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  1. Do you like this episode?
  2. Sabre

    074b. Wigstruck

    Do you like this episode?
  3. Do you like this episode?
  4. Do you like this episode?
  5. Do you like this episode?
  6. Sabre

    113b. The Card

    Do you like this episode?
  7. What do you think of this episode?
  8. I don't hear people talk about this episode much what did you guys think of it?
  9. All That Glitters: B-, 3.5/5, 7/10, Good
  10. Sabre

    015b. Suds

    Best season 1 episode (IMO)
  11. The worst season but it still had some good episode mainly towards the end of the season
  12. Great episode but VERY overrated
  13. A very underrated season i personally enjoyed it
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