfan80

Most Active Member

Maturest Member Kat, Wumbo, Clappy, JCM, jjs

Most Contributive Member hilaryfan80, Patty, jjs, JCM, Trophy

Most Creative Member Cha, Dreaded Patrick, Patty, JCM

Most Missed Member

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Member Categories

Best Member - Wumbo, Haliback Girl, ssj spelled backwards jjs, Mermaid Magic, Clappy Bob

Best Debater - Terminoob, Nuggets, Clappy, Big Poppa (Q. Krabs), SG

Funniest Member - Wumbo, OMJ, Aya, Dragiiin, Elastic

Most Unique Username - hilaryfan80, Katnisslovestacos, SpongeOddFan, Mordecai from THE Regular Show, Elastic

Most Serious Member - Metal Snake, terminoob, SG, Steel, hilaryfan80

Spongiest Member - Chrdrenkmann, Cha Daddy, Grubby, Mermaid Magic, spongeboblover

Kindest Member - Cha, Katniss, Katie, Sauce, Jelly

Most Active Member - JCM, terminoob, illiniguy, Omair, OMJ

Maturest Member - WhoBob, terminoob, Popeye the Sailor Moon, Fa with an exclamation mark!, tvguy

Most Contributive Member - hilaryfan80, Face, JCM, Patty, CNF

Most Creative Member - Jelly, Cha, hilaryfan80, Patty, Katie

Most Missed Member - Webby, Sabre, Deli, Dr. Sex, Dragiiin

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Best Member: Katniss, Clappy, SOF, Fa, jjs

Best Debater: Wumbo, terminoob, Halibut, Teamwork, Reality

Funniest Member: Dragiiin, OMJ, Storm, Elastic, Rock

Most Unique Username: Cha, CyanideFishbone, Face, CDCB, Steel

Most Serious Member: Halibut, Wumbo, Teamwork, Whobob, hilaryfan80

Spongiest Member: Cha, E.V.I.L., Whobob, Aquatic Nuggets, SOF

Kindest Member: Mermaid Magic, illiniguy34, Trophy, SG, Spongetron Robotpants

Most Active Member: Clappy, Aya, crushingmayhem, Katniss, OMJ

Maturest Member: Beachbob95, AN, 70s, teenj, Mermaid Magic

Most Contributive Member: tvguy, AN, Wumbo, Smiles, jjs

Most Creative Member: hilaryfan80, JCM, More/Flutterbat, Face, terminoob

Most Missed Member: CF, Sabre, Deli, Dr. Sex, ExKizuna

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Best Member: KLT, EVIL, WhoBob, Tyeam, Popeye

Best Debater: Popeye, Cha, EVIL, Wumbo, 70s, Kat, Halibut

Funniest Member: Prez, OMJ, Storm, Bl4ze, Elastic, Aya

Most serious member: Popeye, Jjs, Halibut, hilaryfan80, Whobob

Spongiest: Cha, Aquatic Nuggets, SOF, Popeye (knows a lot about the show/the process behind it)

Kindest: KLT, Illini, Tyeam, Jjs, Cha

Most active: KLT, OMJ, Clappy, Aya

Most contributive: Popeye, Aquatic Nuggets, jjs

Most creative: I guess Termi and JCM

Most missed: I haven't been on here in a while but I know that Jelly seemed really cool

Sorry if I forgot to add anyone/didn't list you here!

Edited by Teamwork
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2 minutes ago, Teamwork said:

Best Member: KLT, EVIL, WhoBob, Tyeam, Clappy, SOF, 70s, Hal, Termi

Best Debater: Popeye, Cha, EVIL, Wumbo, 70s, Kat, Halibut

Funniest Member: Prez, OMJ, Storm, Bl4ze, Elastic, Aya

You have way too many nominees for these, the limit is 5.

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Member Categories

Best Member - E.V.I.L, Kat, Jjs, Trophy and Tyeam

Best Debater - Clappy, Wumbo, Teamwork, Trophy and Halibut

Funniest Member - CDCB, Fred aka the man of a million usernames, Halibut, SOF and OMJ

Most Unique Username - Katnisslovestacos, Mermaid Magic, Face, CDCB and CyanideFishbone

Most Serious Member - Wumbo, Terminoob, Sailor Man, Clappy and Steel

Spongiest Member - Tyeam, SOF, Spongeboblover, WhoBoob WhoBob and Cha

Kindest Member - Cha, Tyeam, Illiniguy, Katniss and Jjs

Most Active Member - Jjs, Fred, JCM, CrushingMayhem and E.V.I.L

Maturest Member - Clappy, Wumbo, Jjs, Nuggets and Terminoob

Most Contributive Member - hilaryfan80, Jjs, Nuggets, Tvguy and Patty

Most Creative Member - Cha, Tyeam, Dreaded Patrick, JCM and Patty

Most Missed Member - Exkizuna, Jelly, CF, Dragiiin and Sabre

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Member Categories

Best Member - OMJ, hilaryfan80, jjs, Cha, Clappy

Best Debater - Wumbo, Hayden, JCM, hilaryfan80, halibut

Funniest Member - Aya, EVIL, OMJ, SOF, tyeam

Most Unique Username - Aquatic Nuggets, Dr.Sex, katnisslovestacos, Face, Elastic

Most Serious Member - jjs, terminoob, SG, Face, Popeye

Spongiest Member - tyeam, cha, spongeboblover, SOF, Nuggets

Kindest Member - Cha, EVIL, Fa, Sauce, Illiniguy

Most Active Member - katniss, EVIL, Cha, OMJ, JCM

Maturest Member - Clappy, 70s, hilaryfan80, jjs, WhoBob

Most Contributive Member - hilaryfan80, Patty, jjs, JCM, Face

Most Creative Member - Cha, Tyeam, Patty, Flutter, terminoob

Most Missed Member - Jelly, Exkizuna, Dr.Sex, Webby, CF

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Member Categories

Best Member:
Cha, Tyeam, Clappy, E.V.I.L., hilaryfan80

Best Debater:
Clappy, Wumbo, hilaryfan80, Crushing, Face

Funniest Member:
E.V.I.L., Cha, Wumbo, Termi, 4EverGreen

Most Unique Username:
Someone, Katnisslovestacos, Patrick's Pet Rock, Internet, Reality

Most Serious Member:
Crushing, Popeye, SG, Trophy, 4EverGreen

Spongiest Member:
Cha, Tyeam, Dreaded Patrick, Grubby, Patty

Kindest Member:
Katniss, Cha, Tyeam, Sauce, Hayden

Most Active Member: 
Katniss, Fa, Halibut, Reality, Crushing

Maturest Member:
Katniss, Clappy, Wumbo, Jjs, Elastic

Most Contributive Member:
Crushing, Wumbo, Clappy, Halibut, hilaryfan80

Most Creative Member:
Patty, Cha, Tyeam, Dreaded Patrick, Termi

Most Missed Member:
Jelly, Deli, Sex, Drag, Ex (even tho he took me off PSN like a betch:stinkeye: )


Spin-Off/Lit Categories (spin-off/lits, what's new? SPIN-OFF/LITS, SOOOOOMEOOOONE STIIIILLLL LOOOOVES YOOOOUUUU! XqsulTF.jpg )

Best New Creation: 
Person: Boy Nincompoop,  SpongeTown: The Uprising, The Ed-cident, MMM's Classical Literature, Stuff Happens to SpongeBob

Best Creation: 
Underwater Survivor, ATTWL 4, Spin-Off Action, SBC Falls, Team SpongeBob

Best Ended Creation: Clapwald, Rusty's Raping Rampage, One-Time SpongeBob Characters, JCMovies, Full SBC

Best Pilot:
"Concert(PILOT)" from Full SBC, "Visit, and Pain" from SBC Vegas, "Smarty Pants" from Person: Boy Nincompoop, "Her Name is Rio: Part 1" from Spin-Off Action, "The Day Time Stopped" from The Ed-cident

Best Storyline:
SBC Falls, Spin-Off Action, The Ed-cident, Cyberpunk: An Underwater Dystopia, You stupid little ass fish I ain't flopping wichu

Best Comedy:
Person: Boy Nincompoop, Full SBC, Spin-Off Action, Total Cartoon Island, Stuff Happens to SpongeBob

Best Location:
SpongeTown: The Uprising, Person: Boy Nincompoop, SBC Vegas, Rise of the Creative World, Total Cartoon Island

Best Main Character:
"Person" from Person: Boy Nincompoop, "JCM" from JCMovies, "Clapwald" from Clapwald, "Captain Retro" from Total Cartoon Island, "SmileBob" from SmileBob SaucePants

Most Well-Written:
Spin-Off Action, Stuff Happens to SpongeBob, The Ed-cident, SpongeTown: The Uprising, Rise of the Creative World

Most Creative:
The Ed-cident, Full SBC, Total Cartoon Island, SBC Falls, SBCinema

Best Episode: 
"MangBot" from Person: Boy Nincompoop, "Her Name is Rio (Part 2)" from Spin-Off Action, "SpongeBob makes Patties" from Stuff Happens to SpongeBob, "Concert(PILOT)" from Full SBC, "Fictus Oraclum" from Spongicus: Reborn Blood

Best New Creator:
Zaid, OverTheTopSB, Wumbledon, hilaryfan80, Spikeywikey

Honorary Creator
JCM and Clappy

Honorary Show
And Then There Were Less and JCMovies

Honorary Staff
Teenj and Wumbo

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15 hours ago, Fa! said:

WhoBoob WhoBob

Whose boobs, you say? :funny: 


Best Member - Omair (EVIL), Katniss, Cha, Halibut, Spongetron RobotPants

Best Debater - Halibut, Wumbo, Omair, Clappy, Elastic Dog

Funniest Member - Halibut, Old Man Bran Flakes (Reality), Omair, Wumbo, Cha

Most Unique Username- Spongetron RobotPants, Clappy, Katnisslovestacos, Terminoob, Cha

Most Serious Member - 70s, Halibut, jjs, Popeye (Sailor Man), Wumbo

Spongiest Member - Old Man Bran Flakes, Katie, Cha, jjs, Illiniguy34

Kindest Member - Cha, Katie, jjs, Spongetron RobotPants, Illiniguy34

Most Active Member - Katnisslovestacos, Old Man Bran Flakes, Katie, Omair, Cha

Maturest Member - Katniss, Wumbo, Elastic Dog, Halibut, 70s

Most Contributive Member - Jjs, Nuggets, JCM, hilaryfan80, Katie

Most Creative Member - Clappy, Katie, Cha, Dreaded Patrick, Terminoob

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I don't feel like I know all of you quite well enough yet to fairly do nominations, but wanted to say thank you to everyone that's nominated me so far! Wasn't expecting to be nominated for anything and I really appreciate it. Looking forward to voting when the time comes!

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Member Categories

Best Member - Katniss, Aya, E.V.I.L, OMJ, Tyeam

Best Debater - Clappy, Nuggets, Wumbo, Halibooty, Elastic

Funniest Member -  Homie, OMJ, Aya, Fred Rechid, Wumbo

Most Unique Username -  hilaryfan80, TheOpenWindowManiac, President Squidward, Milkmaidman, SpongeTron RobotPants, 

Most Serious Member - crushingmayhem, SG, Popeye, 4EverGreen, ssj

Spongiest Member - Tyeam, Grubby Grouper, Steel, Patty Sponge, Patback

Kindest Member - WhoBob, Katniss, Sauce Mama, E.V.I.L, Metal Snake

Most Active Member - Fred Rechid, Katniss, Fa!, Trophy, Halibooty

Maturest Member - Wumbo, Clappy, OMJ, jjs, terminoob

Most Contributive Member -  jjs, JCM, SOF, Fred Rechid, Trophy

Most Creative Member - Terminoob, Tyeam, OMJ, Dreaded Patrick, Teamwork, 

Most Missed Member - Jelly, Sex, Drag, Sabre, Deli (I still see Ex in chat sometimes so I didn't count him :smirk:)

Hall of Fame

Honorary Staff Award - Teenj and 70's (because I remember all the work he use to do with Dylan back in ye ole forum days and he also has good music taste)

Edited by Cha
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