April Fools 2016

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April Fools 2016
The banner of the skin during the prank.
Start Date April 1, 2016
End Date April 4, 2016
Event Coordinators MDPP
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune
Dunces and Dragons
Skins The Plankton Community

April Fools 2016 was the sixth annual SBC April Fools prank. Plankton took over SBC again like he did at April Fools 2014 as the main prank. However, this takeover was on a larger scale, and more of a mini forum event as it contains a few games. This was the longest April Fools prank, lasting 4 days.


In addition to Plankton taking over, there were some other pranks pulled:

  • Doubloons and post counts all say "undefined".
  • American Idiot was made the April 2016 Employee of the Month.
  • Managers are called "Overlords", Cashiers are called "Malefactors", Loyal Customers are called "W.I.F.E.s" and Customers are called "Simpletons".
  • Most major badges got a Plankton makeover.
  • If anyone tried using King Neptune for a Day on April 1st, it would not work and the user would get a message saying Plankton stole it.

Whoever logged in during the four days also got a free Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet iFish item.


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

The SpongeBob Jeopardy game on April 2nd, 2016, hosted by jjs and tyeam was Plankton themed, which Fred Rechid won.

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune

The SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune game on April 1st, 2016 was Plankton themed, which Fred Rechid won.

Dunces and Dragons

A brand new feature to SBC, which was a roleplaying game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, held on April 3rd, 2016. Users roleplayed in a chatroom to find Plankton, and then had to fight him and Karen off by rolling a die. The final three users standing who won the game were JCM, Trophy and E.V.I.L..


Two iFish items were added to the store during the event - the Chum Bucket Apron and a Plankton iFish color. Whoever logged in during the event also got the free Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet item.




Dunces and Dragons