The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star

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The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star
Show Info
Premiere Date March 4, 2013
End Date May 29, 2021
Status Ended
Type Spin-off
Genre Comedy
Seasons 5
Episodes 100+
Rating G
Created By JCM
Showrunner JCM
Writers JCM

The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star is a spin-off by JCM featuring Patrick Star in a series of...wait for it...silly adventures.


  • Patrick Comes Out Of His Rock
  • Patrick Meets The President
  • Patrick Runs Over A Seahorse
  • Patrick Has 24 Hours To Live
  • Patrick Has One Hour To Live
  • Patrick Steals A Shoe
  • Patrick Outsmarts A Sea Monster
  • Patrick Forgets To Take A Shower
  • Patrick Marries A Lamp
  • Patrick Divorces A Lamp
  • Patrick Finds A Piece of Gum
  • Patrick Annoys His Boss
  • Patrick Drinks Purple Tea
  • Patrick Goes To Sleep
  • Patrick Wakes Up
  • Patrick Befriends His Bellybutton Lint
  • Patrick Loses His Brain
  • Patrick Swims To China
  • Patrick Takes Up Fiddling
  • Patrick Fiddles As Rome Burns
  • Patrick Writes A Book
  • Patrick Falls In Love With A Mermaid
  • Patrick Visits His Grandparents
  • Patrick Saves The World
  • Patrick Destroys The World
  • Patrick Goes to the Doctor
  • Patrick Lifts Weights With Larry
  • Patrick Breaks Fred's Leg
  • Patrick Mourns the Death of His Lamp
  • Patrick Holds a Funeral in Squidward's Backyard
  • Patrick Solves a Rubix Cube
  • Patrick Takes the Name of Texas in Vain
  • Patrick Buys a Hat
  • Patrick Forgets How to Eat Again
  • Patrick Cleans Up SpongeBob's Shelf
  • Patrick Sings the Blues
  • Patrick Gets a New Job
  • Patrick Loses His Tooth
  • Patrick Winds Up in Prison
  • Patrick Busts Out of Prison
  • Patrick Does The Twist
  • Patrick Watches Paint Dry
  • Patrick Swallows a Bug
  • Patrick Meets His Nephews
  • Patrick Abandons His Nephews
  • Patrick Eats Too Much Ice Cream
  • Patrick Plays in the Olympics
  • Patrick Goes to a Comic Book Convention
  • Patrick Dies
  • Patrick Rises
  • Patrick Returns From a Vacation
  • Patrick Wears White After Labor Day
  • Patrick Prank Calls Squidward
  • Patrick Shows Up Late to Work
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #1
  • Patrick Gets Lost in a Corn Maze
  • Patrick Is Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
  • Patrick Kicks Flatts' Butt
  • Patrick Encounters the Megalodon
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #2
  • Patrick Gets His Boat Fixed
  • Patrick Covers Up
  • Patrick Meets John K
  • Patrick Locks Himself in the Freezer
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #3
  • Patrick Tries to Get His Favorite Television Show Back on the Air
  • Patrick Runs a Marathon
  • Patrick Breaks the Camel's Back
  • Patrick Does Plankton a Favor
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #4
  • Patrick Serves in the Army
  • Patrick Gets Sent a Bunch of Snail Facts
  • Patrick Sings the Bikini Bottom National Anthem
  • Patrick Gives Mrs. Puff An Apple
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #5
  • Patrick No Habla Español
  • Patrick Has a Cruddy Birthday
  • Patrick Breaks Fred's Leg (Again)
  • Patrick Quits His Job At the CB
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #6
  • Patrick Joins a Traveling Circus
  • Patrick Attempts the Dirty Bubble Challenge
  • Patrick Makes a Sandwich
  • Patrick Gets a Pet Worm
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #7
  • Patrick Hides From An Axe Murderer
  • Patrick Gives Birth to an Alien
  • Patrick Is Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
  • Patrick Didn't Start the Fire
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #8
  • Patrick Tells a Story
  • Patrick Wins the Lottery
  • Patrick Needs Glasses
  • Patrick Eats the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Patrick Reunites With His Parents
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #9
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #10
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #11
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #12
  • The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star #100
  • Patrick Star Wars
  • Patrick Does An Elaborate Disney Parody
  • Patrick Star Wars: The Farce Awakens
  • Patrick Gets a Haircut
  • Patrick's Fan Mail #13
  • Patrick Goes to Pizza Castle
  • Patrick Stinks
  • Patrick Shuts Down the Government
  • Patrick Gets Snapped
  • Patrick Protests the Bubble Bowl
  • Patrick Gets His Own Planet
  • Patrick Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker Part I
  • Patrick Wins An Award
  • Patrick Gets Quarantined
  • Patrick Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker Part II: The Dead Speak!
  • Patrick Starts a Talk Show
  • Patrick-Man: Infinity War
  • Patrick Sings a Silly Song
  • Patrick-Man: Endgame


  • Near every episode ends in "What a twist!"

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