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User Info
Registration Date September 15, 2013
Status Active
Group Customers
Gender Female

SBManiac is a user who joined SBC on September 15, 2013, but was not initially active for a few years, instead being a SpongeBuddy Mania regular. She joined SBC's Discord server in 2018 but did not become active on it until 2022. Before then, she occasionally visited Prezcord.

Spongey Beginnings (2007 - 2011)

At some point in 2007, young SBManiac was on the forums for the Nickelodeon cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants and would post there frequently (SBManiac does not remember what her username was at the time), eventually being banned from the forums for being too young to post there, only being about 9 or 10 years old back then.

So, in search of a new online forum to share her interest in the little yellow sponge, SBManiac came across SpongeBuddy Mania during her summer vacation from middle school, making her first post there on June 29, 2007, quoting the (in)famous song “I Wrote This” by Patrick Star from the Season 5 episode “Sing a Song of Patrick.” SBManiac would post frequently on SpongeBuddy Mania for the rest of that summer, only posting sporadically in the next few years due to various real-life events. SBManiac says that of her first time on the forums, she remembers fondly the Beatles-inspired fan art of Spongefifi and the hilarious fan fiction written by Stinkoman20X6 (aka PokeDouglas) starring his OC Stevie the Jellyfish.

Return to SpongeBuddy Mania, Peak Activity on the Site, and Decline (2012 - 2018)

For reasons that she admittedly cannot remember, SBManiac returned to SpongeBuddy Mania during the winter of 2012, posting reviews of various SpongeBob episodes that premiered at the time (including a somewhat-controversial positive review of the Season 8 episode “Are You Happy Now?”), as well as posting on a thread titled “Old Member Reunion Nostalgia Regathering Topic” on July 20 of that year. However, she would eventually post about whatever topic she felt was interesting at the time, from music (especially her favorite musical artist, long-running alternative pop-rock band They Might Be Giants), current trends, and other cartoons to serious topics such as politics, LGBTQ+ issues, and religion.

Because of her increased activity at the time, SBManiac associated herself with and became great friends with several members who would later move on to the SpongeBob Community, or SBC, forums, including (but not limited to) Aquatic Nuggets, Cha, E.V.I.L., President Squidward, and SOF. Some of SBManiac’s fondest memories of the forums at this time include archiving various moments of forum activity–including live chats between the forum’s members and dannysbasement10, a troll account–on an “SBM Archives” thread that may have since been deleted; being introduced to various anime by SBM/SBC users Kazuma and Crushingmayhem on SBC’s Xat page; and being part of an impromptu podcast over Skype with other SBM/SBC users called “The Danny’s Basement Podcast.”

However, with college approaching, SBManiac felt it was time to move on from SpongeBuddy Mania, and at some point in 2015, she left the forums for three years without much fanfare or comment. SBManiac would only return to the SpongeBuddy Mania forums on November 27, 2018, the day after the death of SpongeBob’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, to mourn Hillenburg’s passing on a thread dedicated to his memory. Besides a brief profile post the following day (“Tea, tea everywhere”), she has not been active on SpongeBuddy Mania since.

Relationship with SBC (2013 - present)

SBManiac’s relationship with SBC has been quite distant, to say the least. While she did join the SBC forums on September 15, 2013, she was not very active on the site due to her preference for the SpongeBuddy Mania forums. Her main contribution to the SBC forums was a thread she made on January 2, 2014, titled “SBManiac! Reviews Music!”, completing only one overly-long review of Kanye West’s debut album “The College Dropout” before abandoning her music reviewing thread and eventually posting on the forums altogether for several years.

There was a good period from 2016 to 2018 where she was inactive on both sites due to focusing on real-life matters, such as finishing her associate’s degree in community college.

Similar to her, albeit brief, return to SpongeBuddy Mania, SBManiac also returned to SBC because of Hillenburg’s passing, this time choosing to join the SBC Discord server, where she is currently active in discussions and participates in group activities involving the server, such as games and Turntable parties. In the interim, she joined President Squidward’s Discord server, Prezcord, in 2020 and often participates in Prezcord’s CyTube parties. She also has contributed to two of HawkbitAlpha’s SBC Community Mixtapes so far.

Origins of Her Username

SBManiac!!!!!! (yes, with *six* exclamation points) named herself as such not only to represent her love of SpongeBob but also as a pun referencing the SpongeBuddy Mania forums themselves - in other words, “SBManiac” meant both “SpongeBob Maniac (fan)” and “SpongeBuddy Maniac (user of SpongeBuddy Mania).” As for the six exclamation points, SBManiac herself does not remember why she chose that many, but that the exclamation points themselves represented her enthusiasm for the show and the SpongeBuddy Mania forums. (“Also, I literally just turned 10 at the time. Give me a break, lol.”)