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The show's title card created by Shinya
Show Info
Premiere Date June 10, 2011
End Date October 3, 2019
Status Ended
Views 73,364 (as of 12/10/19)
Type Spin-Off
Genre Comedy
Seasons 11
Episodes 226
Rating Mature
SpongeBoard 1
Created By Old Man Jenkins
Showrunner jjsthekid (Season 7-11)
Writers jjsthekid (Season 6-11)
Old Man Jenkins (Season 10-11)
SpongeOddFan (Season 10-11)
Hayden (Season 10-11)

Skodwarde is a spin-off created by OMJ, and later ran by Jjsthekid. The show followed the risqué adventures of Squidward's cousin, Skodwarde. It has become one of the most-read spin-offs on the site, as well as one of the most impactful and popular. The last writing team before its closure consisteed of Jjsthekid, Old Man Jenkins, Hayden and SpongeOddFan. Skodwarde was inducted into the Spin-Off Hall Of Fame during the 2nd Golden Community Awards. It was the first spin-off/lit to hold the #1 position of SpongeBoard for more than two consecutive weeks.

On September 13th, 2018, it was announced that Skodwarde would be ending in 2019, and that Season 11 would be the last. The 226th episode was the final episode in the spin-off, which was posted on October 3, 2019.

On December 26th, 2020, jjs announced Skodwarde would return in 2021 for its 10th anniversary to parody Kamp Koral and Sponge on the Run.

Skodwarde was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows in spin-off history, on either SBC or

Episode Guide

Season 1

Number Title Written by Post Date
1a. Help Wanted Old Man Jenkins June 10, 2011
1b. Reef Blower Old Man Jenkins June 10, 2011
1c. Tea at the Treedome Old Man Jenkins June 10, 2011
2a. Bubblestand Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
2b. Ripped Pants Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
3a. Jellyfishing Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
3b. Plankton! Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
4a. Naughty Nautical Neighbors Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
4b. Boating School Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
5a. Pizza Delivery Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
5b. Home Sweet Pineapple Old Man Jenkins June 11, 2011
6a. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Old Man Jenkins June 12, 2011
6b. Pickles Old Man Jenkins June 12, 2011
7a. Hall Monitor Old Man Jenkins June 13, 2011
7b. Jellyfish Jam Old Man Jenkins June 13, 2011
8a. Sandy's Rocket Old Man Jenkins June 13, 2011
8b. Squeaky Boots Old Man Jenkins June 13, 2011
9a. Nature Pants Old Man Jenkins June 14, 2011
9b. Opposite Day Old Man Jenkins June 14, 2011
10a. Culture Shock Old Man Jenkins June 23, 2011
10b. F.U.N. Old Man Jenkins June 23, 2011
11a. MuscleBob BuffPants Old Man Jenkins June 23, 2011
11b. Skodwarde, The Unfriendly Ghost Old Man Jenkins June 23, 2011
12a. The Chaperone Fa June 23, 2011
12b. Employee of the Month Fa June 23, 2011
13a. Scaredy Pants Old Man Jenkins June 24, 2011
13b. I Was a Teenage Gary Old Man Jenkins June 24, 2011
14a. SB-129 Clappy June 24, 2011
14b. Karate Choppers Clappy June 24, 2011
15a. Sleepy Time Old Man Jenkins June 26, 2011
15b. SUDs Old Man Jenkins June 26, 2011
16a. Valentine's Day Old Man Jenkins June 26, 2011
16b. The Paper Old Man Jenkins June 26, 2011
17a. Arrgh! Old Man Jenkins June 28, 2011
17b. Rock Bottom Old Man Jenkins June 28, 2011
18a. Tex-Ass Jelly June 28, 2011
18b. Walking Small Jelly June 28, 2011
19a. Fools in April Old Man Jenkins June 30, 2011
19b. Neptune's Dildo Old Man Jenkins June 30, 2011
20a. Hooky Old Man Jenkins July 1, 2011
20b. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II Old Man Jenkins July 1, 2011

Season 2

Number Title Written by Post Date
21a. Your Shoe's Untied Old Man Jenkins July 11, 2011
21b. Skod's Day Off Old Man Jenkins July 11, 2011
22a. Something Smells Old Man Jenkins July 15, 2011
22b. Bossy Boots Old Man Jenkins July 15, 2011
23a. Big Pink Asshole Old Man Jenkins September 6, 2011
23b. Bubble Buddy Old Man Jenkins September 6, 2011
24a. Dying for Pie Old Man Jenkins October 25, 2011
24b. Imitation Krabs Old Man Jenkins October 25, 2011
25a. Wormy Clappy December 3, 2011
25b. Patty Hype Clappy December 3, 2011
26a. Grandma's Kisses Clappy December 3, 2011
26b. Skodville Clappy December 3, 2011
27a. Pre-Hibernation Week Clappy December 3, 2011
27b. Life of Crime Clappy December 3, 2011
28. Christmas Who? Clappy December 4, 2011
29a. Survival of the Idiots Old Man Jenkins December 4, 2011
29b. Dumped Old Man Jenkins December 4, 2011
30a. No Free Rides Wumbology December 10, 2011
30b. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic Wumbology December 10, 2011
31a. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Clappy December 17, 2011
31b. Squirrel Jokes Clappy December 17, 2011
32a. Pressure Clappy December 18, 2011
32b. The Smoking Peanut Clappy December 18, 2011
33a. Shanghaied Clappy, Wumbology and Old Man Jenkins January 2, 2012
33b. Gary Takes a Bath Clappy December 18, 2011
34a. Welcome To The Cum Bucket Clappy January 2, 2012
34b. Frakendoodle Clappy January 2, 2012
35a. The Secret Box Clappy January 5, 2012
35b. Band Geeks Clappy January 5, 2012
36a. Graveyard Shift Old Man Jenkins January 6, 2012
36b. Krusty Lust Old Man Jenkins January 9, 2012
37a. Procrastination Clappy January 7, 2012
37b. I'm With Stupid Clappy January 7, 2012
38a. Sailor Mouth Clappy January 9, 2012
38b. Artist Unknown Clappy January 9, 2012
39a. Jellyfish Holocaust Old Man Jenkins January 14, 2012
39b. The Fry Cook Games Old Man Jenkins January 14, 2012
40a. Skod on Strike Clappy January 17, 2012
40b. Sandy, SpongeBob, Skodwarde, and the Worm Clappy January 17, 2012

Season 3

Number Title Written by Post Date
41a. The Algae's Always Greener Wumbology January 22, 2012
41b. SpongeGuard on Duty Wumbology January 22, 2012
42a. Club SpongeBob Clappy January 22, 2012
42b. My Pretty Sea Whore Clappy January 22, 2012
43a. The Fucker Old Man Jenkins January 22, 2012
43b. Just One Bite Old Man Jenkins January 22, 2012
44a. Nasty Patty Wumbology January 26, 2012
44b. Skodwarde Casually Observes Robot Pirate Island Wumbology January 26, 2012
45a. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV: The Incredible Shrinking Study of Wumbo Old Man Jenkins January 26, 2012
45b. Bad Girls Old Man Jenkins January 26, 2012
46a. The Fourth Wall Effect Clappy January 30, 2012
46b. One Krab's Crap Clappy January 30, 2012
47a. As Seen On TV Old Man Jenkins February 1, 2012
47b. Can You Spare A Dime? Old Man Jenkins February 1, 2012
48a. No Prudes Allowed Wumbology February 1, 2012
48b. Skolliam Returns Wumbology February 1, 2012
49a. Krab Borg Clappy February 1, 2012
49b. Rock-a-Bye Bivalve Clappy February 1, 2012
50a. Wet Painters Wumbology February 22, 2012
50b. Krusty Krab Training Video Wumbology February 22, 2012
51. Skodwarde's Raging House Party Clappy February 28, 2012
52a. Sexual Chocolate With These Nuts Old Man Jenkins March 25, 2012
52b. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, brought to you by the letter V Old Man Jenkins March 25, 2012
53a. New Student Starfish Old Man Jenkins March 31, 2012
53b. Clams Old Man Jenkins March 31, 2012
54. Fuck (Skodwarde BC: Before Condoms) Wumbology April 2, 2012
55a. The Great Hooker Race Jjsthekid April 15, 2012
55b. Mid-Life Pedophiles Jjsthekid April 15, 2012
56a. Born Again Krabs Clappy April 17, 2012
56b. I Had An Accident Clappy April 17, 2012
57a. Krabby Land Wumbology April 21, 2012
57b. The Threesome Episode Wumbology April 21, 2012
58a. Missing Dildo Clappy April 24, 2012
58b. Plankton's Orgy Clappy May 5, 2012
59. The Sponge Who Got Back Old Man Jenkins April 23, 2012
60a. SpongeBob Meats The Strangler Old Man Jenkins April 26, 2012
60b. Spanks A Lot Old Man Jenkins April 26, 2012

Season 4

Number Title Written by Post Date
61a. Fear of Sexual Stimulation Clappy May 25, 2012
61b. Hell of a Man Clappy May 25, 2012
62a. The Lost Mattress Clappy May 29, 2012
62b. Krabs vs Plankton vs Skodwarde Clappy May 29, 2012
63. Have You Seen This, Bitch? Old Man Jenkins May 29, 2012
64a. Skill Crane Wumbology May 30, 2012
64b. Jesus Christ, These Neighbors Are Fucking Terrible Wumbology May 30, 2012
65a. Selling Out Old Man Jenkins June 7, 2012
65b. Funny Pants Old Man Jenkins June 7, 2012
66. Douches and Dragons Old Man Jenkins May 31, 2012
67a. Enemy-in-Law Old Man Jenkins June 6, 2012
67b. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI Forever: The Quest For Peace Old Man Jenkins June 6, 2012
68a. Patrick Smartass Old Man Jenkins June 6, 2012
68b. SkodBob TesticlePants Old Man Jenkins June 6, 2012
69a. Krusty Hostel Clappy June 14, 2012
69b. Puff Mama, You're Fired Clappy June 18, 2012
70a. Ghost Host Wumbology June 17, 2012
70b. Chimps Ahoy Wumbology June 17, 2012
71a. Whale of a Blowjob Steel Sponge June 17, 2012
71b. Karate Nightclub Steel Sponge June 17, 2012
72a. All Those Tears Jjsthekid June 17, 2012
72b. Wishing You Hell Jjsthekid June 17, 2012
73a. New Leaf Clappy June 18, 2012
73b. Once Bitten Clappy June 18, 2012
74a. Bummer Vacation Jjsthekid June 21, 2012
74b. Wigfucked Jjsthekid June 21, 2012
75a. Skodtastic Voyage Clappy June 25, 2012
75b. Pink Momma's House Clappy June 25, 2012
76a. The Bulge Clappy June 26, 2012
76b. SpongeSebastian's Street Magic Special Clappy June 26, 2012
77a. Driven to Douche Wumbology July 3, 2012
77b. Rule of Douche Wumbology July 3, 2012
78a. Born to Be Wild Wumbology July 6, 2012
78b. Best Frenemies Wumbology July 6, 2012
79a. The Pink Dickhead Clappy July 10, 2012
79b. Skod Wood Clappy July 10, 2012
80a. Best Sex Ever Old Man Jenkins July 12, 2012
80b. The Gift of Cum Old Man Jenkins July 12, 2012

Season 5

Number Title Written by Post Date
81. Friend or Foe? Wumbology July 19, 2012
82a. The Original Fry Cook Jjsthekid July 19, 2012
82b. Night Light Jjsthekid July 19, 2012
83a. Rise and Shine, Motherfuckers Clappy July 23, 2012
83b. We Are Running Out of Actual Plot Ideas! Clappy July 23, 2012
83c. Herpes Among Us Clappy July 23, 2012
84a. Butt Buddies Old Man Jenkins July 24, 2012
84b. Skodwarde PSA Old Man Jenkins July 24, 2012
84c. Good Ol' What'shisname Old Man Jenkins July 24, 2012
85a. New Digs Wumbology July 30, 2012
85b. Krabs a La Mode Wumbology July 30, 2012
86a. Roller Pussies Clappy August 16, 2012
86b. Cum Sweet Cum Clappy August 16, 2012
87a. To Fuck a Patty Wumbology September 3, 2012
87b. Breath of Fresh Skodwarde Wumbology September 3, 2012
88a. Money Talks Jjsthekid September 5, 2012
88b. SpongeBob vs. Skodwarde vs. The Patty Gadget Jjsthekid September 5, 2012
88c. Dirty Dancing Jjsthekid September 5, 2012
89a. The Krusty Sponge Wumbology September 12, 2012
89b. Sing a Song of Patrick Wumbology September 12, 2012
90a. Crabs in Her "Dome" Clappy October 3, 2012
90b. An Episode Whose Existence is of Shame Clappy October 3, 2012
90c. The Krusty Plate Clappy October 3, 2012
91a. Goo Goo Gas Wumbology October 3, 2012
91b. Le Big Switch Wumbology October 3, 2012
92. Atlantis: The Skod Empire Old Man Jenkins October 27, 2012
93a. Picture Day Old Man Jenkins November 2, 2012
93b. Pat No Pay Old Man Jenkins November 2, 2012
93c. Slapjack Old Man Jenkins November 2, 2012
94a. Hardened Sponge Clappy November 27, 2012
94b. Mermaid Man vs Skodwarde: IN SPACE Clappy November 27, 2012
95a. The Inmates of the Shawshank Redemption Jjsthekid December 5, 2012
95b. To Save a Skanky Squirrel Jjsthekid December 5, 2012
96. The Good, The Bad, and The Schneisse! Old Man Jenkins December 8, 2012
97a. 69,000 Overused Gags Under The Sea Jjsthekid December 9, 2012
97b. Battle of Pointlessness Jjsthekid December 9, 2012
98. Whatever Happened to Skodwarde? Clappy December 10, 2012
99a. The Handsome Clause Clappy January 14, 2013
99b. Stereotypical Song and Dance Party at the End of Animated Movies Clappy January 14, 2013
100a. Banned in SBC Old Man Jenkins December 22, 2012
100b. This Is Stanley S. SquarePants Old Man Jenkins December 22, 2012

Season 6

Number Title Written by Post Date
101a. Hausu Fancy Jjsthekid January 23, 2013
101b. Skodwarde Meets David Eisley and Bob Kulick Clappy February 25, 2013
102a. Condom Foolish Clappy April 2, 2013
102b. Skodwarde Makes Up For That Horrible Episode By Tripping Major Ballsack Clappy April 2, 2013
103a. Skodwardacus: Blood and Sand Clappy April 23, 2013
103b. Suction Cup Sodomy JCM June 1, 2013
104a. SpongeBob The Nazi Jjsthekid June 8, 2013
104b. Gone With The Wind Jjsthekid June 8, 2013
105a. hilaryfan80's Splinter Operation Jjsthekid June 13, 2013
105b. Flo Rida's Whistle Boys Jjsthekid June 13, 2013
106a. Hunka Matata Old Man Jenkins June 15, 2013
106b. Tanorexic Old Man Jenkins June 15, 2013
107a. Skodzilla CDCB July 20, 2013
107b. Dicks.....Dicks Everywhere Aquatic Nuggets July 20, 2013
108a. CSI: Bikini Bottom Volume I - Patty Capers Jjsthekid July 22, 2013
108b. Plankton's #1 Fan Jjsthekid July 22, 2013
109a. Blowjob Buddies The Idiot Box July 23, 2013
109b. The Krusty Kronicle The Idiot Box July 23, 2013
110a. Slumber Party Massacre Clappy July 24, 2013
110b. Grooming Skodwarde On National Porn Day Trophy July 24, 2013
111. Skodwarde Testicles vs. The D Wumbology July 25, 2013
112a. SpongeBob's a Rich Bitch, Believe It! Jjsthekid July 26, 2013
112b. Skodwarde of the Opera Jjsthekid July 26, 2013
113a. BAH GAWD Old Man Jenkins July 27, 2013
113b. Skodwarde Discovers Yu-Gi-Oh! Jjsthekid August 3, 2013
114a. Dear Nazis Jjsthekid August 10, 2013
114b. Fuckin' Jjsthekid August 10, 2013
115a. The Skod Family Tree Clappy August 12, 2013
115b. Skoduminati Jjsthekid August 17, 2013
116a. Skod's Visit to Hell Clappy September 1, 2013
116b. Freaky Friday Clappy September 1, 2013
117a. Shuffleboarding Wumbology September 4, 2013
117b. Professor Skodwarde Wumbology September 4, 2013
118a. Pervs or Pests Jjsthekid September 8, 2013
118b. The Angry Computer Game Nerd Jjsthekid September 8, 2013
119a. That Gullible Piece Of Shit ClassicNickelodeonFan1 September 8, 2013
119b. Overfucked ClassicNickelodeonFan1 September 8, 2013
120a. No Condom for Patrick Jjsthekid September 14, 2013
120b. Porn Store of Doom Jjsthekid September 14, 2013
121a. Sand Wars Jjsthekid September 27, 2013
121b. Shell Shocked Jjsthekid September 27, 2013
122a. Cum Bucket Supreme CDCB September 29, 2013
122b. Sing Like a Skod! CDCB September 29, 2013
123/124. Truth or Square? Wumbology September 30, 2013
125a. Pineapple Fever Wumbology October 2, 2013
125b. Cum Caverns Wumbology October 2, 2013
126. The Clash of Tritawn! Jjsthekid October 4, 2013

Season 7

Number Title Written by Post Date
127a. Naughty Tentacle Vision JCM October 5, 2013
127b. I ♥ Emoticons JCM October 7, 2013
128a. Pole's Period Jjsthekid October 8, 2013
128b. Fucked In The Wringer Jjsthekid October 8, 2013
129a. Cooking With Dumb Squirrels Trophy October 13, 2013
129b. The "Inside" Job ClassicNickelodeonFan1 October 13, 2013
130a. Greasy Politics Jjsthekid October 18, 2013
130b. Porn Star Sponge Jjsthekid October 18, 2013
131a. Keep My Bikini Bottom Bootyful JCM October 20, 2013
131b. A Pal For Spongey Trophy October 22, 2013
132a. Mine, Mine, MINE! ClassicNickelodeonFan1 October 26, 2013
132b. Cocked Crabs ClassicNickelodeonFan1 October 26, 2013
133a. Ghost Busters Jjsthekid October 31, 2013
133b. Skodwarde in Porn Land Jjsthekid October 31, 2013
134. Skodwarde's Last Stand ClassicNickelodeonFan1 November 29, 2013
135a. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VII: Back to the Future Part IV JCM December 6, 2013
135b. The Bad Girl Club for Anemones JCM December 9, 2013
136a. A Day Without Jerking Off Jjsthekid December 13, 2013
136b. The Summer Blowjobs The Idiot Box December 24, 2013
137a. One Coarse Meal Got Served CDCB December 26, 2013
137b. Gary in Lust Clappy November 4, 2013
138a. The Porn's the Thing JCM January 4, 2014
138b. Rod-eo Daze CDCB January 9, 2014
139a. Gramma's Meth Recipe ClassicNickelodeonFan1 January 26, 2014
139b. The Cent of Children ClassicNickelodeonFan1 January 26, 2014
140a. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom! Old Man Jenkins October 9, 2013
140b. Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle! Old Man Jenkins October 10, 2013
141a. The Cruse of the Sex! Old Man Jenkins October 10, 2013
141b. The Glory Hole! Old Man Jenkins October 11, 2013
142a. Skodbillies! Old Man Jenkins October 12, 2013
142b. Skod-Cano! Old Man Jenkins October 12, 2013
143. CSI: Bikini Bottom Volume II - Who Killed Skodwarde Testicles? Jjsthekid January 31, 2014
144a. My Achy Sinky Heart JCM February 15, 2014
144b. The Karate Rick JCM February 17, 2014
145a. Buried In A- Fuck It, You Don't Remember This Episode Anyway Aquatic Nuggets February 22, 2014
145b. Enchanted Space Jam Land Aquatic Nuggets February 22, 2014
146a. The Abusive Side JCM March 3, 2014
146b. Ear Rape CDCB March 4, 2014
147a. Masturbate and Then What Happens? ClassicNickelodeonFan1 April 5, 2014
147b. Pornographic Shenanigans ClassicNickelodeonFan1 April 19, 2014
148a. Skodwarde's Masterpiece Jjsthekid, CDCB, and SpongeOddFan March 30, 2014
148b. DEM WHELKS Are Cumming! CDCB May 27, 2014
149a. You Don't Know Jack About Sponge Jjsthekid May 11, 2014
149b. Tunnel of Sex Jjsthekid May 11, 2014
150a. Krusty Wieners ClassicNickelodeonFan1 June 10, 2014
150b. The Wreck of the Absolution ClassicNickelodeonFan1 June 10, 2014
151a. New God In Town Cha June 11, 2014
151b. Lady Skoga: Wanna Poke Her Face CDCB June 23, 2014
152a. Big Cousin Cammie JCM June 28, 2014
152b. Perfect Cum-istry JCM June 30, 2014

Season 8

Number Title Written by Post Date
153a. Assidents Will Happen JCM July 14, 2014
153b. The Flappy Patty JCM July 15, 2014
154a. This Episode Is All That! ClassicNickelodeonFan1 July 25, 2014
154b. The Hot Shot The Idiot Box July 27, 2014
155a. Balls to the Wall Steel Sponge August 9, 2014
155b. SpongeBob SquarePants: Buried Alive (KHAN!) Steel Sponge August 10, 2014
156. Total Drama: Frozen Fuck-Off Jjsthekid August 15, 2014
157a. Skod's School for Gods CDCB September 7, 2014
157b. Oral Report CDCB September 7, 2014
158a. The Skeet And Slutty Tale Of Skodiman Slutton Aquatic Nuggets September 13, 2014
158b. The Druggy Artiste ClassicNickelodeonFan1 September 20, 2014
159. Vacationing and Getting Into Numerous Accidents CDCB October 14, 2014
160a. Pat's Risquécation JCM October 14, 2014
160b. Fucking The Plankton ClassicNickelodeonFan1 October 15, 2014
161a. Mooncondom Cha October 16, 2014
161b. Mr. Krabs Does America (Seabola: The New Semenal Age) Aquatic Nuggets October 18, 2014
162. Little Sex Shop of Horrors JCM October 31, 2014
163a. Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Assvenger JCM November 8, 2014
163b. Plankton's Dope Dick Jjsthekid November 13, 2014
164a. Barnacle Faise JCM November 22, 2014
164b. Pet Fucker Pat Trophy November 28, 2014
165a. Sittin' On Sandy's House Reveals The Cure For AIDS Aquatic Nuggets December 1, 2014
165b. Slimy Jizz at Bikini Bottom ClassicNickelodeonFan1 December 13, 2014
166a. Bubble Pickles Aquatic Nuggets December 23, 2014
166b. Way of the Spooge: The Next Episode Aquatic Nuggets December 23, 2014
167a. The Krabby Patty That Ate Out Bikini Bottom JCM January 11, 2015
167b. Bubble Buddy II: Back in Black Jjsthekid January 14, 2015
168a. Repelling SpongeBob Aquatic Nuggets January 23, 2015
168b. Matt Keezer and the Porn Fiasco! ClassicNickelodeonFan1 & Jjsthekid February 21, 2015
169a. Asshole Day Trophy February 7, 2015
169b. Poon of the Jellyfish Aquatic Nuggets February 16, 2015
170a. Free Shit Jjsthekid February 25, 2015
170b. Home Sweet Rubbish Jjsthekid February 28, 2015
171a. Karen 2: Electric Boogaloo ClassicNickelodeonFan1 March 24, 2015
171b. NymphoSkodiac Clappy March 15, 2015
172a. Faise, Freeze! JCM & Jjsthekid March 28, 2015
172b. Condom R.I.P. Aquatic Nuggets April 5, 2015
173a. Skoditis ClassicNickelodeonFan1 & CDCB April 26, 2015
173b. Demolition Douchebag JCM May 1, 2015
174a. Skeets! Aquatic Nuggets May 25, 2015
174b. For Here or To Goaste JCM May 22, 2015
175. It's A Skodwarde Christmas!: Tis The Season To Be Slutty ClassicNickelodeonFan1 January 5, 2015
176a. Super Evil Aquatic Villain Orgy Is Go! Jjsthekid May 28, 2015
176b. Cum Dickassee JCM June 3, 2015
177a. The Shameless Promotion of a Burger Flipping Crustacean ClassicNickelodeonFan1 June 30, 2015
177b. Move It or Lose It Jjsthekid & CDCB June 21, 2015
178. Hello Justin Timberlake! Aquatic Nuggets July 12, 2015

Season 9

Number Title Written by Post Date
179a. Extreme Jackoffs JCM September 26, 2015
179b. Spin Me Round Like A Squirrel Record SpongeOddFan September 27, 2015
180a. Patman: The Pink Pimp Rises Jjsthekid October 3, 2015
180b. Crack Ball Fa November 7, 2015
181a. License To Jerkshake Aquatic Nuggets October 31, 2015
181b. Skod Baby Cha October 11, 2015
182a. Little Yellow Cock JCM November 14, 2015
182b. Operation: DrugBob Rev up those fryers November 17, 2015
183a. Damn! A Prostitute! Aquatic Nuggets December 5, 2015
183b. Skod Defense JCM December 30, 2015
184a. Anal Rape! Aquatic Nuggets January 11, 2016
184b. The Evil Spatula Dildo Halibut January 11, 2016
185. Attack of the Shit That Came From Goo Lagoon! Jjsthekid February 14, 2016
186a. Mr. Krabs and the Money Prostitute Factory Trophy March 5, 2016
186b. Plankton's Prick (feat. Future & Young Thug) Aquatic Nuggets April 8, 2016
187a. Hooky 2: Electric Hook-aloo Fred Rechid October 31, 2015
187b. The Poltergasming Jjsthekid April 14, 2016
188a. Penny the Pornstar JCM May 1, 2016
188b. Ratings Jumpscare Rev up those fryers May 22, 2016
189. Skodwarde, You're Fucked Old Man Jenkins June 17, 2016
190a. Lost in Da Hood Jjsthekid June 27, 2016
190b. Tutor Sauce Trophy July 26, 2016
191a. Skod Plus One (Dick) Aquatic Nuggets August 29, 2016
191b. DJ Patrick Story by: Trophy
Written by: SpongeOddFan
September 16, 2016
192a. Cumpany Picnic JCM September 23, 2016
192b. Pirates of the Arrgibbean Jjsthekid September 30, 2016
193a. The Humpback of Bikini Bottom Cha October 7, 2016
193b. Pink Pimp Patrick Trophy November 26, 2016
194a. Skodwarde: The Game JCM October 29, 2016
194b. Sewer Adventure ft. Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich Jjsthekid November 4, 2016
195a. Skodwarde SchlongPants Old Man Jenkins December 31, 2016
195b. Skod & Larry's Gym SpongeOddFan February 15, 2017
196a. The Shit Bowl Aquatic Nuggets February 19, 2017
196b. Moneylover JCM January 4, 2017
197a. Mall Cop Scott Jjsthekid February 26, 2017
197b. Two Thumbs In Hayden March 4, 2017
198a. Communists vs. Fascists Trophy March 19, 2017
198b. CopyBob DittoPants: A Documentary in Stupidity Trophy April 27, 2017
199a. Thots! Aquatic Nuggets June 14, 2017
199b. Thanks, SpongeBama! Steel Sponge June 3, 2017
200. Goodbye, Skodwarde? JCM June 12, 2017
201a. Skodwarde's Nutmare Cha June 7, 2017
201b. Troll Board SpongeOddFan June 7, 2017
202a. Porn Con Castaways Jjsthekid June 21, 2017
202b. Skod Mail JCM July 9, 2017
203a. Plankton vs. Gary! Decisive Pineapple Battle?! Jjsthekid July 10, 2017
203b. Salsa Fillercus Old Man Jenkins August 30, 2017
204a. Mutiny On The - Oh Shit, God Battle Aquatic Nuggets September 3, 2017
204b. A Whole Tooth of Shit SpongeOddFan September 4, 2017

Season 10

Number Title Written by Post Date
205a. Hyper Exaggerated Cartoony Bullshit and Really Loud Screaming For No Reason Aquatic Nuggets November 29, 2017
205b. Mermaid Rants Hayden January 10, 2018
206a. Unreal Prostate Cha January 3, 2018
206b. The Passion of the Skod: Code Reckoning Aquatic Nuggets March 3, 2018
207a. Gimmick Madness Jjsthekid January 14, 2018
207b. The Passion of the Skod II: Ominous Subtitle Aquatic Nuggets March 3, 2018
208a. Booze You Lose SpongeOddFan January 23, 2018
208b. Krusty Cakery Hayden June 23, 2018
209a. Skodwarde: Civil War Old Man Jenkins March 7, 2018
209b. Karen Gets the Boot SpongeOddFan March 1, 2018
210a. Death Insurance Hayden August 16, 2018
210b. Burstin' Your Bubble Jjsthekid April 11, 2018
211a. Plankton Fucks Up Cha & SpongeOddFan March 22, 2018
211b. The Trouble with Dildos Old Man Jenkins April 27, 2018
212a. The Incredible Shrinking Skod Jjsthekid June 20, 2018
212b. Passion of the Skod III: Quantum War - Under My Wing? (feat. Kanye West, Andy Sandberg, Justin Timberlake, & The Fucking President) Aquatic Nuggets December 16, 2018
213a. Skod-away JCM August 15, 2018
213b. Found and Lost! SpongeOddFan & Jjsthekid July 24, 2018
214a. God Coupon SpongeOddFan July 30, 2018
214b. Out of Filter Fa January 9, 2019
215a. [redacted] Friends Old Man Jenkins August 11, 2018
215b. Don't Save Patrick Hayden August 27, 2018

Season 11

It was announced on September 13th, 2018, that Season 11 would be the final season of Skodwarde. However, this season worked differently than past ones. It did not adapt every episode from the SpongeBob season it is based on, and it was only 20 episodes. "It's a Wonderful Skod!" was the series finale, posted on October 3rd, 2019.

Number Title Written by Post Date
216a. Cave Dwelling Skod Jjsthekid November 21, 2018
216b. The Clam Kings SpongeOddFan December 5, 2018
217a. Prick Returns (feat Dr. Dre & Snoop) Cha December 16, 2018
217b. Man Gay Refurnishes Hayden August 13, 2019
218. Poon on The Moon Old Man Jenkins February 9, 2019
219a. CSI: Bikini Bottom Volume III - Skod Noire Jjsthekid February 28, 2019
219b. Teacher's Bitches SpongeOddFan March 10, 2019
220a. Larry the Main Character Old Man Jenkins March 20, 2019
220b. Skodwarde + Bunnies! An Off-the-Wall Kingdom Battle Spells the End for the Show!! Old Man Jenkins March 27, 2019
221a. Gary's Actually Exciting Critic Corner Hayden September 4, 2019
221b. SpongeBob ‘n Friends episode 54: Gramma Funny Moments Cha April 9, 2019
222a. Pat the Whore SpongeOddFan April 15, 2019
222b. Bad Times at the Scrapped Dimension Old Man Jenkins May 18, 2019 (Part 1)
June 7, 2019 (Parts 2 & 3)
223a. Move That Bubble Bath Hayden October 3, 2019
223b. Break The (Fourth) Leg! Fa June 30, 2019
224a. Weak Lemonade Patty Sponge May 30, 2019
224b. Pole Watching SpongeOddFan August 31, 2019
225a. Bubble Buddy III: Game of Bubbles Jjsthekid October 3, 2019
225b. Girls Night Scissoring Cha October 3, 2019
226. It's a Wonderful Skod! Jjsthekid & Old Man Jenkins October 3, 2019


Skodwarde Movie

The Skodwarde Movie was written by the original Skodwarde writers panel of Clappy, Wumbo and OMJ in three separate parts. Parts 1 and 2 were posted May 20th, 2012, while Part 3 was posted May 22nd, 2012.

Plot: A true blue coming of age story. When Plankton frames Mr. Krabs for the theft of King Neptune's penis, Skodwarde, Spongebob and Patrick are sent out on a quest to retrieve it and bring it back from parts unknown. They find themselves in one compromising situation after another as their undersea world pushes each of them into an emasculate corner where they must rely on each other in order to help compensate for what fate has taken away from each of them to get the job done and make it all the way home.

Skodwarde Movie: Skod Out of Water

The Skodwarde Movie: Skod Out of Water is written by the new Skodwarde writers panel of Jjsthekid, JCM, ClassicNickelodeonFan1, Aquatic Nuggets, along with Old Man Jenkins and CDCB pitching in for some freelance work. It was divided into three parts like the original movie. The first part, written by Jjs and JCM, was posted September 5th, 2015, the second part, written by CNF1 and CDCB was posted September 6th, 2015, and the third part, written by OMJ, Nuggets, and Jjs, was posted September 19th, 2015.

Skodwarde Movie: Skod on the Run

Coming in 2021.


Several series of shorts have been created for Skodwarde.

Someone Drops By Skodwarde's House

1. Charlie Sheen Drops By Skodwarde's House

2. The RACB Drops By Skodwarde's House

3. The Mud Man Drops By Skodwarde's House

4. Chris Hansen Drops By Skodwarde's House

5. The Undersea Force Drops by Skodwarde's House

6. Skodwarde Drops By Squidward's House

7. Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari Drop By Skodwarde's House

8. SpongeBob and Patrick Drop By Skodwarde's House

9. Bill Cipher Drops by Skodwarde's House

Skodwarde's Childhood

A one-off short posted by OMJ in 2012 that was a parody of Squidward's Childhood, a show created by NathanJR94.

Skod vs. Skol

1. Battle of the (Skod) Bands

2. MTV Cribs: Pineapple Fancy / Flying Feces

Who Killed Skodwarde Testicles? Shorts

1. What if the Mystery Ended This Way?

2. Molester and Twerky Mysteries

3. CumShoe RoundBalls

Sandy's Vagination is Brewin'

A short that was posted along with 159 that Skodified the Runaway Roadtrip short Sandy's Vacation in Ruins.

Moldy Butt

A short that Skodified the "Moldy Sponge" short, written by OMJ as a one-off gig for Halloween 2014.


Final Writing Team

Jjsthekid: Jjs became a guest writer in Season 3 and remained in that position until he became a permanent writer (as OMJ's replacement) in Season 6. He became showrunner of Skodwarde in Season 7 and stayed the showrunner until the end in Season 11.

Hayden: Hayden guest wrote the Season 9 episode "Two Thumbs In". He became a staff writer in Season 10 with "Mermaid Rants". His final episode was "Move That Bubble Bath".

SpongeOddFan: SOF started off as a guest writer by helping guest write the Season 7 episode "Skodwarde's Masterpiece", and then guest wrote the Season 9 episodes "Spin Me Round Like A Squirrel Record", "DJ Patrick", "Skod & Larry's Gym", and "Troll Board". He became a permanent staff writer starting with "A Whole Tooth of Shit", continuing into Seasons 10 and 11. His final episode was "Pole Watching".

OMJ: OMJ is creator of the show and was the main writer for Season 1. He gave the show rights to Clappy in early Season 2, but remained a permanent writer on the show until the end of Season 5, when he announced his departure. He still occasionally guest wrote episodes here and there. Episodes 140-142 were his original last episodes as a guest however, he later came back to guest write the Season 9 episodes "Skodwarde, You're Fucked", "Skodwarde SchlongPants" and "Salsa Fillercus", and the Season 10 episodes "Skodwarde: Civil War", "The Trouble with Dildos" and "[redacted] Friends". In Season 11, he temporarily became a staff writer again due to it being the last season. Season 8 was the only season he did not contribute to.

Former Writers

Clappy: Clappy began as a guest writer in Season 1, and later joined on as a permanent writer when OMJ gave him the rights to the show. He ran Skodwarde from Season 2 to Season 6 after buying the rights from OMJ. He stepped down after Season 6, and he gave the rights to jjsthekid as the new show runner. His final episode was "Gary in Lust", but later guest wrote "NymphoSkodiac" in Season 8 as a one-time return.

Wumbology: Wumbology joined in Season 2 after being picked up by Clappy as a new, permanent writer. He is the only Skodwarde writer to not have been a guest writer at any point in time, only ever being a permanent writer. He left Skodwarde after Season 6, with his final episode being "Pineapple Fever / Cum Caverns".

CDCB: CDCB started off as a guest writer for the Season 6 episodes "Skodzilla" and "Cum Bucket Supreme / Sing Like a Skod!", and became a permanent writer in mid Season 7. However, due to some outside issues and feeling burned out from writing, he stepped down from writing in early Season 8, and confirmed he would not be returning as a full-time writer. However, he still did some freelance work here and there.

ClassicNickelodeonFan1: CNF1 started off as a guest writer for the Season 6 episodes "That Gullible Piece Of Shit / Overfucked", and became a permanent writer in Season 7. He stepped down in Season 9, as he did not have any time to write episodes due to other commitments.

JCM: JCM started off as a guest writer for the Season 6 episode "Suction Cup Sodomy", and became a permanent writer to replace Wumbo in Season 7. He left after Season 9, with his final episode being "Skod Mail". However, he later made a one-time return to guest write the Season 10 episode "Skod-away".

Trophy: Trophy started as a guest writer for the Season 6 episode "Grooming Skodwarde On National Porn Day", the Season 7 episodes "Cooking With Dumb Squirrels" and "A Pal For Spongey", and the Season 8 episodes "Pet Fucker Pat" and "Asshole Day", and officially became a temporary staff writer in Season 9 with "Mr. Krabs and the Money Prostitute Factory", before stepping down at the end of Season 9, with "CopyBob DittoPants: A Documentary in Stupidity" being his final episode.

Aquatic Nuggets: Aquatic Nuggets started off as a guest writer for the Season 6 episode "Dicks.....Dicks Everywhere" and the Season 7 episodes "Buried In A- Fuck It, You Don't Remember This Episode Anyway / Enchanted Space Jam Land". He became a permanent writer in Season 8 until Season 10, which was his last season.

Guest Writers

Fa: Fa was the first ever guest writer, writing the Season 1 episodes "The Chaperone / Employee of the Month". He later returned to guest write the Season 9 episode "Crack Ball", the Season 10 episode "Out of Filter" and the Season 11 episode "Break The (Fourth) Leg!".

Jelly: Jelly guest wrote the Season 1 episodes "Tex-Ass / Walking Small".

Steel Sponge: Steel guest wrote the Season 4 episodes "Whale of a Blowjob / Karate Nightclub", the Season 8 episodes "Balls to the Wall / SpongeBob SquarePants: Buried Alive (KHAN!)", and the Season 9 episode "Thanks, SpongeBama!".

The Idiot Box: Box guest wrote the Season 6 episodes "Blowjob Buddies / The Krusty Kronicle", the Season 7 episode "The Summer Blowjobs", and the Season 8 episode "The Hot Shot".

Cha: Cha guest wrote the Season 7 episode "New God In Town", the Season 8 episode "Mooncondom", the Season 9 episodes "Skod Baby", "The Humpback of Bikini Bottom", and "Skodwarde's Nutmare", the Season 10 episodes "Unreal Prostate" and "Plankton Fucks Up" (with SOF), and the Season 11 episodes "Prick Returns (feat Dr. Dre & Snoop)" and "SpongeBob ‘n Friends episode 54: Gramma Funny Moments".

Fred Rechid: Fred guest wrote the Season 9 episode "Hooky 2: Electric Hook-aloo".

Rev up those fryers: Rev guest wrote the Season 9 episodes "Operation: DrugBob" and "Ratings Jumpscare".

Halibut: Halibut guest wrote the Season 9 episode "The Evil Spatula Dildo".

Patty Sponge: Patty guest wrote the Season 11 episode "Weak Lemonade". Patty was the final guest writer to debut in the series.

Chart Performance

The below chart represents Skodwarde's peak position on the Year-End SpongeBoard Chart.

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