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Badges were introduced on September 10, 2012 created by tvguy347. They are ways of telling your group, post count, and any special achievements. They are displayed in your posts in topics. The first badge on the top left represents your post count, the second on the far right and possibly bottom left (if you are in a team) represents your group(s), and some users may have additional ones for any special awards. All of the older badges were created by tvguy347, but a lot of the newer ones are made by Patty Sponge, Aquatic Konquest and jjsthekid.

With Starfish 11, all current and past badges were redesigned into a simpler format so they could fit into posts easier, and display more like an awards system. If you have more than five badges, they will automatically shrink so they can fit.

From April 8, 2018 onward, users could and choose which special badges they want to display in their posts (outside of post count and group badges), capping the amount of badges to display at 9 with the potential of achieving 10 with ads enabled (see the "Supporter" special badge). This is due to the increasing badge count, and so posts do not get cluttered. In July 2020, badges received another update due to the server move, using the Trophies & Medals application.

On September 25, 2021, badges received their biggest overhaul yet as part of Invision's new Achievements system. Due to the system having many changes and improvements from this badge system, they will be treated as separate eras and further badge information will be continued on that page.

Group Badges

Post Badges

Special Badges

King Neptune Badges

The badges in this gallery are badges users requested for themselves when they used King Neptune for a Day.

Event Badges

Retired Badges

Ranks (2010 - 2012)

Badges (2012 - 2015)

Badges (2015 - 2021)


  • The Stephen Hillenburg badge was the hardest badge to obtain in SBC history, as no user made it to 1,000,000 posts.
    • However, you could get the badge for two weeks if you donated to the ALS Fundraiser.
  • The Supporter badge is the only badge to date to be a gif.
  • The Wendy badge is the first badge in SBC history to be requested via King Neptune.