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User Info
Registration Date January 6, 2013
Age 20
Status Active
Group Cashiers

Trophy is an SBC user who joined January 6th, 2013. He was a Mod on SpongeBuddy Mania from August 8th, 2017, until July 15th, 2018, leaving due to personal disagreements with an administrator thus leading to his activity on their forums dropping as well, until officially leaving on August 17th. He became a Cashier on January 24th, 2019.

He is known to excel at SBC events, particularly SpongeBob Jeopardy, as shown by having the solo lead in the Jeopardy Hall of Fame, and has won numerous other competitions. He was also the 2nd leader of the Band Geeks since the end of Octerror Fest 2015, until he stepped down in mid-2017 to let Fred Rechid take over due to Trophy's gradual lack of participation in events that year, a trend which lasted until Snowcember Ball 2017. Trophy is the first user to have multiple colored usernames for having won multiple events, and those colors are Emerald for winning Christmas Trivia in Snowcember Ball 2014, Platinum for winning Christmas Trivia in 2017, and Cotton Candy Pink for winning Spin-off/Literature trivia in 2015. Trophy chose to keep Emerald over Cotton Candy and let Fred Rechid take the color as trivia runner-up, and eventually chose platinum to replace Emerald in December 2017. Trophy also has the record for most permanent non-Overlord requested badges at 15, was the first to require smaller badges due to spacing issues, and was the first to acquire 10 and 15 badges. This partially led to the 6 Badge Limit implemented on April 8th, 2018, which limited users to only showing 6 badges in a post in order to save space.

Trophy has attempted numerous spinoffs, however due to an issue with self-esteem in forming over-arcing plots, unfortunately none have taken off to their true potential. Despite this, he wishes to one day improve his writing and is trying to do so mainly on other websites for non-SpongeBob fandoms, as a lack of good ideas for the SpongeBob universe has tended to be the major issue in starting and ending spin-offs. His only successful attempt with SpongeBob characters was only for a parody in Skodwarde, thus not fully satisfying him.

Despite being a fan of professional sports in real life, "Sportz?" is Trophy's least favorite episode. However, Ink Lemonade is a close second so this ironic opinion may change in the near future.