SpongeCraft Frontiers

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SpongeCraft Frontiers Logo.png
SCF logo by sbl
Current Version
Minecraft Version v1.14
Release Date 7/4/2023
Creator HawkbitAlpha
Server Info
Status Active
Location Montreal, QC

Not to be confused with the original server, SpongeCraft Classic.

SpongeCraft Frontiers (SCF) is a Minecraft server operated by SBC, launched on July 4, 2023.

Several years after the closure of SpongeCraft Classic in September 2019, then-newly-appointed Cashier HawkbitAlpha floated the idea of bringing a Minecraft experience back to SBC in November 2022. The project was confirmed to be in the works during the April 2023 rollout of Seahorse 15, and later officially unveiled on July 3rd, 2023, opening to players the next day. It is a departure from the original SpongeCraft concept, being a survival server with a heavy emphasis on world exploration.

Players of SpongeCraft Frontiers begin with a nearly 500-foot drop, dubbed the Leap of Faith, into the Frontierlands, a diverse world centered around a cluster of distinctive earthen pillars. After exiting the Landing, players can proceed to explore the world and create their own ever-expanding homesteads. Its current center of activity is Littleroot Village.


  • HawkbitAlpha - Owner (July 2023 - Present)
  • sbl - Operator (July 2023 - Present)
  • Jjs Goodman - Operator (July 2023 - Present)
  • OWM - Operator (July 2023 - Present)
  • DarknessDG - Operator (July 2023 - Present)


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