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Aquatic Nuggets
An old avatar of Nugget's
User Info
Registration Date March 28, 2012
Age 21
Status Active
Group Retired Employees
Notable Creations Doody Era, Tiki 10, Midnight in Bikini Bottom
Staff 1st Lead Administrator, 2nd Director in Chief, 4th Leader
4th Leader of SBC
Assumed Position June 5, 2013
Exited Position January 16, 2015
Predecessor tvguy
Successor jjsthekid
Deputy Director jjsthekid (2013-Present)
Clapmaster (2013)
Head of Technologies Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
Head of Innovation Position Abolished
tvguy (2013)
Head of Human Resources Position Abolished
ssj4gogita4 (2012-2013)
Director of SpongeBob Wiki Position Abolished
AMK152 (2013)
Director of SpongeFanon Position Abolished
JCM (2013)
Senior Moderators ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 (2014-present)
JCM (2014-present)
Patty Sponge (2014-present)
Wumbology (2013-2014)
teenj12 (2011-2013)
Loyal Customers
Seat 1 Vacant
Unlimitedcha (2013)
Seat 2 Vacant
CNF1 (2013)
Seat 3 Vacant
Servin' Up Smiles (2013)
Seat 4 Vacant
ExKizuna (2013)
Seat 5 Vacant
Crushingmayhem (2013)

Aquatic Nuggets is a Retired Employee on SBC. Early on, Nuggets became well-known for his long, detailed posts about SpongeBob and its writers. On June 13, 2012, he apologized to Robertryan Cory for mean comments about his work on the show. On June 30th 2012, he won SBJ for the first time with the help of CNF1 and The Idiot Box. In July, Nuggets created his first Spin-Off, Dimension Hopper Pants, which ended after 9 episodes. In September of 2012, he became a Mediator Moderator, and later that year, The Idiot Box-Aquatic Nuggets Conflict occurred, with Box bashing AN for becoming a mod too quickly. The conflict was later resolved. On January 18, 2013, he became a Manager. He is one of the fastest members to become a Manager in SBC's history.

On June 1, 2013, Aquatic Nuggets became the second Director In Chief, following the resignations of tvguy and Jjsthekid. He officially began his term on June 5th, 2013, naming Clappy his Deputy Director. Under Nuggets' administration, he attempted to relaunch the SpongeBob Universe, but the relaunch did not go as hoped, and was abandoned shortly after. In the wake of SBC shutting down on August 23rd, and coming back up later, Nuggets re-began The Reconstruction Era on August 27th. He launched the Good Fridays project on September 1st, 2013. Clappy resigned on November 2, 2013. Shortly after, Nuggets led SBC through its largest staff reduction in the site's history, announcing the changes on January 1st, 2014; the staff was reduced to 3 members (Nuggets, jjs, and Wumbo) as the primary administrative panel. MDPP and tvguy retained their technical duties.

Nuggets oversaw the release of Tiki 10 at the start of 2014, as well as quickly situating SBC after the collapse of SpongeBob Universe. He is currently attempting to get SBC into a Golden Age and become prosperous again. To help with his goals, he released Tiki 10.5 and Teams 3 during July 2014.

On December 28, 2014, Aquatic Nuggets announced that he was stepping down as Lead Manager. The position was passed to Jjsthekid on January 16, 2015. He still remained as an admin until September 20, 2015, after he stepped down.

Nuggets was also the story writer and co-screenwriter of the SpongeBob Fan Episode "Patrick's Closet," but the project never came into fruition.