Snowcember Ball 2023

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Snowcember Ball 2023
The logo.
Start Date December 11, 2023
End Date December 27, 2023
Skins Everyone:
Snowy Seahorse
Frozen Tundra
Loyal Customers:
Christmas Cookies

Snowcember Ball 2023 is the twelfth annual Christmas/holidays event on SBC, and tenth one to use the name Snowcember Ball. It began on December 11, 2023 and concluded on December 27, 2023. This edition introduced a "Snowball Contest" where each game and activity rewarded users snowballs similar to Octerror Fest's Candy Contest. Whoever had the most snowballs gathered by the end of the event received prizes, along with 2nd and 3rd place.


During the event, like previous years, the group names changed to general Christmas/SpongeBob Christmas related names. Loyal Customers became dark green instead light green.

Managers --> Santas

Cashiers --> Elves

Fry Cooks --> Decorators

Retired Employees --> Reindeer

Loyal Customers --> Snow Mollusks

Customers --> Carolers

Nematodes --> Jerks

In addition, they also got exclusive holiday badges, the same used in previous years. They also show on Discord next to usernames.

The forum category names were changed:

Krusty Krab --> Krabs a la Mode

Jellyfish Fields --> Sand Mountain

Atlantis --> Santa's Workshop

Bikini Bottom Arcade --> Snowball Showdown

On Discord, the category names were changed:

SBC --> SnowBC

Conch Street --> Frozen Tundra

Bottom Feeder --> Fruitcake Island

Christmas Present

For SBC's yearly Christmas present, it was announced that sbl and DarknessDG were promoted to Manager and Fry Cook respectively. A new badge titled "Loyal Shopper" was also added to the Badge Store.

Snowball Contest

Each game and activity during the event awarded users a snowball. Whoever came in first place for a game received 20 snowballs, while 2nd and 3rd obtained 15 and 10 respectively. If someone came in last place or lost a minigame, they would lose a snowball. WhoBob was the winner in the end, who received 4,000 doubloons, 400 experience points and the Snow Champion badge. Yummy came in 2nd, who received 3,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and the Snowman Patrick collectable. Meko came in 3rd, who received 2,000 doubloons and 200 experience points.

Place User Snowballs
1st WhoBob 195
2nd Yummylesecond 120
3rd Meko1432 115
4th Dman 94
5th SBManiac 85
6th Carotte 60
7th The Appetizer 45
8th Fred Rechid 40
9th DarknessDG 35
10th 4EverGreen 28


Stop What You Are Doing: Holiday Edition

The 48th SWYAD was held during the event. Like past Snowcember Balls, the theme was to change your username to something holiday themed.


Game 1

Date: December 11th, 2023

Game: Job Job

Winner: WhoBob

Game 2

Date: December 18th, 2023

Game: Survive the Internet

Winner: dmandaman

Christmas Trivia Contest 2023

The twelfth edition of Halloween Trivia, using Kahoot. Each individual round winner would receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and 20 snowballs. The overall winner in the end was SBManiac with 34,056 points, who received: additional 30 snowballs, 400 experience points, Christmas Trivia Champion badge, free color change and Snowman Patrick collectable.

Overall Scores:

  • SBManiac: 34,056
  • Appy: 26,317
  • WhoBob: 19,968
  • Yummy: 21,621
  • Carotte: 16,413
  • Dman: 14,771
  • SOF: 7,596
  • Mythix: 6,633
  • Prez: 6,355
  • Fred: 5,819

Round 1

Date: December 13th, 2023

Theme: SpongeBob Christmas

Winner: SBManiac

Round 2

Date: December 13th, 2023

Theme: Christmas Music

Winner: SBManiac

Round 3

Date: December 14th, 2023

Theme: Christmas Movies

Winner: dmandaman

Round 4

Date: December 19th, 2023

Theme: Kwanzaa & Hanukkah

Winner: Carotte

Round 5

Date: December 20th, 2023

Theme: Christmas International

Winner: Carotte

Round 6

Date: December 21st, 2023

Theme: Wild Card

Winner: The Appetizer

Note: This round was a mix of various themes from past trivia contests. It also used Kahoot's Holiday Mode, which doubled points for whoever answered a question correctly first.

Cards Against Humanity

Game 1

Date: December 15th, 2023

Winner: WinterArcanine

Game 2

Date: December 22nd, 2023

Winner: WhoBob

SBC Music Parties

Party 1 Raffle Winners (December 15th)

500 Doubloons: Yummylesecond

Christmas Light Collectable: DarknessDG

5 Snowballs: Salmon

Party 2 Raffle Winners (December 22nd)

500 Doubloons: Prez

20 Experience Points: ExKizuna and Yummylesecond

Christmas Light Collectable: dmandaman

5 Snowballs: Fred Rechid & WhoBob

SpongeBob Pictionary

Game 1

Date: December 16th, 2023

Theme: Mixed Christmas

Winner: DarknessDG

Discord Activities

Game 1

Date: December 16th, 2023

Game: Letter League

Winner: Yummylesecond

Game 2

Date: Decembr 23rd, 2023

Game: Blazing 8's

Winner: WhoBob

SpongeCraft Frontiers: Snowball Showdown

The third official SpongeCraft Frontiers event was held on December 23rd, 2023 at 7pm EST. Users had to hide and run around a snowy mountainous area while throwing snowballs at each other. If someone was hit by a snowball, they would be eliminated from that round. There were also several targets hidden around and whoever hit those would receive extra points. Meko1432 was the winner in the end.

Christmas Discord Party

A Discord party was held on December 25th at 7pm EST. There was a raffle, with the following prizes and winners:

  • 10 Snowballs: Meko
  • 5,000 Doubloons: ExKizuna
  • 100 Experience Points: SBManiac
  • Snowman Patrick Collectable: SOF
  • SBC 2024 Sneak Peek #1: Salmon
  • SBC 2024 Sneak Peek #2: Winter

SBC Secret Santa Program 2023

The Secret Santa Program returned again. The event allowed users to get gifts for other users secretly, with identities of the gift givers being revealed after the gifts have been given out. Like last year, this year allowed users to pick gifts that aren't limited to SBC's store. Gift options included: donating doubloons, donating experience, Discord Nitro gifts, and making a photoshopped image. The gifts were given out on December 22nd, along with the identities of the Secret Santas. 9 users participated in this event.

Snowcember Story Contest

Users had to submit a holiday-themed writing. The judges were Trophy, OWM and sbl. WhoBob's "The Lobsterrection of Jesus Christ" won, who received 1,000 doubloons, 200 experience points and 20 snowballs.

Snowflake Hunt

Whoever found six snowflakes hidden throughout the forum received: 400 doubloons, 200 experience points, 25 snowballs and an exclusive Patrick Snowman collectable. The fifth and sixth ghosts required users to do a jigsaw puzzle and the flash game Gift Lift.


Reindeer Racing

A new minigame. Users had to see how far their reindeer would fly, and they could receive either: a Christmas Light collectable, doubloons, experience points, snowballs or nothing.

Snowman Builder

Users have to build a SpongeBob character snowman, and they could receive either: a Christmas Light collectable, doubloons, experience points, snowballs or nothing.

Gone Sledding

Users have to sled down a mountain, reaching a certain point, and the outcome would be randomly generated. Users could either win a Christmas Light collectable, doubloons, experience points, snowballs or nothing.



  • This had the smallest Christmas Trivia Contest yet with only 6 rounds.