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  1. Fantastic episode, even if swag is so overused. Crushing should've gone up against succ. You are well on your way to achieving true neutrality, young grasshopper.
  2. Crushing was the best character in this. It's funny because it's true. I'm admittedly the most guilty of turning the left cheek too much. Like Homie, I'm glad we have long, off-topic arguments on serious discussions. Glad you enjoy them too. X3
  4. Happy that Crazy Celes keeps making the top 10, thank you guys for the support. Also, farewell to Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000, as well as a late farewell to Team Spongebob, you both earned those #1 spots.
  5. Absolutely stellar finale. Like many, despite this being a great, truly influential show, I'm glad that it's ending now on a high note. Even as I don't truly believe that we'd ever end up becoming the next Channel Awesome, Riffing Theater has served its purpose, like you implied. Even if the content of it remained of high-quality, it doesn't change the fact that the show is not something we "need" anymore. Commentary and riffing on other people's works is essentially just comedic reviewing, it can't take the place of actual shows on SBC. All the more motivation to be putting our time into maki
  6. Like OMJ, I got nothing. We totally killed that, that was the perfect preparation for the finale.
  7. Aside from the out-of-nowhere drama mockery, the only thing I think could even be considered actual parody of Bikini Top in this entire thing is a subtle lampooning of its unnecessary inclusion of Spongebob characters, since there was no reason for Spongebob characters to be in this. It would be the same thing if you used OCs and/or SBC members. This really shows where the "IT'S SATIRE!" defense falls flat, when you're barely doing satire of anything. It's almost equivalent to riffing a work while barely contributing any commentary.
  8. I guess that explains Hayden and 4EG's bitter rivalry. They're two of a kind. >:) This did have some guilty pleasure appeal for me, I'll confess. I used to love reading stories like this on TV.com when I was younger, even with their obvious faults. Also, Fred returning with that AC/DC song was kickass.
  9. No trademark two cents comment this time, there are no loose ends, I couldn't ask for any part to be riffed better. One of the best jobs we've done riffing a finale for sure.
  10. :3 <3 XD Great episode, OMJ, I loved it, great work, but you missed out on a chance to reference SBC Honest Trailers. But still, golly, you sure know how to pleasure me! And I still like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and pictures of Maud Pie. :3 <3 XD
  11. Wonderful pre-finale. An homage to Indiana Jones that shows what Indiana Jones would be like if you took away everything that made it good. I'm going to take them constantly falling down and having to fight off illusions as symbolic. They don't care how many things this show gets wrong at this point, they're just trying to get to the end as quick as possible without having to convince themselves that this show is good.
  12. *SNAPS FINGERS* I finally got it! I finally got how this all ties in with a Scooby-Doo parody! You weren't just making fun of 4Kidz...you were also making fun of Hanna-Barbara! Yeah, their shameless selling out time and time again with Scooby-Doo. The same way you brought in Yu-Gi-Oh! at the last minute to tie it in with your biggest name at the time, The Brave and the Bold, was a subtle joke on the fact that Hanna-Barbara would always make pointless crossovers to keep Scooby-Doo "relevant", like Scooby-Doo Meets Batman! Of course! I hope that's good enough for my regular trademark t
  13. The Monster ate the cameraman. On the subject of Down Under, I can see this show did a good job taking notes from it since Mr. N is basically Ginger. See how I'm the good guy with how I keep stabbing you in the back. I'll give him credit where credit is due, he's certainly more evil than N from Pokemon because at least he let others knew what he stood for. This Mr. N doesn't know who he is, making him that much more unintentionally terrifying.
  14. A plot about a time machine that only goes back four years in the past would work well for a parody, but sadly, that's not what this was going for. What the hell's the point of adding a time travel element to the story if you're only going to go back four years?! XD You may as well just make it a prequel story...unless you just really want to give the finger to Marvel. Also, JCM returning was awesome.
  15. Don't tell me I'm the only one who instantly thought of Broodwing from Mystic Guardians upon reading "Crook in the Castle"...and Red upon reading The Red Bandit...and Van Gordon upon reading Gorton...you get the idea. Maybe that's what the "3 costume" was for, to hide that he was the precursor for those three characters. As for the episode itself...at least it's better than the Spongebob episode it referenced, Clash of Triton. Yes, I went there.
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