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  1. Might take a while to get to one of those ranks. I'm dark knight and even that's nothing compared to the 100K to 1,000,000 ranks.
  2. I kinda knew this was happening since the show and the last movie were successful. All there is to know is the premiere and the setting, but I'm seeing this movie premiering in several years at least after another season.
  3. Just noticed this, i'm pretty glad to see them after all this time. I thought I was gonna be Dark Knight forever, but this update is pretty cool.
  4. This episode had a well thought out story, competition always makes room for a good story and this episode wasn't an exception. Especially since it involved Gary in a major way.
  5. Nice to see that the guide was updated. There had to be new post ranks, especially with the recent increase in site activity.
  6. The guide looks improved, it'll be of help for many people.
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