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  1. I honestly thought it couldn't get worse then SBC sex, but then we get that Inception based twist? Just wow, what garbage
  2. I feel for the people who are riffing the final two eps. I really do
  3. Dear God, what a dumpster fire...
  4. Poor Wumbo had to grow up so fast in this story
  5. PBN asserting itself in the top 5
  6. At least those pictures were colorful
  7. I'll miss how quick it was to riff these episodes, not much else though
  8. Back in the top 10 baby!
  9. Top 10! A good week indeed!
  10. Nice to see my Spin-Offs making some damage
  11. In retrospect, this was definitely pretty bad by my standards. That being said, the riffs were hilarious and I was almost in tears a few times. Great job per usual
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