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  1. if gyms shut down again IM RUINED. All those gainz for nothing 😭

    1. BeBob


      I have recently joined gym, i cannot lose that

  2. Actually im kind of in the mood for milk steak
  3. Watching the OG Spongebob Christmas Special really warmed my heart this year.

  4. Well it would have to be It's Always Sunny. I mean there wouldn't be a show without you!
  5. A $50 giftcard to TJ Maxx $20 to Sephora A new bike rack i can attach to the trunk of my car so i can take my road bike to different places Lil assortment of Pompompurin stickers ahhhhh :3 White socks that say "fuck off" on them lol a coffee mug with the letter "M" on it and chocolate. lots of chocolate.
  6. s'all good, man.

    1. jjsthekid


      You think THIS is bad, this chicanery!?

  7. After all these years, I don't think I've ever asked you what that red icon by your name is?
  8. Mac is pretty fuckin great but the thing that always got me was when Dennis had his moments of rage ?
  9. If I don't have a future boyfriend that quotes Spongebob as extensively as I do I'm gonna RIOT.

    1. Katniss


      It’s what you deserve ?

  10. LUMPIA?! Thats one of my favorite foods on the planet. Also I couldn't help but notice your extensive watchlist...I just finished It's Always Sunny last month and lemme tell you it does NOT disappoint?
  11. NO EXCUSES. I'm disappointed. If i was ur neighbor I'd totally bake you one. How hard can it be amirite lol?
  12. Hey braddah jenks, happy birthday ya ole coot! I hope you had fun doing whatever you did yesterday haha?
  13. That would definitely have to be charlie. hahahahah hbu?
  14. Spongebob, can I borrow some bath beads?

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