April Fools 2019

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April Fools 2019
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date April 1, 2019
End Date April 2, 2019
Event Coordinator OWM
Events The Balancing
Skin Thanos Takeover

April Fools 2019 was the ninth SBC April Fools prank. The main theme of this prank is that Thanos, the main villain of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, took over the site.


  • Thanos became a Manager and interacted with users on the site.
  • At around 11:45pm EDT on March 31st, SBC was temporarily put offline (this was actually so JCM could do a monthly back-up) with a message from Thanos telling users the site would be reborn, indicating he was taking over.
  • The category names were changed. "Krusty Krab" became "Titan", "Kelp Forest" became "Wakanda, "Atlantis" became "Nowhere" and "Bikini Bottom Arcade" became "Thanos' Farm".
  • Posts counted in both The Industrial Park and Ask Me.
  • Like last year, you did not need 25+ posts to access The Industrial Park.
  • Several Thanos iFish items were added to the store, including the return of Thanos Gauntlet and four new items: Thanos (iFish), Thanos Helmet, Thanos Legs and Thanos Shirt.
  • The Discord chat features Thanos themed icons and bot names. The server was renamed from "SBC Chat" to "Thanos Chat" along with these changes:
    • MEE6 => Mind Stone
    • Robot Jones => Power Stone
    • SpongeCraft => Reality Stone
    • Rhythm => Space Stone
    • Starboard=> Time Stone


The Balancing

In this thread, Thanos asked SBC users to volunteer for his snap. Half the people who signed up would be spared, while the other half would turn to dust. A total of 26 users participated (including gag accounts). The users that got snapped were: jjs, Mr. Eugene Krabs, Wendy the Witch, Renegade, Klu, RDSP, Patty, kev, Halibut, Wintermelon, Mythix, hippythehippo and Honest Slug. The users that survived were: Cha, The Drifter, Scooter, sbl, Storm, Shark, Hayden, SRRS, WhoBob, G4ry, LocalAquatic, dman and MMM. The users who got snapped received the "Snapped" badge while the unsnapped users received the "Unsnapped" badge. On the Thanos Takeover skin, the snapped users would display a gray background on their post sidebar, indicating they turned to ash (seen in gallery below).



  • This is the first time in SBC history since late 2013 that posts count in Ask Me, even if temporarily.
  • This is the second April Fools prank to have a temporary new iFish color, after April Fools 2016.