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User Info
Registration Date March 28, 2010
Status Banned
Group Nematodes
Notable Creations Guest Riffing
Secret Agent Snail
Content Count 1,663

Hayden was a member of Tv.com under the name Hayden_Avery. He joined SBC on March 28, 2010. He used to be not very active on SBC, but later became prominent on Xat and SBC's various games. In February 2017, he was promoted to leader of the Drasticals. In February 2020, he retired and became a Solo. He held the record for most guest riffs in Riffing Theater history, with 125 appearances. He wrote 8 installments of Skodwarde's final seasons. He created a tacky Gary spinoff that goes by the name "Secret Agent Snail." He was also known for starting drama and having an egotistical personality.

He was permanently banned on August 7, 2020 due to increased immature behavior and several incidents. Later in early 2022, his Discord DMs were leaked which showed he did not take his ban well in the time since and harmed his image among members even more.