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  1. Yep, I'm now in the PS5 club its a nice console so far but I need to start buying games for it. I recommend a Xbox Series X (or S) too, game pass is an offer you can't miss xD. I might check Horizon soon but I'm more interested in getting Elden Ring. Its on my wishlist.
  2. Definitely subscribe if you have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S you won't regret it. Btw i got this.
  3. Been playing Metroid Dread for the Switch, challenging but awesome game. Also, been playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Edge of Eternity for Xbox Series S on game pass.
  4. Game pass really won me over. Its one of the best deals in gaming xD And yeah, Yakuza 0 is pretty much the first game chronologically then comes the rest. I even tried Yakuza like a dragon and its basically a jrpg with turn based combat lol. It has funny moments. Not to mention Judgment and Lost Judgment that take place in the same universe. Shenmue's a different story but there's many similarities with it since they're both combat based and are open world.
  5. Kinda missed ya tbh, so much has happened over the years that it'll take a while to explain it all. But yeah, the important part is that I'm here again. I recommend starting from Yakuza 0. I got all the games for free on Xbox Game Pass so I played them all xD. You should play them, they kinda fit your character lol?
  6. A year late but figured I'd post anyway. Tv.com despite its shortcomings was essentially the beginning of my long internet journey. I'll never forget the friends I made and the show and person guides I was editor of (9 shows and 13 person guides at my peak including FOP for a few months) as well as my contributions to the SpongeBob guide which I was a top contributor of. The tv.com staff members and mods might have been too strict and I recognize that as someone who actively posted blog entries and posted on the SpongeBob and Avatar forums. But in the end, they come in a distant second as the good memories will always surpass the negative ones. Tv.com was a good site despite everything, its a shame it had to be closed down but it is what it is.
  7. Ye snow is wonderful and pretty. I haven't seen it myself being from a tropical place and all but from pictures i can tell it does have its charm.
  8. Long time no see dude. Don't worry everything's settled with the staff. Anyway, ever played the Yakuza games?
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