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  1. trip down memory lane omg my inner 15 year old is screaming rn hai guyz

  2. Dude thats a hard one...but the season with Fat Mac was so freaking funny lol
  3. Bro how was your birthday?? Im super fuckin late i know but i randomly thought of you and then it just dawned on me that your bday was May 3rd AHAHA i was like OH SHIT i gotta tell him! happy belated bday pls dont hold it against me lol
  4. BRO Novas back with sp00n im on a nostalgia trip rn?
  5. Omg its hard to choose.... but I think the Dayman episode or the one where Charlie teaches Mac hockey so he can win that contest.
  6. Bro I just found out that my coworker’s dad is literally the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life…and she said that Tom Kenny is a family friend like holy shit ahahahaha my mind was blown this morning 😂

  7. my name is Sauce Mama, and I am addicted to caffeine 😌

    1. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      Me too unfortunately 

    2. sbl


      Caffeine Mama!

  8. Wait.....elaborate vile fiend! It sounds familiar but i dont remember the context of it! I do, however, remember when we use to say "SALT AND BURN IT" to pretty much everything lmao.
  9. OH MY GOD I forgot about that....thats hilarious?
  10. And then in true Moose fashion I got tired and went to bed after that?
  11. Its SOOOO GOOD! Watching the fourth episode rn....
  12. Hey Old Man! Never thought I'd see just you and me on the forums again (although you'll probs log off right as I post this lol)?
  13. Sauce Mama

    Ask the Kat

    I deeply approve of your avatar choice, Miss Kat?
  14. Honestly....my Christmas was spent alone in isolation in my room because one of my roommates decided to go to a rave, get covid, and give me covid LMAO. But my NYE was way better. At this point I'm just really looking forward to my birthday since my holidays were meh. How about you? Oh dude its great.... you HAVE to have it with a side of raw jelly beans
  15. Chris Evans is an a$$ man...and this is why I go hard in the gym every day. 😌

    1. WhoBibbles


      Oh my god he is 😳

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